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Gender: Male Meaning of Thomas: "twin" Origin of Thomas: Aramaic Thomas's Popularity in 2017: #48

The name Thomas is a boy's name of Aramaic origin meaning "twin". Thomas is ranked #48 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Thomas has been one of the most commonly used classic baby names in both England and the U.S. over time, and is still firmly in the Top 100. From the original apostle and several saints, through Thomas Jefferson, Edison, Pynchon, Hanks and Cruise, Thomas is simple, straightforward and strong. And it offers more definition than names like John and James -- all that a parent with timeless taste could want. As a bonus, kids will identify with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas came about because there were too many apostles named Judas; Jesus renamed one Thomas (meaning "twin") to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot and the Judas also known as Thaddeus. At first, it was used only for priests. Sir Thomas Aquinas and Thomas a Becket are two of many towering Thomases.

Thomas ranked among the U.S. Top 10 baby names pretty much through the 1960s; right now, it is still quite widely used in England and Australia.

Thomas has some noteworthy foreign versions: the multicultural Tomas, the Italian Tomasso, the Portuguese Tomaz and the Scottish nickname Tam. In Paris these days, Tom is a popular name used on its own.

Jack Black and Dennis Quaid both have sons named Thomas.

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Famous People Named Thomas

Saint Thomas the Apostle
(Stephen) Thomas, King of Bosnia
Thomas the Slav, Byzantine military commander
Thomas of Bayeux, Archbishop of York
Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Aquinas, Italian theologian
Thomas Wolsey, English cardinal under Henry VIII
Thomas More, English author, philosopher and statesman
Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. president and Founding Father
Thomas Paine, American Revolutionary patriot
Thomas Hobbes, British philosopher
Thomas Carmichael Hindman, Jr., U.S. Congressman and Civil War general
Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, son of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, birth name of Tom Cruise, American actor
Thomas Riley Marshall, 28th U.S. Vice President
Thomas Francis Bayard, 30th U.S. Secretary of State
Thomas Stearns "T.S." Eliot, American-British poet
Thomas John "Tom" Brokaw, American television journalist
Edward Thomas "Tom" Hardy, English actor
Thomas Robert "Tom" Daley, English Olympic Diver
(Christopher) Thomas Howell, American actor
Thomas Andrew "Tom" Felton, English actor
Thomas Playford, 33rd Premier of South Australia
Thomas Erdelyi, birth name of Tommy Ramone, Hungarian-American drummer of The Ramones
Thomas Gregory Jackson, birth name of Tommy James, American lead singer of The Shondells
Thomas Michael "Tom" Fletcher, lead singer of English band McFly
Thomas Carlyle "Tom" Ford, American fashion designer
Thomas Ellis Gibson, American actor
Thomas Jeffrey "Tom" Hanks, American actor
Thomas William "Tom" Hiddleston, English actor
Thomas Stanley "Tom" Holland, English actor
Thomas Kretschmann, German actor
Thomas Moore, Irish poet
Thomas Muller, German footballer
Thomas Ian Nicholas, American actor/musician
Thomas Anthony "Tom" Parker, singer of British band The Wanted
Thomas Earl "Tom" Petty, American singer-songwriter
Thomas Rhett, American country music singer
Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, American novelist
Thomas Edward "Tom" Sizemore, American actor
Thomas James "Tommy" Tune, American actor, singer, and dancer
Thomas John Patrick "Tom" Welling, American actor
Thomas Joseph "T.J." Thyne, American actor
Thomas Sadoski, American actor
Thomas Albert Victor aka Tommaso Alberto Vittorio), Prince of Savoy, Duke of Genoa
Thomas Geoffrey "Tom" Wilkinson, English actor
Thomas "Tommy" Lee (Bass), drummer of American band Mötley Crüe
Thomas Brodie-Sangster, English actor
Thomas Mario "Tommy" Haas, German tennis player
Thomas Sanders, American internet personality
Thomas Luther "Luke" Bryan, American country singer
Thomas Edward "Tommy" John, Jr., American baseball pitcher
Thomas Nathaniel "Tommy" Ivan, Canadian ice hockey manager
Thomas Maldwyn Pryce, Welsh racing driver
Thomas Henry "Tommy" Bolt, American golfer
Thomas P Stafford, American astronaut
Thomas 'Tom' Crean, Irish explorer
Thomas Hollis Smith, son of William Smith & Abigail "Nabby" Adams
Thomas Hardy, British poet and novelist
Thomas Moore, British poet
Thomas Carlyle, British essayist
Thomas Mann, German novelist
Thomas Edward 'T.E.' Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia
Thomas James "Tom" Ridgewell, British YouTube personality known as "TomSka"
Thomas Patrick "Tom" Cavanagh, Canadian actor
Thomas Boone Quaid (b. 2007), son of American actor Dennis Quaid
Thomas David Black (b. 2008), son of American actor Jack Black
Thomas Williams, child of Brady and Robyn Williams of TV's "My Five Wives"
Thomas Colton Padalecki (b. 2012), son of actors Jared and Genevieve Padalecki
Thomas Boyer "Bo" Bryan, son of country singer Luke Bryan
Thomas Miles Gaalswyk (b. 2016), son of singer Caitlyn Smith
Thomas South Moore (b. 2017), son of country music singer Justin Moore

Pop Culture References for the name Thomas

"Thomas the Tank Engine," animated series and its main character
Thomas "Tom" Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort, character in the Harry Potter series
Thomas Tanner, character in Cassandra Clare's "The Infernal Devices"
Thomas, character in Lauren DeStefano's "The Internment Chronicles"
Thomas Barrow, character on TV's "Downton Abbey"
Thomas ¨Tom¨ Branson, , character on TV's "Downton Abbey"
Thomas "Tom" Tarleton, character in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind"
Thomas Magnum, main character on TV's "Magnum P.I."
Thomas Wayne, character in DC Universe
Thomas "Tom" Lone, character in DC Universe
Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn, character in DC Universe
Thomas O'Malley, cat in Disney' "The AristoCats"
Thomas J. Sennett, character in movie "My Girl"
Thomas Carver, character on TV's "Chasing Life"
Thomas H. Norstein, character in anime "Digimon Data Squad"
Thomas Tomone, character on TV's "Skins"
Thomas "Tom" Cat, character in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series
Thomas "Tommy" Pickles, character in animated series "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up"
Thomas Lasky, main character in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
Thomas "Tom" Wade, main character in G. A. Henty's, In the Heart of the Rockies
Thomas, character on animated series "Regular Show"
Thomas, main character in book and movie "The Maze Runner"
Thomas Forrester, character in soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful"
Thomas "Tom" Hagen, character in "Godfather"
Thomas "Tom" Hansen, character in "500 Days of Summer"
Thomas, character in the webcomic "Sun Rising"
Thomas Sharpe, character in the movie "Crimson Peak"


stella2007 Says:


Even though it is meant to be a common name, I just recently realised I've actually never met a person named Thomas in my life, nor Tom or Tommys either. I really love the name. It's a solid, classic name for a man and cute on little boys too! Lots of famous Thomas' too, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Tom Brady just to name a few. It's a vintage name that is still so modern.

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I know three Thomas'. One is my cousin, the second is my neighbor and education pastor at my church, and finally a boy who went to my middle school. This is also the middle name for Calum Hood. I really like this name, but sadly I can't use it because my cousin has this name. If I used it, it would just confuse my Grandma.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name, classic, love Tom or the name in full

LV51sfan91 Says:


I like Thomas, Tom and Tommy. However o wish it didn't mean twin. It also has some bad associations "peeping Tom."

Impwood Says:


This is a splendid name. It has wonderful literary connections (Tom Tulliver, Tom Sawyer, etc.) and two friendly diminutives, Tom and Tommy. I can picture a Thomas of any age and in any walk of life.

ashbee Says:


Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy. HOT! Even Tom Hanks... getting off track! Point is, many great namesakes of all ages.

HelenSarah Says:


I like Tommo as a nickname for Thomas, like Tommo Peaceful from Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Catastroffy Says:


If I had a child named Thomas, I would feel a bit silly explaining to him that his name meant "twin" if he wasn't one.

alchemicallypurplefairy Says:


Amazing book :)

KassemJ Says:


Thomas is one of my Absolute Favorite Names. Thomas is a fantastic name that fit any age and any man. Tommy is a also a nice nickname for when he's young and Tom is great for when he's older, but I'd personally prefer to just call him Thomas, no nickname.

Essa Says:


There must've been at least 4/5 Thomases in my school year and I know so many more but I'm from England so maybe that's it. I know young and old Thomases, literally ranging from 6 to like in their 70s/80s.

Essa Says:


The exact reason why I've only ever considered Thomas as a middle name and not a first. I do know a Thomas who goes by his full name but it's just too much of a risk to take.

alchemicallypurplefairy Says:


I know a Thomas who just goes by that. It's kind of funny because there's this woman who usually substitutes for our language arts teacher who, when taking attendance, always calls him Tom, and he gets so ticked off. She doesn't call anyone else by a shortened form of their name - just him.

helenlouise Says:


I really like Thomas but really hate Tom, which is an inevitable nickname so I guess that makes it unusable for me :(

indiefendi2 Says:


I guess it might be regional. I've met a bunch of Thomases in my life. Common surname as well.

SweetPraline Says:


I'm surprised that Thomas is supposed to be so popular because until 3 years ago I hadn't even MET a Thomas. My boyfriend is the only Thomas I know besides Thomas The Train, and I don't think he counts.

Leah3456 Says:


Timeless, handsome name.

Thomas Says:


My name is Thomas and i like being named Thomas because it sounds professional and cool at the same time.

jasminegarden Says:


I really like this name, if I had a son called Thomas I would call him by his full name so he would stand out amongst all the other Toms & Tommys :)

Addie88 Says:


Thomas is a great old classic, traditional name. Plain and simple. Tom and Tommy are both charming. To hear of a contemporary Thomas is always refreshing and brings a smile to my face.

Shishi Says:


Read Legend by Marie Lu. Just do it. :)

Elizabeth_Colleen Says:


Thomas is my younger brothers name and he likes it. My family calls him "Tommy" his friends call him "Tom" and I call him "Thomas". I absolutely adore this name