Gender: Female Meaning of Elise: "pledged to God" Origin of Elise: French variation of Elizabeth Elise's Popularity in 2019: #207

Elise Origin and Meaning

The name Elise is a girl's name of French origin meaning "pledged to God".

Elise originated as French diminutive of Elizabeth but is now most commonly used as self-contained name. In English and French speaking countries, Elise is pronounced with two syllables, but in countries with Germanic or Scandinavian languages it is pronounced with three syllables, closer to Elisa.

Elise is on an upward trend, due in large part to its dash of French flair, and to the love for El-names in general.

Elise was introduced into the English-speaking world in the late nineteenth century. Emily Blunt played a character named Elise in The Adjustment Bureau.

Fur Elise is one of Beethoven's most popular piano pieces. Piers Morgan named his daughter Elise.

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Famous People Named Elise

Pop Culture References for the name Elise

Elisa, Elsie, Elyse, Elsy, Lisel, Lieselotte, Ellice, Elsey, Elisie, Liesel, Ellise, Liese, Lison, Lisl, Elisee, Ellyze,


charlie378 Says:


This is such a pretty name, but unfortunately far too overused for my taste. It might make a nice middle name, however

Sapphire Says:


This name is so cute, and I much prefer this name to Eliza

afluffmuffin Says:


i want to like it, and i kind of do... but it just kind of sounds like "elite" and the one elyse i knew was good at everything so... it's been ruined for me

marinette Says:


My name! I love it, and I like how it’s easy to pronounce but not too common. Never been made fun of because of my name, one boy in my grade 3 class called me “Eli” but it was out of good taste lol. My favourite nicknames are El, Lisa, and Lissie.

Looooovenames Says:


Beautiful name! Reminds me of the song "Letters to Elise". Very feminine. We considered it, but I do keep hearing "a lease on a car". But that's not enough to keep me from using it. That's how beautiful it is as a name.

Carolinekalmes Says:


Lovely and classy. I like unique first names, but would love to pair a unique first name with Elise as a middle name.

Lena Barbier Says:


that's how french people say Elise

and the english speaking version is also very beautiful

Lena Barbier Says:


Elise is a pure french speaking name. When you say it like someone whose first language is french, there's only one way to say it. But french is not a language everybody talk and the french accent is unique among Latin languages. Though Elise is a beautiful name, i love it, very classy. And indeed "E" from Elise is an "A" in english

Lena Barbier Says:


If you want to pronounce it just like in french ; it's Alise . the "E" in this context in french is pronounced "A", just like "A"my, but the accentuation is very very low the the "A". And the "S" is said like a "Z"

Elise Harold Says:


My name is Elise. My mom and grandmother used to call me E-Lee. lol. I had a friend in middle school and high school that used to call me Ellie. But that's it. As an adult I'm just called Elise. And I love my name.

Starelli Says:


I prefer Elyse over Elise.

sparkleflaame Says:


I feel the opposite way. I think Elsie sounds like an old lady and sort of hick. Elise sounds much more classic/classy.

sparkleflaame Says:


I am a fellow Elisse (spelt with two 's' which makes my life even more complicated.)
I think the word that has made me turn my head the most is "Atleast" as people tend to call me "A-leese" anyway. UGH. But it is so nice to hear that many people think the name is so feminine and pretty.
Also I didn't know some people see it as a middle name.... Fur Elise is so iconic can you not realize its such a solid first name!! haha
But yes having this name you will struggle in your life. But on the other hand almost everyone I meet (who hears and can pronounce my name correctly) tells me my name is beautiful (:
Also Elle is not a good nickname for this name... Elisse has the long EE sound...changing it to EH in Elle changes the entire dynamic of your name. Probably why it didn't take. Elisse is good on its own! (: I have learned to own my name (also simply let people who I don't necessarily care about just do what they are gonna do and call me Alissa, Elisia, Elsie and E-LEE. Not joking. Many people think they heard me say E-LEE and just can't figure it out. lmao

Miri Says:


Love this name SO much. Simple and sweet. Super playful and cute. Love, love, love.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Sweet name

CoraSlayz Says:


My friend is called this but her name is pronounced (El-ee-say) I much prefer her way to (El-ee-s)

indiefendi2 Says:


as pretty as Elise is, Für Elise ("for Elise") has made me have an even greater image of this name. Short and sweet--yet also powerful--just like the whole song. Very Romantic.

GraceArnott Says:


I prefer Elsie to this. Elise just sounds so strict and boring while Elsie is got a bit of youth and adventure ness to it

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I think of this name with the pronunciation E-lease. I don't think of this name at all to do with Eliza. I really like this name and it could work for a nickname for Elizabeth or a stand alone name.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Strangely enough I prefer Ellise or Ellyse

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


Very sweet and pretty. Timeless,

TheSlothPrincess Says:


Very beautiful, classy name.

Gracefullypuzled Says:


My daughters middle name is Elise and that's what she has always gone by. People do tend to call her "ah-leese" but she jumps right in and says "There is no A in my name! It's E-leese" Haha she is only 8 and doesn't let anybody get lazy with it.

Loveislife23 Says:


Much softer than Elisa or Elizabeth.

JessicaRK467 Says:


Elise is a very pretty middle name...

Elise Says:


My name is Lilley- Elise but most people call me Elise

Smithely Says:


I'm an Elyse (with a y) and some things to consider before naming your child this name-
1. There is no nickname or short name to go with it. I tried pushing "Elle" through grade school but it never took
2. People will pronounce it Elsie (like the cow) all the time or like uh-lease
3. It's hard to say. Like say it to yourself out loud right now
4. Lease, please, police words that all make me turn my head
Go with Ellie, Ella or Elsa. They have the same type of sound but are far less complicated

indiefendi2 Says:


I'd use it because my mom's name is also a diminuative of Elizabeth and it rhymes with my name 😊. Perfect.

Shamilitaktak Says:


That's why it's one of my choices- great Cure song!
Only thing holding me back is the trend of people naming their kids after where they were conceived as it's also a model of car by Lotus :)

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I like Elisa a lot more. Elise is just meh to me, because it's getting so popular.

Catastroffy Says:


I much prefer this to Eliza.

Saffron_Rice Says:


Gorgeous, classic, romantic.

winnie Says:


My friend is named this after the song by the cure

Leah3456 Says:


One of my favorite diminutives of Elizabeth.

Jessamynklinker Says:


Such a sweet sounding name!