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Gender: Female Meaning of Noelle: "Christmas" Origin of Noelle: French Noelle's Popularity in 2019: #223

Noelle Origin and Meaning

The name Noelle is a girl's name of French origin meaning "Christmas".

Noelle is the feminine variation of Noël, a masculine given name derived from the French word for “Christmas.” As a word, Noël originated as a variant of nael, which evolved from the Latin natalis, meaning “birth.” Noelle and Noel have traditionally been given to children born around Christmastime, particularly in the Middle ages.

Feminissima, with a French gloss. Noelle and her usually-male counterpart Noel can make perfect names for December babies and of course are also traditional names for Christmas babies. For extra French flair, add the diaeresis over the first E to get Noëlle.

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Pop Culture References for the name Noelle

Noell, Noele, Noella, Noellia, Noël, Novelia


cheesy-biscuit Says:


Love this so much but would be too afraid to use it as a first name.

Rosie2525 Says:


I agree.

srudolph Says:


"Feminissima, with a French gloss." I mean... What on earth are we supposed to do with that, Nameberry? Please include useful/interesting information, or none at all.

Daiseymae Says:


It has been one of my favorite names, since I was a teenager.

Carolinekalmes Says:


I had a pre-k student named Noelle who was born in April 😊 I never even thought about it til now!

Ntspice Says:


This was originally my middle name, but once I got older I started going by Noelle instead of my birth name. Noelle is a great name- it's very feminine but short and different enough that it is also kind of spunky. I am not a Christmas-child in case you're wondering, I was born in November. I get a lot of references to the Last Noel song, and a few people tell me that in some areas of the world Noelle/Noel is a guys name, but mostly people don't say anything. It has strong connotations with France, which works for me because I have French heritage. Nickname wise I am most often called just plain Noelle, but some people have called me Noellie, Ellie, Elle, and Noes.

Daiseymae Says:


Yes, I can see the pronunciation that way. My husband's family is from Colombia, and my eldest daughter's middle name is Arielle. His mother pronounces it Ar-e-eh-leh instead of R-ee-elle.

NameLover 11 Says:


Love this name. Cute for a baby born around Christmas!

Daiseymae Says:


Gorgeous name. I was a big Annelise fan, and it was on my list for all 3 of my daughters. Noelle is one of their middle names.

AnneliseNoelle Says:


Noelle is my middle name, I was born on Christmas Eve, a couple of minutes before Christmas :3

Daiseymae Says:


I have known a few men named Noel, and it was always pronounced Nole too. I have never heard of a man having it pronounced "no-el" before. My 7 year old daughter's middle name is Noelle. I first heard the masculine name Noel (Nole) from a British photographer character who had a crush on Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" from the 60s.

jewel Says:


i'm thinking about changing my name so your comment really helps. thanks, Noelle.

rdaniel Says:


It did! Thanks NoM. 😊

rdaniel Says:


Great, thanks Luisa! 😊

NoM Says:


Hi! My name is Noelle... Most people don't call me by a nick name. Sometimes "noelle-y" "No-Well-EEE" or Nelly... it is always in a sweet way.

NoM Says:


It is my name! I was born in the spring. I don't have many nick names... but some people call me Noelley (No-well-ey) or Nelly. But 90% of the people around me call me Noelle. I love having it as a name. People ask me if I was born in December and I always say "nope... my mom just thought it was pretty".. it suites them and they always comment on how they like it. :) Hope this helps!

EW314 Says:


It is a beautiful sounding name, but I dislike the frilly -elle ending, and I think most people would assume the Noel spelling was a boy: "nole".

kpearl8 Says:


Ah, I see, that's really interesting. Just goes to show I should be more careful about what I say on international forums!

Luísa Says:


Not really. Everyone that speaks Portuguese (that I know) pronounce these names differently. That's a problem for me when I'm looking the foruns, 'cause names such as Isabel and Isabelle are not the same, but for English-speakers they are. We say the E in Isabelle; however, for you, the last E is just a decoration. I took me awhile to comprehend this, but that's fine. I'm still learning after all. :P

kpearl8 Says:


Well, I'm pretty sure you're alone there, but I guess that's fine...

kpearl8 Says:


According to Behind The Name, Noel is the masculine form- pronounced either "no-el" or "nole"- and Noelle is the feminine form, pronounced "no-el". I'm American and I had never heard the "nole" pronunciation before, but I've also never met a boy named Noel, so I guess whatever floats your boat.

Luísa Says:


I pronounce Noel and Noelle, two different ways. Noel as no-el and Noelle as no-eh-LEH.

Luísa Says:


Yes, it's an usable name for a kid not born in December. Not strange.

Jessica Says:


Oh okay, I am Australian and have only heard it as No-el, probably because of the song. So yes, I wouldn't use it because of the girly factor.

Essa Says:


Yeh, I assume it is pronounced that way in French. But in English (I'm British) I've only ever heard it pronounced Nole and I think the No-el pronunciation would come across as very girly in the UK.

SoDallas3 Says:


I am confused in the song the First Noel pronounced No-el? So isn't the correct French pronounciation Noel and the American pronounciation is Nole. (Don't mean any disrespect, just confused. :) )

rdaniel Says:


Do people think this name can be used on a baby NOT born in December/around Christmas? I really love it and am wondering if people might think it's strange on a baby not born during this time?

frenchdreams Says:


This is a beautiful name! I'm so in love!

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I think Noie is dead cute :)

alveraolive Says:


I think Namberry needs to reevaluate their description for this name. I think it's more than "Feminissima, with a French gloss." I usually agree with the site but this is disappointing...

SimoneKadele Says:


There's also Noe Valley in San Francisco.

rie Says:


Yeah that's probably what I would say too. Nellie/Nelly 😍😍😍

rie Says:


I would use Noel on a boy, Noelle for a girl. I didn't know Noel was unisex??? Plus Noel reminds me of that guy from PLL... Tbh none of these are my favorite. Pretty sure it's because of the 'no' at the beginning. Not my fav sound in a name.

Essa Says:


But Noelle and Noel are pronounced differently, at least where I'm from.
Noelle - No-Elle
Noel - Nole

Guest Says:


Only if I have a Christmas girl. (I get really pedantic about these things 😬).

Alicia1 Says:


Very pretty, feminine, soft sounding name. I like it a lot!

AnonymousPerson Says:


I find this the proper spelling of Noel for a girl.

Alicia1 Says:


Noelle is So much prettier and fancy looking than Noel which is very unisex in my opinion.

Hydra Says:


Nice, but Noel is my favorite.

DinahElsie Says:


Love this name

ambg Says:


Yeah. Noelle is so short anyway that it doesn't really justify a nickname. If you really wanted one, "Ellie" is what I would go for.

KBiz Says:


A bit. Maybe a better nickname choice could be "Nelly". A mix of that "eee" sound you are looking for while including the "N" feel. Plus "elle" is a great sound (to me) that can add flair and cuteness to any name. :)
Hope I helped!

scgogirl Says:


do you think the nickname for this "Noie" like zoie with an n is too like "No!"