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Gender: Female Meaning of Molly: "bitter" Origin of Molly: Diminutive of Mary, Hebrew Molly's Popularity in 2017: #166

The name Molly is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "bitter". Molly is ranked #166 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Names from Harry Potter and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop 2, Add 1 (G/G Twins)".

From the experts:

One nickname name that can be considered a classic: Molly has been used as a stand-alone pet form of Mary since the Middle Ages, and has been consistently popular as an independent name in the U.S. over the past several decades.

Likable and down-to-earth, mild yet saucy, Molly has a distinctly Irish feel as well, with such Gaelic associations as 'Sweet Molly Malone' and the martyred reformers known as the Molly Maguires. In the Jewish culture, Molly Goldberg was an early television personality.

Other references include the Revolutionary War heroine Molly Pitcher and the Molly Bloom character in James Joyce's Ulysses, as well as characters in novels by Fielding, Hardy, George Eliot, Dickens and Thackeray. More recently, "Good Golly, Miss Molly" was a Little Richard hit and Molly Ringwald a celebrity bearer.

Amanda Peet is the mother of a Molly, as are Monica Potter and Veronica Webb.

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Famous People Named Molly

Molly Kathleen Ringwald, American actress
Molly Caitlyn Quinn, American actress
Molly Helen Shannon, American actress and comedienne
Molly Sims, American actress and model
Margaret "Molly" Brown ("The Unsinkable"), American Titanic survivor
Molly Pitcher, heroine in the American Revolution
Molly Joan Hagan, American actress
Molly Neuman, musician of American band Bratmobile
Molly Williams, America's first female firefighter
Molly Holly, ring name of Nora Kristina Greenwald, American pro wrestler
Molly Parker, Canadian actress
Mary Tyler "Molly" Ivins, American newspaper columnist
Molly Alice Smitten-Downes, English singer-songwriter
Molly Kathleen Burnett, American actress
Molly Hunt, American singer-songwriter known as Svrcina
Molly Ariel, daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd; twin of Cyrus Zachariah
Molly Gallagher, daughter of British musician Liam Gallagher
Molly June Benioff (b. 2010), Daughter of actors Amanda Peet and David Benioff
Molly Sullivan Manno (b. 2016), daughter of American television personality, correspondent, host, spokesperson and blogger Ali Fedotowsky and American television and radio host Kevin Manno
Molly Burke, blind YouTube vlogger

Pop Culture References for the name Molly

Molly is also said to mean 'bitterly wanted' or 'miracle'
Molly Malone, Irish folk heroine
Mollysoda, internet personality and artist
Molly Jean McIntire, character in the American Girl series
Molly Weasley, character in the Harry Potter series
Molly Hooper, character on TV's "Sherlock"
Molly Dobbs, character on British soap "Coronation Street"
Molly Flynn-Biggs, main character on TV's "Mike & Molly"
Molly Moon, book series by Georgia Byng
Molly Morgan, a main character on TV's "The Torkelsons"
Molly Phillips, main character on TV's "So Weird"
Molly O'Brien, character on TV's "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Molly Walker, character on TV's "Heroes"
Molly Jones, character in the Beatles song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"
Molly Lansing-Davis, character on soap "General Hospital"
Molly Goldberg, main character on TV, radio, and movie "The Goldbergs"
Molly McKay, main character in 1999 movie "Molly"
Molly Parker, character on TV's "The Facts of Life"
Molly the Dolly, character on TV's "The Big Comfy Couch"
Molly Baker, character in anime 'Sailor Moon'
Molly Zane, character in the series 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate
Molly Bloom, character in James Joyce's "Ulysses"
Molly Fitzgerald aka Shamrock, character in Marvel Comics
Eva "Molly" Wei, character in anime "Ōban Star-Racers"
Milly-Molly-Mandy, character in children's books by Joyce Lankester Brisley
Molly Millions, character in novels by William Gibson
Molly French, character in "The Sims 3" computer game
Molly Davis, sister in Pixar's Toy Story series
Molly Garfunkle, character on TV's "How To Rock"
Molly Singer, daughter in the movie Corrina, Corrina
Molly Victoria Sherwood, character on TV's Army Wives
Molly, Scarlett Johansson's character in the movie "Chef"
Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley, character in the Harry Potter series
Molly Dawes a.k.a. Iona Payne, character on TV's Forever
Molly Hayes/Hernandez, character in Marvel's Runaway comics
Molly Hatchet, American Southern rock band
Flogging Molly, American punk rock band
"Good Golly, Miss Molly," song by Little Richard
"Anna Molly", a song by Incubus
The Molly Maguires, Irish secret society
Molly, slang for pure MDMA, main ingredient in the drug Ecstasy
"Molly's Lips", song by Nirvana and The Vaselines
"Molly's Chambers", song by Kings of Leon
Molly, supporting character in "Annie,"
Molly Finch, character in the game "What Remains of Edith Finch"

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