Gender: Male Meaning of Lucas: "man from Lucania" Origin of Lucas: Latin form of Luke Lucas's Popularity in 2019: #8

Lucas Origin and Meaning

The name Lucas is a boy's name of Greek, Latin origin meaning "man from Lucania".

Lucas is the Latin derivation of the Greek name Loukas. The meaning of the name references Lucania, an ancient territory in Southern Italy. Lucas is related to the names Luke and Luca; however, Lucius and Lucian derive from a different root and have a different meaning.

Lucas is steadily inching up in popularity with parents who want something similar to but more substantial than Luke, and occupies a high rank on the charts.

Lucas has long been a favorite of TV scriptwriters, from the early black-and-white days of The Rifleman (Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain) to the schoolteacher series Lucas Tanner to the more contemporary One Tree Hill, and the name appears as Lucas Beauchamp in William Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust and Light in August.

Lucas Cranach was an important German Renaissance painter and printmaker; Lucas Samaras is an eccentric Greek-born American contemporary artist. Some will associate the name with director George Lucas.

At the moment Lucas is enjoying a tremendous international success. It is currently very popular in Sweden and in the Netherlands.

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Rank in US: #8

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Lucas's International Variations

Luciano, Lucho, Luciliano, Lucino, Lucio, Chano (Spanish) Lukas, Lucais, Loukas, Loucas (Greek) Labhcás (Gaelic)


paisleybabi Says:


you're so wrong about this

paisleybabi Says:


i think of the serial killer luca magnotta anytime i hear that name😿

ParanoidAndroid Says:


The most geeky, dorky name I can think of, right beside Dylan. Every Lucas I knew in school was a skinny, meek Icabod Crane. Stick to something with class, like Lucian, Lucius, Luca, or even Luke. Or stick to a name that won’t get your ass kicked in high school.

TechnoKitten Says:


In the country I live in,Lucas is definitely the 1 most popular name.

Kylae87 Says:


I’m terrible, but all I can think of when I hear Lucas, is mucus. All I can think about when I hear Luke is Puke lol . Sorry!

izdicaprio Says:


This has to be the number 1 name in the US between Lucas and Luke, it's a beautiful name but working in a daycare I can tell you this name is EXTREMELY popular and common.

Nyssa24 Says:


My 2 year old son is Lucas Owen. I love the classicness of the name while still sounding fresh. We were partly inspired by the biblical reference to Luke, One Tree Hill, and the multicultural use of the name around the world which celebrates his multiethnic heritage. Most everyone calls him Lucas, but we also like Lukee and some call him Luke. Lots of options!

indiefendi2 Says:


There is something I find extremely annoying about this name and I don't know why. Not a bad name at all, it just.... rubs me the wrong way for some odd reason.

Daiseymae Says:


I really like this name.

NameLover 11 Says:


I like it but it's my cousins name so i cant use it..

Alaina Says:


I like the name Lucas a lot!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Like this very much, and there is the option of Luke as a nickname

LV51sfan91 Says:


This name is so baby-ish and immature. Not for a grown man! Also if you name him Lucas call him Lucas not Luke! Two different names. I can't call my son Like because my cousin used Lucas and calls him Luke/Lukey. Really?

headintheclouds Says:


Love the name Lucas- it's always struck me as being a friendly boy-next-door type of name, while also sounding olden and having an air of gravitas about it. Luke is, IMO, too short to stand on its own, so Lucas with the nickname Luke is perfect for me.

thenamer007 Says:


...Mucus???? Yeah I'm gonna use this name if I want to anyway. It's such a nice name!

Chloe14 Says:


This name is so lovely! I adore Lucas.
And it's just a bonus my favorite character on seaQuest DSV is called this.

Zelliew Says:


I've always liked the name Luke

nicicle333 Says:


I named my son Lucas and I think its absolutely adorable! My son is two now and he is so sweet , affectionate and fun loving and I think his name fits him perfectly!

lesliemarion Says:


I've met far too many Lukes and Lukas's. There are so many other fresher L names for males: Leander, Lionel, Leon, Lance, Lorca, Lowell, Lysander, Laurence, Laramie...

Leah3456 Says:


I would use this name with the nickname Luke.

Guest Says:


I prefer Luca because I just hear mucus with this. Unfortunately.

Candler Says:



biscuitbarrel Says:


We had thought to name our son Lucas, until a brother-in-law quipped "Lucas-Mucus" to my wife. That was the end of that idea.