Gender: Female Meaning of Georgiana: "farmer" Origin of Georgiana: English, feminine variation of George

Georgiana Origin and Meaning

The name Georgiana is a girl's name of English origin meaning "farmer".

Long a popular upper-crust form in England, where it's pronounced George-ee-AH-na, Georgiana has been been neglected here. But with Georgia growing more popular and the general fashion for elaborate feminine names, Georgiana might have room to grow.

Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, was a famed beauty and ancestor of Princess Diana who was portrayed by Keira Knightley in the 2008 film The Duchess.

Georgiana was a favorite character name for early English novelists: Georgiana was Mr. Darcy's younger sister in Pride and Prejudice, Georgiana Podsnap appeared in Dickens's Our Mutual Friend and Jane Eyre had a cousin named Georgiana.

Drew Barrymore's great grandmother was Georgiana Drew Barrymore (called Georgie) and Molly Ringwald used it as her daughter Adele's middle name.

Georgiana has been off the U.S. list since 1952, but once was as high as Number 256.

If you want to reduce the syllable count, you can also consider Georgina (a Scottish favorite) or Georgia. Or you can pronounce Georgiana the antique way: George-AY-na.

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Daiseymae Says:


I have heard it mostly pronounced as george-anna. There is a town in Alabama, and they pronounce it as George-anna. It just depends on where you reside.

JustineAndNames Says:


I love this name but definitely prefer the Geor-gee-ah-na pronunciation, a very pretty alternative to Georgia/Georgina, etc

Daiseymae Says:


That is how they pronounce it in Georgiana, Alabama.

danirose01 Says:


In my accent (Northeast American) everyone pronounces it George-Anna... kind of similar to Jordana, but I think this one is prettier.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This name is so precious, especially with the Georgiana Darcy connection. I also love Georgina and Georgia.

Sully9 Says:


I thought it was weird how the movie duchess pronounced it as geor-jay-na at first but i've grown to like it pronounced like that.

She's a Killer Queen Says:


Same here!

abertawe Says:


Nope, it's correct. Some say it George-AYna.

Netta5187 Says:


I'm an American. Here, I have only heard the Geor-JAY-nuh pronunciation.

hannahloulou Says:


as another native and relatively upper-crust Brit I have dear friend called George-AY-nuh!

yvonne_virginia Says:


Totally agree! (And I too, love this name because of Pride and Prejudice.)

rgp19 Says:


I love this name! I don't think I would be brave enough to use it though.

TheHumanCanvas Says:


This makes me think of Georgiana Darcy. LOVE.

ElsaAnne Says:


Such a beautiful name, which I think will rise, thanks to Prince George, but I can't get over all the different possible pronunciations!

indiefendi2 Says:


I adore Georgina and Georgia and even Gianna but Georgiana is too many syllables.

Myosotis Says:


I love Georgiana! It's my 2nd favourite girls' name now, and whilst a lot of it's due to Pride and Prejudice, I just think it is an absolutely stunning name. Plus it honours both my grandma and mum.

I'm also so glad Nameberry has the George-ee-AH-nuh pronunciation as the 'English' pronunciation. Yes, the Duchess of Devonshire was from England. But it drives me nuts when it is assumed that that means the way in which she pronounced her name is representative of the entirety of the nation. I live in England, and the only time I've ever heard Georgiana pronounced Jor-JAY-nuh (which I really don't like to put it very mildly) is in relation to her. Otherwise George-ee-AH-nuh seems more instinctive, and, to me, a lot more beautiful, and elegant, as well as a nice change from Georgia and Georgina. Just to clarify, I am not trying to say the other pronunciation shouldn't be used, just that I find it inaccurate to declare it the (singular) English pronunciation.

Sorry for the ramble, it's a topic I'm very passionate about. :)

Essa Says:


This way just sounds like you're saying Georgina with a really strange accent.

MummyG Says:


Much prefer the classier Jor-jay-na pronunciation (as in Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire). Modern adaptations of Pride and Prejudice that use Jor-jay-anna irritate me. Makes it sound like a hyphenated name (Georgie-Anna).

Caroline Says:


I like it better than Georgina which is so common!

amberdaydream Says:


I am not upper crust by any stretch of the word but I know the Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana Cavendish pronounced it jor-JAY-na, so that is where the other pronunciation comes from.

ciottolo Says:


As a native (relatively upper-crust ;) )English speaker who lives in England, the pronunciation is george-ee-AH-nuh. I have never heard it pronounced any other way (and I know 7 people with the name)

DottiPanda Says:


I think the aledged upper-crust English pronounciation as George-ayna must be a typo. They pronounce it as George-yana - with a emphasise on the long YAH.