Pet Names 2024

Pet names — dog names, cat names, and names for reptiles, birds, rabbits, and rodents — are more creative than ever. Rover? Kitty? Fido? No way! These days, pet names can be anything you want them to be. Traditional or new, common or rare, human names or names only a boa constrictor could wear (ahem, Medusa). If you're looking for the perfect pet name for your dog, cat, cockatoo, or chinchilla, start here.

Dog Names 2024

Top Dog Names 2022

Find everything you need to know about dog names — including popular and unique names for dogs, tips for naming your dog, dog name lists, and even a dog name generator on our brand-new home for dog names.

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Can't decide on a name for your puppy or dog? Let our dog name generator find the perfect choice for your new pet.

Cat Names 2024

popular cat names

Learn everything there is to know about cat names — including popular and unique names for cats, cat name lists, tips for naming your cat, and a cat name generator on our dedicated page for cat names.

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Searching for the perfect kitten or cat name? Let our magic cat name generator find the ideal choice for you.

Other Pet Names

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Goldfish, reptiles, and rodents need names, too. Search our lists to find names for your exotic or unusual pet.

Talk About Pet Names

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Discuss pet names with other pet parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and suggestions on your current choices, seek brand new ideas, and talk about all things pet names with our international community of Berries.

Expert Advice on Naming Your Pet

Expert Advice on Naming Your Pet

The baby name experts at Nameberry can help you find the perfect name. Whether you need one name or are looking for someone to walk you through the entire pet naming process, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love.

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