Pet Names

Pet names — dog names, cat names, and names for reptiles, birds, rabbits, and rodents — are more creative than ever. Rover? Kitty? Fido? No way! These days, pet names can be anything you want them to be. Traditional or new, common or rare, human names or names only a boa constrictor could wear (ahem, Medusa). If you're looking for the perfect pet name for your dog, cat, cockatoo, or chinchilla, start here.

Male Dog Names: From Popular to Fabulous

male dog names

Why have the third dog named Benji on the block when you could name your dog Kenji. Or Benno. Or any one of these fabulous substitutes for the top 100 male dogs names.

Dog Names

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Popular Dog Names

What are pet owners naming their dogs today? The latest data shows the top dog names of 2020, led by classics Bella and Max. There's a lot of crossover between popular dog names and popular baby names, such as choices Luna and Oliver, but more dog-like names make the list as well, including Lady and Moose.

Unique Dog Names

Unique dog names are short and easy to understand, but far rarer than top choices Bella and Max.

Food names, animal names, and hero names provide great inspiration for uncommon dog names. If you don't want your pup to be one of three Mavericks at the dog park, check out these ideas for more unique dog names.

Lists of Dog Names

Cat Names

popular cat names

Popular Cat Names

The top cat names reveal the trendiest names for felines in 2020. While there is some overlap between popular cat and dog names, cat owners are more likely than dog owners to go with creative, non-human choices, such as Mittens and Tiger. Of course, plenty of fashionable cat names are also popular baby names, including Willow and Leo.

Unique Cat Names

Unique cat names are limited only by your imagination. Unlike dogs, cats can have long, extravagant names, opening up the options to many mythological names, word names, and ancient names.

If you want to be sure your cat has the most distinctive name in your neighborhood, take a look at some of our ideas for unique cat names.

Lists of Cat Names

Other Pet Names

unique pet names

Talk About Pet Names

talk about pet names

Discuss pet names with other pet parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and suggestions on your current choices, seek brand new ideas, and talk about all things pet names with our international community of Berries.

Expert Advice on Naming Your Pet

Expert Advice on Naming Your Pet

The baby name experts at Nameberry can help you find the perfect name. Whether you need one name or are looking for someone to walk you through the entire pet naming process, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love.

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