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Gender: Male Meaning of Richard: "dominant ruler" Origin of Richard: German Richard's Popularity in 2017: #175

The name Richard is a boy's name of German origin meaning "dominant ruler". Richard is ranked #175 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Classic Baby Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Your Six Kids - Take Three, Leave Three".

From the experts:

A classic old Norman name popular for a thousand years and favored for kings (Richard Nixon was named for Richard the Lionhearted), as well as the hoi polloi (as in every Tom, Dick and Harry), Richard was the sixth most popular US boys’ name in 1925, and was still Number 8 in 1950, but is now much less popular.

We predict that if parents do readopt the name Richard, it will be in its full and formal version. All the possible nicknames -- Richie (too Happy Days), Ricky, (too I Love Lucy) and especially Dick (too tricky and teasable) -- sound so dated that it's hard to imagine Richard ever coming back into style. But not that long ago, people said that about now-hot baby names Jake and Max.

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Famous People Named Richard

Richard I the Lionheart, King of England
Richard II, King of England
Richard III, King of England and subject of a play by Shakespeare
Richard Wagner, German composer
Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th U.S. president
Richard Burton, Welsh actor
Richard Starkey, birth name of Ringo Starr, English drummer for The Beatles
(Clinton) Richard Dawkins, English evolutionist
Richard Charles Rodgers, American composer
Richard Lynn Carpenter, American musician and composer
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, American comedian
Richard Tiffany Gere, American actor
Richard Crispin Armitage, English actor
Richard E. Grant, English actor
Richard Alexander Walter George, Prince of the U.K.; Duke of Gloucester; cousin of Elizabeth II
Richard Casimir Karl August Robert Konstantin, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg; husband of Princess Benedikte of Denmark
Richard "Dick" Winters, WWII paratrooper and CO of Easy Company (of "Band of Brothers" fame)
Richard Benjamin "Dick" Haymes, Argentine actor & singer
Richard Ralph Haymes, son of Dick Haymes & Joanne Dru
Richard Speight Jr., American actor
Richard Dean Anderson, American actor
Richard Roxburgh, Australian actor
Richard Madden, Scottish actor
Richard Ellef Ayoade, English comedian, actor, writer and director
Richard Robert Ruccolo, American actor
Richard David Briers, English actor
Richard Sherman, NFL player
Richard (Richie) Hugh McCaw, New Zealand rugby footballer
Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist & Nobel prize winner
Richard Hadfield, member of English band Collabro
Richard Stephen Dreyfuss, American actor
Richard "Dick" Gordon Jr., American astronaut
Richard 'Fazer' Rawson, British Singer, Producer and member of N-Dubz
Richard Branson, British entrepeneur
Richard Warren, Mayflower passenger
Richard Morton Sherman, American songwriter with his brother Robert B. Sherman
Richard Leaf, British actor
Richard James "Rick" Cosnett, Zimbabwean-Australian actor
Richard Lui, American journalist, MSNBC anchor
Richard Meeker Jr., late son of American actress Mary Tyler Moore

Pop Culture References for the name Richard

Richard "Dick" Grayson, also known as Robin, character in DC Universe
Richard Swift, also known as Shade, character in DC Universe
Richard Hendricks, character on TV's "Silicon Valley"
Richard Alexander Rodgers aka Richard Edgar "Rick" Castle, character on TV's "Castle"
Richard Bucket, character on British comedy "Keeping Up Appearances"
Richard Gilmore, character on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
Richard Roma, character in David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross"
Richard Webber, character on TV's "Grey's Anatomy"
Richard Travers, character in the movie "Cliffhanger"
Richard Cole the English, kjurnalist from the Power of Five book series
Richard Cypher, main character on TV's "Legend of the Seeker"
Richard Parker, tiger in Yann Martel's "Life of Pi"
Richard Wellington, character in game 'Ace Attorney'
Richard Tyler, character in animated film "The Pagemaster"
Richard "Dick" Casablancas, character on TV's "Veronica Mars"
Richard "Dick" Campbell Gansey III, character in "The Raven Cycle"
Richard Papen, character in "The Secret History"
Richard Lestrange, character in "The Blue Lagoon"
Richard Phillips, character in "Sims" series
Richard "Rocky" Scarlet, character in "Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism" by Georgia Byng
Richard "Rich" Hardbeck, character from British TV show "Skins"
Richard "Rick" Blaine, character from "Casablanca"
Richard "Rick" Sanchez, character from "Rick and Morty"
Richard "Dick" Roman, character from Supernatural
Richard Watterson, Gumball's father in the Amazing World of Gumball

Richard's International Variations

Dic (Romanian) Arri, Rollo, Riks, Riki, Juki (Estonian) Richart (German) Ryszard, Rysio, Rye (Polish) Rickert, Rickard (Swedish) Rihardos (Greek) Rostya, Slavik, Slava, Slavka (Russian) Richards, Rihards (Latvian) Richi, Riqui, Rico, Ricardo (Spanish) Riocard (Irish) Reku (Finnish) Riczi, Rikard (Hungarian) Ricciardo, Ricco, Riccardo (Italian) Rhisiart (Welsh) Ristéard (Irish Gaelic) Risa (Czech) Ruiseart (Scottish Gaelic) Ricardo (Portuguese)