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Gender: Male Meaning of Lucius: "light" Origin of Lucius: Latin

The name Lucius is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "light". Lucius and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Name Your Own Family, Choose Their Family".

From the experts:

Lucius is an exotic old Roman clan name that has lots of religious and literary resonance, yet is still vital today. It was the name of three popes, appears in several Shakespeare plays, and, like all the names beginning with 'luc' relates to the Latin word for light.It was one of a limited number of forenames used in ancient Rome.

In the Bible, Lucius is the name of three people; Shakespeare used it for the son of Titus in Titus Andronicus, a young servant of Brutus in Julius Caesar, a lord in Timon of Athens and a Roman general in Cymbeline.

Other fictional bearers of the name can be found in Le Morte d'Arthur, The Golden Ass, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Faulkner's The Reivers, Batman, Talladega Nights, and The Incredibles. Lucius Malfoy, the father of Draco, is a Harry Potter villain, and other Luciuses have been portrayed on screen by Morgan Freeman, Joaquin Phoenix and Luke Wilson.

Real life namesakes include renowned World War II General Lucius B. Clay, and writer, photographer and bon vivant Lucius Beebe.

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Famous People Named Lucius

Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, "Sulla," Roman statesman and general
Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, seventh king of Rome
Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, fifth king of Rome
Lucius Licinius Lucullus, Senator of the Roman Republic, closely connected to Sulla
Lucius Septimus Bassianua, Roman Emperor known as Caracalla
Lucius Aurelius Commodus, Roman Emperor
Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus, Roman consul and general
Lucius Verus, Roman Emperor
Lucius D. Clay, American general, postwar administrator of Germany
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II, U.S. Senator from Mississippi, cabinet member and Supreme Court justice
Lucius Shepard, American SF/fantasy writer
Lucius of Cyrene, teacher at the Antioch church (Acts 13:1)

Pop Culture References for the name Lucius

Lucius Malfoy, character from the Harry Potter series and father of Draco Malfoy
Lucius Fox, character in "Batman" series
Lucius Hunt, character in movie "The Village" played by Joaquin Phoenix
Lucius, son of Titus in "Titus Andronicus" by William Shakespeare
Lucius, servant in "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare
Lucius, character in the game "Fire Emblem"
Lucius, pit crew captain in movie "Talladega Nights," played by Michael Clarke Duncan
Lucius, the main character in the poem "The Golden Ass" by Apuleius
Lucius, character from poem "Le Morte d'Arthur"
Lucius the Eternal, character in the "Warhammer 40,000" universe
Lucius Faversham, character in the radio comedy "The Penny Dreadfuls Present..."
Lucius Best/Frozone, cryokinetic superhero from movie "The Incredibles"
Lucius Down, character in the Jeff Smith comic "Bone"
Lucius Lavin, character from the "Stargate Atlantis" episodes Irresistible and Irresponsible
Lucius (Luke) Provine, a man with the hiccups in "A Bear Hunt" by William Faulkner
Lucius Petrus Dextrus, character from the "Doctor Who" episode "The Fires of Pompeii"
Lucius Vorenus,character in TV's "Rome," loosely based on a centurion in Julius Caesar's army
Lucius Quick, a young boy in "The Reivers" by William Faulkner as well as movie adaptation
Lucius Hogganbeck, a baby named after the Lucius Quick in "The Reivers"
Lucius, character in the video game "Trinity Universe"
Lucius Brockway, character in " Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison
Lucius Wagner, character in video game "Lucius"
Lucius, character played by Ron Randell, in the 1961 film King of Kings
Lucius, a character in 'Fallout: New Vegas'
Lucius is the aide to President Karst in video game Final Fantasy 11
Lucius Isaacson, character in "The Alienist"

Lusio, Lukas, Lucis, Lucias, Lucanus, Loukas, Lucian, Lukeus, Luke, Luce, Lucious, Luccheus, Lucais, Luc

Lucius's International Variations

Luca, Lucio (Spanish) Lucien (French)


beachbear Says:


I actually love this name...and I'm a Hufflepuff!

thesaltypeach Says:


When I hear this, one thing and one thing only comes to mind: Lucius Malfoy.

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


Very distinctive name - Lucius Cary, Viscount (Lord) Falkland, was a famous English Civil War hero and Captain Lucius O'Brien was a British naval hero.

NerdyNameGeek Says:


If its pronounced Loo-cius I think it's cool but otherwise it makes me think of the Devil.

faith Says:


like the pronunciation Loo-Shus

seafoamsage Says:


Lucius is my son's name. It was one of the very few boy names my fiance and I considered for our child, given that we're both quite picky. I'd known of the name for a long time and was genuinely surprised to find out how many people had never heard of it (especially since it appears in a number of movies). But I tend to like uncommon names, and this one has so much historical, literary, and cultural background that it can never be considered faddish. It is both sophisticated and simple, powerful and ethereal, beautifully elegant and unabashedly masculine. I love its meaning, "light," since light is often symbolic of knowledge, intelligence, joy, comfort, love, hope, and a plethora of other good things. I've gotten quite a bit of positive feedback, and only occasionally has anyone said it sounds like Lucifer. When that comes up, I have to give people a speech on its etymology :)

Seriously why have more people not caught on to this name?

Sorceress Says:


I agree with your description of Lucius. I also love Loo-see-us.

Rasputin (Распутин) Says:


Another popular culture and historical Lucius is the character Lucius Vorenus from the HBO series "Rome", that was supposedly loosely based on a Roman centurion of the same name who was briefly mentioned in the diaries of Julius Caesar.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Everyone seems to be quite enamoured by Lucien but, for me personally, it's all about Lucius. Lucius is elegant, charming, sophisticated, charistmatic, aristocratic, grand, regal, ancient, rare and stunning - all rolled into one. It really is the complete package. Although, I admit to being more partial to the traditional European "Loo-see-us", as opposed to the more English/American "Loo-shus".

Yes, it does remind me a bit of Lucifer, but that's just another reason to love it since Lucifer is actually a very moral character if you take the time to analyze the story. Overall, Lucius is definitely one of the names I'll be considering for a future son.