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Gender: Male Meaning of Duncan: "dark warrior" Origin of Duncan: Scottish Duncan's Popularity in 2017: #862

The name Duncan is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "dark warrior". Duncan is ranked #862 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like British Boy Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Three Strikes, You're Out -- Boys".

From the experts:

Duncan is jaunty, confident, and open, a Scottish Royal-Baby-Names">royal name that's brimming with friendly charm and makes it into our golden circle of names that are neither too popular nor too strange. Popularity aside, Duncan is one of the most classic Scottish names for boys.

From a surname based on a clan name, Duncan was the name of a Scottish saint and two early Kings of the Scots. The beneficent Duncan I, who lived in the eleventh century, was immortalized in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

The brave and handsome Major Duncan Heyward is one of the main characters in James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans. Other cultural references include Duncan Idaho, the only character to appear in all of Frank Herbert's Dune novels; Duncan MacLeod, the immortal protagonist of Highlander; one of Garp's sons in The World According to Garp; and singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik.

David Bowie's son Zowie changed his name first to Joey and then finally to Duncan.

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Famous People Named Duncan

Duncan I and II, Kings of Scotland
Duncan Lee Hunter, U.S. Congressman from California
Duncan Duane Hunter, U.S. Congressman; son of Duncan L. Hunter
Duncan Sheik, American singer
Duncan Walker Bannatyne, Scottish entrepreneur and TV personality
Duncan James (born Duncan Matthew James Inglis), English singer and actor
Duncan Keith, Canadian hockey player
Duncan Edwards, English footballer
Duncan Cowan Ferguson, Scottish footballer
Duncan Alexander Goodhew, English swimmer
Duncan Campbell Scott, Canadian poet
(Robert) Duncan Coutts, bassist of Canadian band Our Lady Peace
Duncan Jones, Youtuber and member of The Yogscast
(Charles) Duncan Trussell, American actor & comic
Duncan Hines, American restaurant critic; origin of the food brand
Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, British singer; son of singer David Bowie

Pop Culture References for the name Duncan

Duncan, character in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Duncan, narrow gauge tank engine on animated series Thomas & Friends
Duncan Douglass, character on animated series Freakazoid
Duncan, Idaho, character in the Dune series by Frank Herbert
Duncan MacLeod, immortal hero in Highlander: The Series
Ser Duncan the Tall, character in George R.R. Martin's Tales of Dunk and Egg
Duncan, donut character in Disney's "Wreck-it Ralph"; a pun of Dunkin' Donuts
Duncan Quagmire, triplet brother of Isadora and Quigley in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"
Duncan Fletcher, main character in TV movie "My Date with the President's Daughter"
Duncan, character in movie "The Way, Way Back"
Duncan, a major character in the video game "Dragon Age"
Duncan Mckay, character on British TV series Monarch of the Glen
Duncan, the main character in novel Acceleration
Duncan Kane, a character on TV's Veronica Mars
Duncan, a character on animated series "Total Drama"
Duncan Hines, American food brand

Dune, Dun, Dunc, Dunkan, Dunn


BerriesandCream Says:



Louisa Says:


Duncan Donuts though...

Jinxgirl Says:


I always thinks Dunkin Donuts too. It would be awful to be chubby and named Duncan

headintheclouds Says:


I do think of Dunkin Donuts when I hear this name, because of the similar sound. But IMO it's a great name and the donut association isn't that strong. Duncan is a historic name with roots, is distinguished and handsome while also sounding modern and contemporary; to me it has the same feel as names like Eric and Dylan while being less popular. I'd say if you like the name, go for it!

virginiawoolf Says:


My son is a Duncan. We love it, and so does pretty much everyone we introduce him to. Plus, my husband, a huge basketball fan, loves calling him "Slam Dunc!"

Rush1986 Says:


i just failed at life. Granted, there aren't any Dunkin Donuts where i live. But still, fail.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Well it's actually Dunkin' Donuts, so the name is a bit different. :)

Kateri Says:


I love this name I'd use it in a heartbeat.

Rush1986 Says:


I wish there wasn't a donut place with this name. Because i think it could get a revival.

Noey Says:


There's always been a small part of my heart that has loved this name. Too bad I know my fiance will never go for it.

Guest Says:


Duncan makes me giggle because in Wreck it Ralph one of the donuts was named Duncan (get it?)