Gender: Female Meaning of Rosalie: "rose" Origin of Rosalie: French variation of Latin Rosalia Rosalie's Popularity in 2019: #208

Rosalie Origin and Meaning

The name Rosalie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "rose".

Rosalie hit its apex in 1938 and then slid straight downhill until it fell off the U.S. Top 1000 completely in the 1980s, only to spring back to life in 2009 as the name of a character in the Twilight series. The beautiful vampire Rosalie Hale has breathed fresh life back into this mid-century name, and the fact that the character is both sympathetic and relatively minor means Rosalie has the chance to thrive again as a baby name without feeling unduly tied to Twilight.

For a long time Rosalie's main claim to fame was via the eponymous 1928 Broadway musical, which became a movie ten years later, both of which included a hit song.

Rosalie was used as a character name in literature by Anne Bronte and Oscar Wilde. In the mid-twentieth century, Rosalie was the name of the daughter on The Goldbergs. More recently, Rosalie is a character on Grimm.

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Selkit Says:


I really like this, but greatly prefer the pronunciation Rose-uh-lee over Raw-zuh-lee. Unfortunately I doubt I could ever use it since the latter pronunciation seems pretty common.

Isabella_188 Says:


I don't understand why you say that. Miriam is more of an 80 year old wrinkly grandma, kinda name.

Isabella_188 Says:


I have never thought of Sally as a nn for Rosalie!

Isabella_188 Says:


I can't stand the name Rose, but I love, love, love Rosalie! It's cute, sassy, and not too popular!

heidi612 Says:


I have a grandmother, aunt and cousin with the name. It's a beautiful name and fits all age groups. None of them are called Rosie. I know my grandmother didnt respond to that nickname for it. I'm happy to see it rising in popularity

Bertha Bernard Says:


This name is all my favorite things: timeless, sophisticated, feminine. A+

Momof7blessings Says:


I really like Rosalie.

vintageisfave Says:


I love Rosalie!! If I ever have a daughter named Rosalie her nn would be Sally :)

Smollie Says:


I like this name but I love the nickname options you can get with this name - Rose, Rosie, Rosa, Allie, Sally, etc. Makes me like this more <3

Snow Fellets Says:


Yeah same.

georgiaxox Says:


My eldest is called Rosalie, her name fits her very well. She hates Rose so she gets called Ross and Salie.

Samsonite Says:


Not particularly pretty, but fussy and frilly. Not a good dualism.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name

Rosalie Says:


My name is Rosalie and I agree with most people that it is a fun name. But it's so hard for people to spell!!! I mostly go by Rosie at public places because it's so hard for people to understand and spell. I really like my name though and I wish I knew more Rosalie's.

Phibstar9 Says:


I'm not sure if I like this name or not.To me, the spelling appeals more than the sound, but the spelling is VERY appealing and putting this on my list of possibilities.

Marlaina Says:


I think Rosalie brings the name Rose to a younger generation and makes it cute and modern. It's on my name list as an option.

flamingo Says:


I teach a girl named Rosalie. At first I thought it was a little out of left field, and that she had a grandma name. Now I've actually grown to like it! (And yes, she did inherit her grandma's name!)

lissrose30 Says:


This is my favourite variation of Rose, which is my middle name. I think Rosalie is gorgeous and has a lot of nickname possibilities.

Waverly123 Says:


I love the name Rosalie, nn Rosie. So nice! And I know an adult whose full name is Rosie and she works it just fine.

Zelliew Says:


I prefer Rose or Rosemary

TT Says:


My lovely daughter of 11 weeks old carries this name. A lovely name for a lovely child :-)

LimeLightDeLight Says:


The name of what sounds like an 80 year old wrinkly grandma, kinda name, blah

5kids1mom Says:


This is my two year old daughter's name. She has many nicknames... Rosie, Rowie, Rosa (I mostly call her Rosa.) However, when asked, she says her name is "Wosawie," so I guess she likes the full form best!

SimoneKadele Says:


There's always Allie... :)

Leah3456 Says:


I love the fact that Rosalie Hale's middle name is Lillian! Makes me love the name Rosalie even more. The name combo Rosalie Lillian is making me swoon! Ahh!

JamieO Says:


Very girly and pretty. :) I think depending on the child/woman it could be seen as very beautiful, or unappealing.

DaisyMaisie Says:


cute and pretty name

hughesscholar Says:


Does this name seem like it is "trying too hard"?

Catastroffy Says:


Ihhk...I think this carries the pink frills too far.

britkarma Says:


Beautiful name. It's really romantic and also trendy-sounding, so it's just a great name.

britkarma Says:


I know one, I feel it fits adults just fine. I've seen it more than once. Just my two cents, maybe you've just never met one that old?

catcher5 Says:


I think this name is beautiful and spunky. We are considering it for our baby girl. If we use it, we would also use one of two nicknames, Ross or Rosie. I have never read Twilight, so that association doesn't bother me. The only thing that does bother me, is that I wouldn't ever want it shortened to Rose, I don't like that name.

ldougie Says:


This is cute and precious, but I couldn't imagine this on anyone over 12 years old.

Guest Says:


I just ignore the Twilight association (cringe). Such a pretty name!