Baby Name Lists

Baby name lists are a great way to start your search for the perfect name. Name lists allow you to explore baby names by styles and themes, gather inspiration, and discover names you may not otherwise have thought of. Browse Nameberry's massive selection of original name lists for baby humans and fur babies too.

Baby Name Lists by Gender

Our lists of baby names by gender allow you to narrow down your search to the names most relevant to you. Here you can explore all the original girl name lists, boy name lists, and unisex name lists on Nameberry, with options to suit every taste.

Two syllable girl names

Lists of Names by Origin

Are you looking for names from a specific culture or language of origin? Our curated lists of baby names by origin are the perfect place to start your search. For the top international baby names, check out our Popular Names page to see the latest official name popularity lists from around the world. You can also search all the names on Nameberry by origin starting from our central Baby Name Origins page.

International Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Lists by Style

Many parents prefer a more style-driven approach to choosing a baby name, exploring themed lists, gathering inspiration, and homing in on their personal naming style. Here you can browse hundreds of themed lists in a range of categories – from Badass Princess Names to Bohemian Boy Names, and from Cool Cowboy Names to Baby Names from Children's Books.

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Baby Name Lists by Era

If vintage baby names and names from history are your thing, we're certain to have a list to suit! Here you can browse a wide range of name lists from all periods and aspects of history: from Roman Goddess Names, to the Top Names of the 1900s, to Black History Baby Names.

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Find Baby Names by Meaning

Searching for a name with a specific meaning? Our detailed lists of baby names by meaning are a great way to discover new ideas and gather inspiration. We have original name lists ranging from Space Baby Names, to Names With Spiritual Meanings, to Names That Mean Trouble (literally!)

Royal Names for Girls

Baby Name Lists by Popularity

Our name lists organized by popularity allow you to focus on what's most important to you in a baby name. Do you want a classic name that's never been out of style? Check out our lists of Boy Names Always in the Top 1000 and Girl Names Always in the Top 1000. Or if unique names are more your thing, we have dozens of creative lists to inspire you.

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Baby Name Lists by Spelling or Sound

Names with certain spellings, initials or sounds are the focus of the lists collected here. If you're looking for names starting with a specific letter to fit your surname or to honor a family member, you'll find plenty of fresh options here. Nameberry's advanced search function can also help you find names that start, end, or contain a certain letter or group of letters.

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Baby Name Lists by Birth Date

Names that relate to your child's day, month or season of birth add a sweet and meaningful personal connection. Here you'll find curated lists of names for babies born in each of the twelve months and zodiac signs, all four seasons, and a range of inspiring holidays.

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Pet Name Lists

pet name lists

Best User-Created Baby Name Lists

Nameberry's visitors have created thousands of amazing lists of names, on themes ranging from Gothic Girl Names to Spaghetti Western Names for Boys, plus many more besides. Browse some of the best below, or why not create your own! You can make your name lists public to the Nameberry community or private only for you.

Country Music Baby Names

Survey the Giant List of Lists

There are literally thousands of baby name lists on Nameberry, a list for every type of name you can possibly imagine. If you haven't found the baby name list you're looking for yet, or if you'd just like to survey the splendor that is our complete list of baby name lists by origin, meaning, and spelling, check out our comprehensive list of lists.