Newest Babyberries: 2nd Quarterly Report of 2013

Newest Babyberries: 2nd Quarterly Report of 2013

by Linda Rosenkrantz

June has come to a close and with it the end of the year’s second quarter, meaning it’s time for our report on the names chosen for their Spring babies by Berries in April, May and June, as reported in the Forums.  As always, the baby names form a perfect microcosm of Nameberry style— from solid classics like Claire and Charles to vintage faves Cordelia and Cornelia to a range of highly original picks, including a girl named Happy.  There are also some great first-middle name combos and terrific twin and other sibsets.

This time around there were reports of seven sets of twins (as compared with last quarter’s ten):


Daphne Ramona and Luella Maeve

Hazel Sofia and Olive Eloise


Amyas Joseph and Noah Gabriel


Danica Grace and Luca Michael

Gabriella Jo and Garrett William

Imogen Grace and Eamon Alexander

Nola Valerie and Rory Everett

In terms of popularity there were two babies each named Beatrice, Daphne, Elowen, Violet, Emmett, Felix, Jude, Milo, Oliver, Rhys, and Sullivan. Unless you want to count Amias and Amyas as doubles.

Most unusual middle: Fjord

Most popular first initial for girls: E, for boys: A

Longest  name: MagnoliaRose Coimeah Augusta

And now here’s the full list of names reported:


Agatha Wren

Aniella  Juniper

Avaleigh Beth Gwendolyn, sister of Sophira

BeatriceBirdieAnn Margaux, sister of Clementine May.

Beatrice Violet

Cadence Ashley, sister of Bailey Alexander, Toby Macaiden, Benjamin Philip and Reid Matthew

Claire Elizabeth, sister of Logan Reid

Cora Sunshine

Coralie Esme Fleur, sister of Eloise, Jude and Iris

Cordelia Sylvia Snow

Cornelia Hermione Winter

Daisy Madeline, sister of Amelie Clare

Danica Grace, twin sister of Luca Michael

Daphne Isadora

Daphne Ramona, twin sister of Luella Maeve and sister of Juno Elizabeth

Delilah Quinn, sister of Nate and Tucker

Eleanor Catherine, sister of Benjamin Alan

Eloise Ruby, sister of Robby and Violet

Elouise (sic) Birdie

Elowen Audrey

Elowen Louise, sister of Rosamund Hazel

Emmanuelle Anna Daisy, sister of William Scott Wiley and Finnigan Rhys Manning


Evie Eileen

Francine Claire

Gemma Hermione, sister of Aiden Mackenzie, Ava Dulcea and Mia Isabel

Genevieve Lavinia

Georgiana Pearl, sister o f Isadora

Greta Kathleen, sister of Winston Han

Hadley Gray

Happy Cordelia, sister of Pilot and Dexter

Hazel Sofia, twin sister of Olive Eloise

Helena Marguerite

Imogen Grace, twin sister of Eamon Alexander and sister of Branwen Eleanor

Isla Marie, sister of Owen, Ainsley and Emmerson

June Hyacinth

Juniper Luelle, sister of Astoria Lark, Matteo Fox and Reverie Anwen

Kate Amelia

Lilah Rosalina, sister of Ariauna Evette

Luella Maeve, twin sister of Daphne Ramona and sister of Juno Elizabeth

Maeve Isobel

MagnoliaRose Coimeah Augusta, sister of Magdalayne, Mordakai, Moses and Melisande

Margo Paige, sister of Molly Nichole

Maria Setarah

Mila Juliet

Nola Valerie, twin of Rory Everett, sister of Arlo Tobin

Olive Eloise, twin sister of Hazel Sofia

Pearl Agnes, sister of Francisco David, August John and Lily Hope Christina

Penelope Jane

Persephone Elysia Willow

Quinn Michaela, sister of Delaney Brooke and Ryley Kate

Rosalie June,  sister of Maxson Dean

Ruby Marlowe Hunter

Sadie Elise

Saskia Rose

Scarlett Frances, sister of Archer Cole

Sylvia Blythe, sister of Marilla Susan

Teagan Dahlia, sister of Rowan Josephine

Verity Sakura

Viola Sofia Hebrew name Batya Salma

Violet Leora

Violet Elizabeth, sister of Jude Kolton and Noah Jacob


Amias Parker, brother of Orson Chandler

Amin Romeo

Amyas Joseph, twin brother of Noah Gabriel

Angus Theodore, brother of Imogen

Atticus Leo

Augustus Zain

Bennett Anderson, brother of Kaelen Elizabeth

Callum Theodore, brother of Silas Derrick

Calvin Jude

Charles Frederick, brother of Annabelle Rose

Clark Joseph, brother of William Ray

Connor Michael

Conrad Victor, brother of Aurora Whitney and Sebastian Richard

Daniel Jackson, brother of Jade Lynn

Dashiell Roman Leif, brother of Zelda Astrid

Declan James

Dimitri David, brother of Eva Natalie

Duncan Tatsui Tyndale, brother of William Takashi, Reilly Sentaro, Bronwen “Buffy” Fumie, Hilani “Hanibee” Hisamarie, Sakura “Suki” LouJean, Musashi “Moose” Dustin and Cora Dove Columbia Megumi

Eamon Alexander, twin brother of Imogen Grace and brother  of Branwen Eleanor

Eli Mika

Emmett James Walter

Emmett Nicholas, brother of Carter Benjamin and Griffin Oliver

Felix Jeffrey

Felix Michael Tolliver

Flynn Thomas, brother of Seth Willis

Gideon Wesley, brother of Jasper, Frankie and Annabeth

Grover Matteo, brother of Clementine Maia

Hawthorne Oliver, brother of Wolfgang and Persephone

Ian Patrick, brother of Adam Nathaniel and Max Alexander

Ivan Eli

Jones Levi, brother of Lennox Ivy

Judah Asher, brother of Catherine Yvonne and Morgan Xavier

Jude Michael

Jude Wilder, brother of Sydney Paige

Julian Avery, brother of Charlie and Eli

Kit Orrin Charles, brother of Romilly and Artie

Leon Asher

Luca Michael, twin brother of Danica Grace

Lucas Mark, brother of Thomas Michael

Lucius Orion Krasimir

Max David, brother of Sam and Finn

Milo Lane

Milo Sebastian, brother of Liam

Noah Gabriel, twin brother of Amyas Joseph

Nolan Thomas

Oliver Augustine Felix, brother of Julian

Oliver Jaxon Wolfe

Oscar Fjord, brother of Charlotte Noelle and Matilda Marie

Pierce Edmond, brother of Kenton and Harper

Reed Townsend

Rheo George Arthur, brother of Isla Henry

Rhys Atticus, brother of Holly and Liam

Rhys Phoenix

Roman James

Rory Everett, twin of Nola Valerie and brother of Arlo Tobin

Seager James

Skandar Leonidas Wilde, brother of Drake Zephyr

Sullivan Michael Charles

Sullivan Wilder

Jem Richmond, brother of Bugsy William

Timothy Everett William

Travis Dexter, brother of Ashlyn Nicole

Truman Anthony, brother of Sullivan Henry

William Balthazar

Can you pick one favorite from this delicious menu?

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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