Gender: Male Meaning of Gabriel: "God is my strength" Origin of Gabriel: Hebrew Gabriel's Popularity in 2018: #35

Gabriel Origin and Meaning

The name Gabriel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God is my strength".

Gabriel was derived from the Hebrew name Gavri’el, taken from the elements gever, meaning “strong,” and ’el, in reference to God. In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus' birth, and appears in Christian, Jewish and Muslim texts. He presides over Paradise, serving as the angel of mercy, life, joy, judgment, truth and dreams.

The name has become a biblical favorite, and has been a highly charting choice in the 21st century. In addition to all his other responsibilities, Gabriel is the patron saint of broadcasters and diplomats, and he governs Mondays and the month of January, making Gabriel one of the top January baby names. Gabriel has proven itself a friendly and appealing alternative to Michael, that other, long-reigning archangel.

Parents of Gabriels of varying ages include Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani, Jason Alexander, Meredith Vieira, and Mia Farrow.

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Rank in US: #35

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Famous People Named Gabriel

Pop Culture References for the name Gabriel

Gabie, Gabbie, Gabby, Gaby, Gabryel, Gabbi, Gab, Gabby, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabe, Gabel, Gabell, Gabi, Gabie, Gabryel,

Gabriel's International Variations

Gabriele, Gabrielli, Gabriello (Italian) Gabian, Gabiel, Gabrial, Riel (Spanish) Gabirel (Basque) Gabrielo (Portuguese) Kappo (Finnish) Gábor, Gabi (Hungarian) Gabko, Gabo, Gabris, Gabys (Czech)


Hero_Phoebus Says:


Gabriel is such a gorgeous, soft and delicate name for a little boy or a young man. It ages well and feels unique compared to typical harsh sounding names for boys.

*Momma_B* Says:


My first child's name! It is the most beautiful name I've ever heard, I've loved it since I was a child. We do not call him Gabe, he hates being called Gabe and sometimes people that don't know him well call him that but for the most part, everyone calls him Gabriel. I think it's too pretty to shorten to just Gabe.

ILoveBabyNames123 Says:


This name will always be my favorite! One of my cousin's name is Gabriel Emmett

Eliza1303 Says:


My little brother’s name is Gabriel. We just call him Gabriel too. I think it’s a super strong and powerful name even though my little brother is tiny, so it almost doesn’t really sound like it should be his name...I still like it though

dream.create Says:


Oh, I love Gabriel, Asher, and Jonas because of The Giver too! Makes me smile to see that others do as well!

Alaina Says:


Gabriel is a very cute name. But what's even cuter is the name Gabe!

Kai Says:


I love this name, it sounds beautiful and charming. It's also versatile as it's quite a common name in many countries.

headintheclouds Says:


Gabriel is one of my all time enduring name loves. I love it so much that its popularity doesn't bother me, and I would really consider using it for a future son one day, whether in the first or middle name spot. I just love everything about it- its wonderful meaning, its sound and the way it looks on paper, its timelessness and how it sounds upright and grounded yet also soft and lyrical. Gabe is a great nickname, though I'd prefer the full Gabriel.

katycats Says:


Gabriel is nice name too :)

Hallie Says:


My cousin is named Gabriel he is the only one I ever met

Shishi Says:



Nicholas_Masovich Says:


love this! It's so warm and calming. I would change my firstname to this in a heartbeat.

Hydra Says:


That's true. The "gay" part isn't all that noticeable, but it really bothers me for some reason. And, yeah, English doesn't seem to like pronouncing names correctly.

Guest Says:


Actually in basically all pronunciations from French to Spanish to German to Hebrew it's pronounced gah-bree-elle, gah-breel, or gahVREE-EL. English always seems to butcher names. But I guess no one pays attention to the "gay" syllable since it's not overt.

clairels Says:


I highly doubt that. Where are you getting these statistics?

Hydra Says:


Uh,okay.That was rude.One,I don't really believe that-but then,I'm 13 and thus admittedly rather naive-and two,I live in America,where gay is usually an insult for a homosexual individual,more commonly a man.And,with grammar like that,I think you're the one who needs to educate themselves.



what are you talking about Gaylord is #1 name for boys in over 20 countires please educate yourself

dtronol Says:


Named my son the same! I still love it 6 years later.

raevynstar Says:


Good for you! I really, really like that name. :D

Hydra Says:


Funny how you can name your kid Gabriel and no one bats an eye, but god forbid you give them any other name with the "gay" sound in it.

EDIT:I guess that sounded really rude.Sorry.I'm just very sensitive to certain sounds in names.I actually like Gabriel quite a bit,probably because of the Constantine movie-which also makes me think it wouldn't be too bad on a girl.Again,sorry.

wilkebaby Says:


Love this. Named our son Gabriel James.

caroblaise Says:


Same! That's why I like Asher and Jonas, even though the Jonas Brothers kind of ruined it...

klemley18 Says:


I love the association with 'the Giver'.