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Gender: Female Meaning of Natalie: "birthday of the Lord" Origin of Natalie: French variation of Russian Natalia Natalie's Popularity in 2017: #36

The name Natalie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "birthday of the Lord". Natalie is ranked #36 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Winter Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding Then Eliminating -- Girls Themed".

From the experts:

Natalie -- a Franco-Russian name -- became Americanized years ago, and now a new generation is reviving Natalie to join former canasta partners Sophie and Belle. Though still very popular, it's fallen off a bit from its peak in 2008.

Sometimes given to girls born on Christmas, Natalie was Cameron Diaz's character in Charlie's Angels, and was attached to first Natalie Wood, then Natalie Cole (named for her father), and now Natalie Portman.

Natalie has been a TV regular ranging from the lovable character on the old The Facts of Life, to Monk to the current Orange is the New Black.

She also has musical ties to singers, in addition to Cole--Maines, Imbruglia and Merchant, and to a not too flattering hit song by Bruno Mars.

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Famous People Named Natalie

Natalie Portman, (born Neta-Lee Hershlag), Israeli-born American actress
Natalie Maria Cole, American musician
Natalie Wood (born Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko), American actress
Natalie Jane Imbruglia, British-Australian singer-songwriter and model
Natalie Jane Appleton (Howlett), Canadian musician and actress
Natalie Louise Maines (Pasdar), American singer-songwriter and activist
Natalie Anne Merchant, American singer-songwriter and musician
Natalie Dormer, English actress
Natalie Tyler Tran, Australian vlogger, actress, comedian, and writer
Natalie Anne Coughlin, American swimmer and Olympic medalist
Natalie Morales-Rhodes, American journalist
Natalie Louise Blair, Australian actress
Natalie Duran, American rock climber
Natalie D. Richards, American author
Natalie Rooney, New Zealand sport shooter
Natalie Madsen, American actress in YouTube sketch comedy show Studio C
Natalie Bouader Shook (b. 2013), daughter of actress Shiri Appleby and Jon Shook
Natalie Kate Nadeau (b. 2003), daughter of NASCAR driver Jerry Nadeau
Natalie Maria Stroud (b. 1994), daughter of singer Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz; twin of sister Kyla Olivia
Natalie Mia Suk (b. 1996), daughter of tennis player Cyril Suk
Natalie Noone (b. 1985), daughter of singer Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits
Natalie Curtis (b. 1979), daughter of singer Ian Curtis of Joy Division
Natalie Foreman, daughter of boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman
Natalie Biden, granddaughter of US VP Joe Biden, daughter of late Beau Biden
Natalie Hermann, German rhythmic gymnast
Natalie Schafer, American actress
Natalie Wynn aka Contrapoints, YouTube personality

Pop Culture References for the name Natalie

Natalie Green, character on TV's "The Facts of Life"
Natalie Goodman, character in musical "Next to Normal"
Natalie Teeger, Monk's assistant on TV's "Monk"
Natalie Figueroa, character on TV's "Orange is the New Black"
Natalie Connors, from the movie "Agent Cody Banks"
Natalie, character in 'The House Bunny' played by Emma Stone
Natalie Ortiz, character on TV's "Chasing Life"
Natalie Prior, the mother of Tris and Caleb Prior in the "Divergent" trilogy
Natalie Snyder, character from American soap "As the World Turns"
Natalie Kabra, character in the 39 Clues series
"Believe Me Natalie," song by the Killers
Natalie , song by Bruno Mars

Natti, Nat, Natalina, Tallie, Nataly, Tally, Nathalia, Natalene, Nathaly, Nattie, Natalee, Tascha

Natalie's International Variations

Nathalie, Natalène, Talie, Tali (French) Natashenka, Natasha, Natascha, Natalya (Russian) Natale, Natala (Italian) Natalia (Spanish)


saoirse123 Says:


I think of Natalie MacMaster the fiddler and Natalie Macdonald the singer from Scotland. Very musical to me

Jessyendofstory Says:


I started loving this name when I was about 11 and now its my oldest daughters name! I still love it. She usually goes by Nat Nat.

NameLover 11 Says:


This name is gorgeous!! I think Tilly would be a cute nickname.

snowsbeloved Says:


Cute, but I feel they're a little too close. Both French, same first and last letter, same meaning.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love Natalie and Natalia. They're both beautiful.

LV51sfan91 Says:


They're just name related!

LV51sfan91 Says:


I love this name and nickname Nattie! I also love the meaning! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!

kxlly0614 Says:


Natalie is a very cute name. I think lots of people say Naduhlee, instead of Natuhlee. Nathalie is the french variation, but I think English speakers will mistake the pronunciation with NaTHalie.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I personally prefer Natalie, but Natalyn is fine! It's not TOO made up. Natalyn Smith has great flow too.

troll Says:


NOT Natalyn! TACKY. Natalie is so much better.

MaryKathryn Says:



Zelliew Says:


It think you've found the name

DrVlasic Says:


I think that every name has people who think the same thing about it, even yours.

4jiLee Says:


The main character in my book!

scblovesnames Says:


"Natalie." my husband paused "Natalie is perfect." The best reaction my husband ever has had for a name.

Daiseymae Says:


I like both of those names. The beautiful Natalie Wood comes to mind, and Noelle is my daughter's middles name.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


This is a new favorite for me. I like the idea of twins named Natalie and Noelle.

gmdx Says:


Thank you!

cmcg79 Says:


I love everything about this name ... its versatility, how it sounds, its meaning. Absolutely gorgeous.

indiefendi2 Says:


They are two different names with two different origins. Nathaniel is Hebrew, Natalie is Latin.

niftylavalamp Says:


Even though they look and sound similar, they don't actually share the same etymological roots. Nathan and Nathaniel are biblical (Hebrew) and Natalie comes from the Latin term for Christmas day (natale domini, essentially meaning "birth of the lord") so that's why their meanings are so different. :)

gmdx Says:


Can someone explain why Natalie's meaning is so different from Nathan or Nathaniel? Just curious.

Analia Says:


I like both Natalie and Natalia, Natalie is more cute (kinda like Sophie) and Natalia is more sophisticated (kinda like Sophia). Both are good names I think :)

Guest Says:


I've met loads of Natalies! It's a pretty name. Natalia just rolls of the tongue. 😍 So lovely

Natalie Jan Clem Says:


This is my name and I was born in February. I love it! There are a few amazing things about my name one is the meaning, it's beautiful. Two is the fact that it's not a SUPER common name. It isn't like Stacy or Jennifer which are both over used and that makes it fun when I meet another Natalie it makes for good conversation. The third and greatest thing about this name are all the nicknames that come with it Nat, Cat, Natty, Nall, Talie, Natsy, Natalia (my favorite), Nat-Nat, Natty-Light (my friends favorite), Na-Na (what my baby cousins call me), and there are still many possiblities with this name. Those are just the ones I've been called. I was truly blessed with my name.

Leah3456 Says:


Love the meaning!

jasminegarden Says:


Absolutely beautiful.

bearcub27 Says:


It's my name, so I'm biased, but I like it a lot! I felt like I needed to give it some love after reading the other comments lol. I'm surprised by its jump in popularity, though, as I've only ever met Natalies that are around my age (early to mid 20s) and I used to work with small children, so I heard the trends haha. But, it's a fine name, in my opinion! However, I was born during Christmastide and like indiefendi, I like that my name has the connection with the season. It wouldn't feel as "proper" if I had been born outside of Christmastide.

Guest Says:


I'm quite literal about meanings so I would only use (I prefer Natalia) if I had a girl born in December or around Christmas.

HatGirl Says:


same for me

MaryKathryn Says:


I know too many sucky people named Natalie. I can't stand this name.