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Gender: Female Origin of Dahlia: Flower name Dahlia's Popularity in 2017: #393

The name Dahlia is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin. Dahlia is ranked #393 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Gorgeous Flower Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

One of the flower names, used occasionally in Britain (where it's pronounced DAY-lee-a). It seems to have recovered from what was perceived as a slightly affected la-di-dah air. The flower was named in honor of the pioneering Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, which means dale.

In the Victorian language of flowers, Dahlia denotes elegance and dignity.

In P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves stories, Dahlia is Bertie Wooster's more sympathetic aunt, described as being constructed along the lines of Mae West. Reporter Dahlia Lithwick covers legal matters for the online magazine Slate.

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Famous People Named Dahlia

Dahlia Salem, American actress
Dahlia Duhaney, Jamaican sprinter
Dahlia Ravikovitch, Israeli poet
Dahlia Lithwick, American journalist
Dahlia Janys King (b. 2011), daughter of footballer Stephen King

Pop Culture References for the name Dahlia

Dahlia Lynley-Chivers, character in the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris
Dahlia Deering, character on TV's "Devious Maids"
Dahlia Gillespie, antagonist of the video game Silent Hill
Dahlia Malloy, character on TV's "The Riches"
Dahlia Hawthorne, antagonist in the Ace Attorney series
Dahlia Reinhold, character in "Professor Layton" video game
Aunt Dahlia Travers, character in P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves series
Dahlia, powerful witch on TV's "The Originals"
Dahlia, a nerdy great horned owl in the Angry Birds series
The 'Black Dahlia' murder (1947)
'The Black Dahlia', 2006 film

Dalya, Dalla, Dalia, Dahlye, Dahliana, Dahlya, Dahliah


Lucile Says:


I have a character named Dahlia Bell in my book The Bell Sisters 1: The Case of Waverly Place (1981-1982). She comes from a big family with lots of girls and all their names start with D: Danielle and Daniella, twins; Diana, Dana, Delilah, Dallas, Dinah and Dakota. I write under the name of Jade Starletia and will have a book out pretty soon. It's called The Carter Twins and the Mystery of Aqua Star Island (1966-1967). I finished it five years ago and started it the year before that, now it's going to be published. I have four other books ready, including a book from another series, and three other books in The Carter Twins series. I'm currently working on Carter Twins 5. Keep an eye out for my book when it comes out!

Daiseymae Says:


That is way I would pronounce like the actress Dahlia Lavi.

hannah111 Says:


This name is pretty but all I can think of is the horrific Black Dahlia case.

songtheflyer Says:


Wow, that's a beautiful combination!

bordercollie Says:


When pronounced dah-lee-ah/dahl-ya, I absolutely love this name. Other flower names like Rose and Lily are definitely pretty, but slight and flimsy. Dahlia is much more substantial. It's remarkably rich, heavy, and dark for a flower name, but still fitting for a little girl as well as an adult. It has an elegant, romantic, almost seductive sound to it. Gorgeous name.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


We are expecting in December right on X-mas eve, and me and my hubby have decided that she will be called Dahlia Frost. I have loved Dahlia (pronounced da-lee-a, not DAY-lee-a) for years. And because she is expected around X-mas, we thought Frost (cause where we live can get quite chilly around Christmas) would be fitting.

paulapuddephatt Says:



Annasun3 Says:


its a lovely name but all i can think of is the black dahlia gruesome murder.... not so lovely

Wittyusername103 Says:


Give it ten years for the black dahlia murders to either be solved or die down before using.

Marlaina Says:


My name crush for many many years! I'm going to push for this name if my second child is a girl (hubby isn't a fan which is totally upsetting).

EW314 Says:


I really like it. Feels a lot more elegant and understated than a lot of other unconventional flower options out there, like Azalea, Daffodil or Primrose.

actingfun Says:


This seems like an incomplete for of Delilah to me.

headintheclouds Says:


I think Dahlia is one of the loveliest floral name options out there. It has such a lush and feminine, lovely sophisticated sound that I'm surprised it's not more popular. I'm not too fond of "day-lee-ah" as a pronunciation, but I LOVE the "dah-lee-ah/ dall-ya" pronunciation and how it just rolls off the tongue! I like the idea of a previous commenter, for Dahlia to be a possible tribute to Roald Dahl.

Starelli Says:


The two Dahlia's I knew pronounced their names "Day-lee-ah," but I was told that "Daw-lee-ah" was more commonly used.

kpearl8 Says:


Yeah, you could say it that way too, I've heard both. Probably a regional thing?

Sankofa Says:


not the same 'a' as in 'cat', more like 'a' as in "call"

miraje Says:


I've mostly heard it pronounced in the US with "Dahl" rhyming with "doll" or "call."

kpearl8 Says:


DALL-ya, with same 'a' as in 'cat'.

SimoneKadele Says:


Pretty. Maybe a tribute to Roald Dahl?

DaisyMaisie Says:


i like and don`t like this name... do not know why, cause this is a really beautiful name!

Catastroffy Says:


How is it pronounced in America, then?

Alicia1 Says:


Still crushing on this name! GORGEOUS! I would pronounce it Dahl-ya.

Alicia1 Says:


This is such a unique, unusual name. It is very, very pretty! Would make a standout name with a beautiful flower associated.

Sol Says:


Caught my attention because it reminded me of the "Black Dahlia" murder case back in the 40s.

strawberrydino Says:



morg215 Says:


Gorgeous and under appreciated name.

lillian85 Says:


I love this name. The nicknames Dahl and Dolly are fun options.
Also, she sounds unique while still fitting in with her classmates (such as Violet and Lila).