"land of Columbus"

Columbia Origin and Meaning

The name Columbia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "land of Columbus".
Columbia is a rarely used name with many associations. From the eighteenth century it has been used as a female personification of the United States, often appearing as a flag-draped patriotic figure. And as such it's inspired a plethora of place and company names, from the District of Columbia to Columbia University to Columbia Records, and songs like "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean." A character called Columbia appears in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The peaceful Columba/Colomba--meaning "dove"-- is often heard in the Latino community

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Columbia in Pop Culture

  • Columbiacharacter in film "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
  • ColumbiaFemale personification of the United States
  • Columbia UniversityIvy League college in New York City
  • Columbia Riverlargest river in the US Pacific Northwest