Gender: Female Pronunciation: zhahn-vee-EV or GEN-uh-veev Meaning of Genevieve: "tribe woman" Origin of Genevieve: English from French Genevieve's Popularity in 2019: #168

Genevieve Origin and Meaning

The name Genevieve is a girl's name of French origin meaning "tribe woman".

Genevieve is derived from the Germanic medieval name Genovefa, or Kenowefa, which consists of the elements kuni, meaning “kin”, and wefa, meaning “woman.” The medieval saint Genevieve, patroness of Paris, defended the city against Attila the Hun through her rational thinking, courage and prayer.

Genevieve is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to retain the gen sound but is tired of all the overused Jen names. It is both dainty and substantial and can be pronounced either GEN-uh-veev or the French zhahn-vee-EV.

Genevieve is showing signs of a real revival—it reached its highest ranking since the 1930s in 2018.

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Rank in US: #168

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Genevieve's International Variations

Geneviève, Yevette (French) Genoveva, Ginevra, Genoveffa, Genoviva (Italian) Januveva (Slavic) Genobeba (Spanish) Zenevieva (Polish)


Violet_Rose Says:


That's too funny Rose. When one of my cousin's had her firstborn a few years ago she named her after our then still living Great Grandma (who's name was Jeanetta with an A at the end) but she never went by Jeanetta she always went by just Janet or Jan. Anyways so long story short my cousin brought the baby to grandma and was like "Grandma! We named the baby after you because we love you!" And grandma was like "why'd you do that? I don't like my name" 🤣 They still like it though and call her Jenny for short.

Violet_Rose Says:


Gigi and Evie are both cute but I'm still a sucker for the nickname Genny/Ginny :)

JOAsnames Says:


Absolutely adore this name, on my list as Genevieve Rosemary.

TechnoKitten Says:


Beautiful name for a girl.Can see it on a baby and a grown up woman :)

ceruleanstardust Says:


I adore Viva as a nn too. Nev is also one of my faves - pronounced Nehv not Neev.

oliviamcdonald Says:


It’s only got 3 syllables though, shorter than my name Olivia

anniebrown01 Says:


This is a bit late lol, but no! The nice thing about Genevieve is that unlike Elizabeth (which I'm seeing is your name), it doesn't command a nickname-- unless given a nickname to use, most people use it in full! I'm curious- did you end up naming your baby Genevieve?

cheesy-biscuit Says:


I love this name but I don't like the nn Jenna or Jenny, I much prefer Viva or Vivi

Rosie2525 Says:


I've seen this name around, but didn't pay much attention until now; I think it's a beautiful, strong, sophisticated name that is suitable for a girl and grows with her. As for people worried about others misspelling the name (although I think it spells out pretty easily), don't worry! If the worst issue she has is correcting the pronunciation or spelling, that's not too bad! 😃 And would just correct them, and be done with it . I think it's lovely 😊

letmein Says:


Too long. Don't like it at all.

meggyweg Says:


I like this name but fear it will be difficult for people to spell and or pronounce -- and speaking as a person whose own name never gets spelled correctly, I know how annoying that can be. I think Geneva would be a better option, with Neva or Evie as a nickname.

roseofjune Says:


I love the nickname options... Nev, Vivi, Eve/Eva/Evie, Viva...

anniebrown01 Says:


I absolutely adore this name! It reminds me of an obscure Elizabeth, with its historic charm and many nicknames.

Carolinekalmes Says:


Never thought about this name until now. I just realized how BEAUTIFUL this name is. Feminine, delicate, and strong all at once. It helps that I have never met a Genevieve!

aleerakate Says:


As a kid I loved the cartoon "Madeline", Genevieve is their dog and despite having a cousin with this name, all I can think of is a French dog every time I hear it.
I think I would like the name if I could get over the "Madeline" connotation, but it's never going to happen. On the plus side if I ever get a French Bulldog I know what I'll be naming it!

Daiseymae Says:


It is just so pretty and sweet sounding.

irishdancer428 Says:


Gwenivieve is a cool name! It's like a mix between Guinevere and Genevieve!

irishdancer428 Says:


Evie is my name! :D

irishdancer428 Says:


My nickname is Evie (eh-vie) and my real name is Evelyn, but now that I think about it, Evie works as a nickname for Genevieve, too! Ginny is also cute, or possibly even Vie or Vivi as well.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Stunning name

LV51sfan91 Says:


Gen-Uh-Veev;) I would call her Genny or Evie or Vieve or Vievie (VV).

anniebrown01 Says:


My all-time favorite girls' name. I love Gigi and Vieve as nicknames, but not as much for Ginny

fromtheocean12 Says:


I love this name! It's feminine but also seems strong, and has lots of nickname potential, like Gigi, Gia, Ginny, Vivi, or Evie.

mickie86 Says:


One of my favorite vintage, classics! Beautiful!

Impwood Says:


I'm a French speaker (although my native language is English), and I also can't understand why the French ʒ would be expressed in English as "zh". It's the sound the "s" makes in the English word "vision" -- it's "viʒ-ən", rather than "viz-i-ən", isn't it?

Froley Says:


I named my daughter Genevieve Rose. I use Ginny as her nickname!

Daiseymae Says:


You have the pronunciation correct in French.

Daiseymae Says:


Thanks for your response. It is difficult at times to get some people to get the French sound when I have to write it in English. :)

Floris Says:


Ah, yes, I can pronounce "je". I simply would have never fought that English speaker would write the "J" sound like a zh. My first language is German, so maybe that's why I was so confused by that.

I do actually know a (French) woman that calls herself ge-ne-viève (which people here would apparently write Zha-ne-vee-ev), maybe it depends on where in France somebody is from?

lissrose30 Says:


I just love this name, it is beautiful!

Daiseymae Says:


Love the name Evie.

Daiseymae Says:


Like Zsa Zsa Gabor. Can you pronounce je in French? Jean in French is zhahn with hardly any sound to the n.
Here it is: zhahn-vee-EV
Genevieve Bujold pronounces it this way. The first syllable is a soft a.

RoseRed2816 Says:


My Great Grandmother's name. Wanted to name my first daughter Genevieve
but she said "Don't you name that baby Genevieve it's to hard to learn
to spell, too long and has too many E's" lol
But I just love it. I don't like the nn Jen because my sister's name is Jennifer I would most likely call her Evie (Eh-vie) , Ginny, or Gwen.

Floris Says:


Sheu-n(eu)-viiève is how I (not a native French speaker, but I have family all over France and my French is ok) would pronounce it.
I'm not sure what the zh is, shouldn't it be a soft sh sound?

elizabethking Says:


Considering this if our baby is a girl. I really prefer full names to nick names since our last name is so short. Do you think people will always be trying to shorten it or will people call her by her full name if she introduces herself as such.

EW314 Says:


Genevieve is such a beautiful name! I love that it's the name of an historic heroine too. It's so elegant, timeless and feminine without being frilly, and it's one of those perfect names which everyone's heard of but which you rarely hear. I only know of one Genevieve.

I say "JEN-uh-veev", but the French pronunciation is very pretty too, though you might struggle to have it pronounced correctly in an English-speaking country. I'd spell it Geneviève if I wanted the second pronunciation.

EW314 Says:


Gorgeous name!

Genny Says:


Hi my name is Genevieve,but people call me Genny.Is anyone else called Genevieve who likes to be called Genny?

Impwood Says:


This isn't my favourite name, but I can see why others like it. I use the French pronunciation, "jzuhn-vee-ev", and I think Vivi makes the sweetest nickname. Others: Gen, Eve (pronounced how they pronounce the name in French - EV), Evvie, and Via. If you are using the English pronunciation, then there's also Nev and Neva as options.

FantasyandPrayer Says:


I like it so much, I've already used it as a character name and now I almost regret it because that might make it unusable for the future! Also my prefered nickname would be Genna, which I think is just too close to my best friends' name Jenni :/ I still really like it though, I don't know if I can quite rule it out!

marmalade Says:


I love Genevieve also! This is my #2 for a girl. (behind Josephine) My husband loves Vivi, and is really pushing for Vivian or Viviana, but I might compromise to Genevieve with the nm Vivi

Evie Says:


My name is Genevieve but I get called Evie, when I looked up my name, I got quit a suprise that it's meaning was "Tribe Woman"!

headintheclouds Says:


I love Nameberry's description of Genevieve as "dainty and substantial"- my thoughts exactly. I like that it's a very princess sort of name, but that it's not overly flowery. IMO Genevieve is one of the best French names, not super popular yet common enough that everyone's heard of it before. There are many lovely nicknames to Genevieve- Gen, Eve, Evie, Gigi, Viv, Vivi, so on, and also many wonderful namesakes. All in all, great name!

eveyalecia Says:


Hmm, I've always pronounced this as zhen-uh-veev, sort of a mixture of the English and French pronunciations I guess...

Genevieve Says:


My name is Genevieve!

ThistleThorn Says:


This sounds like a princess name! My favorite nickname is probably just Jen. I have never met a Jen, I have met many Jennys and Jennas though.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Im not a big fan of Jennifer but Genevieve, LOVE IT! Its just so pretty and classic, and Nicknames like Gigi Eve and Evie just make it better!

HatCollecter Says:


love this name! i also love Gwenivieve! it's vintage and beautiful!

Leah3456 Says:


This is a gorgeous name! I like the nickname Evie.

hoodi Says:


My absolute favourite name. Love Gen, Gigi, and Evie for nicknames. This will defiantly be my daughters name

bustedhoney Says:


That's where nicknames come in good use :)

Caroline Says:


Too long!!

Genevieve Angle Says:


Genevieve is my name, and my thoughts on the name are split, as I do enjoy how old timey it is but I've always been spiteful that I was named after a dog. (I was named after the dog in the french tale Madeline) I've been told that names can affect a person's personality, if this is true than by naming your little girl Genevieve you'll end up with an anti-social (With the exception of some of her best friends) nerd.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I'm not a huge fan of this in either pronunciation. I don't see the appeal. However maybe I've just been overexposed.

beth_crosby87 Says:


I like it

Genevieve Shaw Says:


Genevieve is my name, my daughter's name, great aunt, aunt and numerous cousins. If my daughter has a girl, this will also be her name. We love our name

Daiseymae Says:


I speak French, and it is pronounced that way. Jeune would be pronounced zheune, and not zhan. The first syllable is pronounced that way.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I like this name said either the french or English way :)

EvaThyssen Says:


I like the French Geneviève.

AnonymousPerson Says:


The French pronunciation is not "zhan-vi-ev", it is "jeune-vi-ev".

june7rose Says:


I love the French pronunciation "jhan-vie-EV", "GEN-a-vive" not as much.

Alicia1 Says:


Totally vintage and Classy, I really like this name in its full version.

Clarissa. Says:


I got distracted by this name as I watched "Barbie and the 12 dancing princess".. because one of the princess' has this name and I never forgot it ! You're right - this name is pretty special =)

sashapizzarova Says:


Unpopular opinoion: the French pronunciation is the best one but this name is pretentious-sounding.
Also English pronunciation makes it sound stripper-ish to me.

vintageluvs Says:


Feel in love with this name as a child watching in Madeline on her dog. Always pronouncied it Jen-a-veev, but after taking French with a girl named Genevieve, I'm leaning more towards zjahn-vee-ev. Will this child receive many prounciation problems? Most definitely, but Genevieve, though I love the name so much, has dropped rapidly in my list from a top five contender to a top fifty. There are so many amazing names out there, and at the end of the day, when I look at Genevieve, I think plain. Love all the nicknames Genevieve has to offer though: Gen, Gena, Eve, Vi, Neeve.

Addie88 Says:


This is one of my favorites. I like its French feel.

Guest Says:


(I thought I commented on this name already, hmmm.) well anyway, I think this name is so beautiful and sultry. I love the French pronunciation more.

tori101 Says:


Genevieve is a gorgeous name, with a delicate vintage sound so feminine and elegant. I love the nicknames surrounding Genevieve such as Gen, Vivi, Evie, Eve, Gigi etc. Absolutely beautiful.

raevynstar Says:


I don't like zhan-vee-EV at all, but I like jen-a-veev.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I love the nickname Gigi and also Evie!

Hannah young Says:


We chose Genevieve for our daughter, with the middle name Ann after my partner's mother. We love her name! It is true that it is dainty without being unsubstantial and flowery. We call her Vivi too and my niece calls her Gigi however she still goes by her full name most of the time. Her Daddy never shortens it! Good luck and blessings on a beautiful name xxx

ladyhope Says:


Genevieve is my favorite name. It's perfect! Vintage, dainty, the name of a heroine, feminine, beautiful, etc. I love the nn Vivi. This will be the name of my first daughter, most likely with the middle name Aurora.