Gender: Female Pronunciation: SAY-dee Meaning of Sadie: "princess" Origin of Sadie: Diminutive of Sarah Sadie's Popularity in 2019: #87

Sadie Origin and Meaning

The name Sadie is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "princess".

Sadie started as a nickname for Sarah, but their images couldn't be more disparate. Where Sarah is serious and sweet, Sadie is full of sass and fun.

Sadie has been soaring in popularity recently. Its last heyday was a century ago. She's been chosen by celebrities including Adam Sandler and Christina Applegate for their daughters.

In popular culture, there's Somerset Maugham's Sadie Thompson, portrayed by Joan Crawford in Rain, Sadie Hawkins Day, where the girls get to ask the boys to dance, and songs like the Beatles' Sexy Sadie.

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Rank in US: #87

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Famous People Named Sadie

Pop Culture References for the name Sadie

Seidy, Saddie, Saidey, Sada, Sadye, Sadah, Sadiey, Saidee, Syde, Sadi, Sady, Saida, Sadelle, Sadee, Sydelle, Saydee,


snowsbeloved Says:


Me too! S names are great! I love Sabrina too!

fearlessfirefly Says:


I love the name Arianwen Sadie.

fearlessfirefly Says:


It would make a lovely middle name.

Isabella_188 Says:


I think this is much better than the overused Sarah!

Sadiekarina Says:


I hate my name it’s always like a dog name!

April Ludgate Says:


I can't imagine this on anyone older than 7.

April Ludgate Says:


Dolly is more of a stretch than Sadie.

LaulenaG Says:


Sort of sounds too much like sadist to me personally.

eliykash Says:


sounds like a stripper name/dog name

Daiseymae Says:


It is kind of growing on me.

MargotBear Says:


This is such a lovely name!!! I know a Sadie and she really suits her name!!! This name is bursting with spunk and is so sweet!

Courtney Lee Says:


My absolute favorite name! I don't think it's that sassy or spunky, though. I find it sweet and beautiful. But sorta fun, like a little attitude with a kind personality.

EpicCadet182 Says:


Simple and cute!

fd2b Says:


For some reason, I dislike the name Sadie. And I was almost named that...

JetDivvy Says:


When my Aunty told me that if she were to have another child and it was a girl she would name it Sadie.
I was a bit like uggh.
But now I am definitely warming up to it

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love Sarah, Sally or Sallie, and Sadie. It doesn't need to be a competition. All have different qualities, but are from the same root, and have a shared meaning. Celebrate them all. 😃 Xxx

paulapuddephatt Says:


You can overthink how almost any name is composed. I dislike the variant with an extra "d", but Sadie is lovely.

Sadie Says:


dovah, I don't appreciate you making me sad.

Sadie Says:


never noticed this until now. thanks a lots mabe,

Sadie Says:


well hello! nice to meet you!

Sadie Says:


that's me! full of spunk and sass

Sadie Says:


omar, my brother. I am not a dog.

Sadie Says:


hmm, cant see it

Sadie Says:


there's a first for everything!

Sadie Says:


thank you! hehe

Sadie Says:


pronounced say-dee! hehe

Sadie Says:


too bad!

Sadie Says:


cant relate

Sadie Says:


hehehe, thank you!

Sadie Says:


I agree!

Sadie Says:


omg so sweet

Sadie Says:


thank you!

Sadie Says:


omg same

Sadie Says:


^^^ RT x 100

Sadie Says:


i agree

Sadie Says:


best name ever

sfinkler Says:


Lovely name but getting way too popular...

funnymonkey Says:


I love the name Sadie!

JesusLovesYou Says:


This is my name and I've grown to love it! I don't personally know any human named Sadie, but I've found a name twin in plenty of dogs...

liberty_grl Says:


I named my daughter Sadi Rae. We, and everyone else, pronounce it the same as "Sadie." My daughter is now 25 years and she just LOVES her name. She uses sadiwithoutane as an address, and she prefers to be called the complete first and middle name Sadi Rae.
I'm just so happy I used this name! My Sadi Rae IS spunky, bright and full of life.She's very artistic, and can work wonders with a head of hair. She doesn't even mind that some consider it a, "pet" name because she loves animals.

MacyOfficial Says:


I love S names
from sabrina, sailor, samantha, to sadie, they all warm my heart

AnonymousPerson Says:


I think it's too much of a stretch, as the a in Isadora is a schwa, and the s makes a voiced s sound. Isa, Ida, Izzy and maybe Dolly are lovely though. :)

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


Too much like sadist for my liking.

Omar Says:


This is a dog's name.

TaliaCat Says:


Yep. One of my cats is named Sadie :)

Yessica Says:


Sadie over Sarah

snowsbeloved Says:


Except I just think of an all American yellow Labrador retriever!

AriellaBar Says:


Could this be a nickname for Isadora or is that too much of a stretch?

AriellaBar Says:



headintheclouds Says:


I think Sadie is a lovely, regal-sounding nickname and has had enough widespread usage on its own that I consider this a full name separate to Sarah. I like Sadie well enough, but I personally would not use it on a daughter of mine because I have met SO. MANY. dogs named Sadie that it's really become a pet name in my mind, and also because I generally shy away from the growing trend of nickname names on the full certificate- I'm much more of the "James officially, Jamie with friends and family" type of namer.

Julie Says:


My dog's name. And having formally worked for a vet, I've seen sooo many cats and dogs named this and that's what I think of. Very popular pet name.

germanstar Says:


I agree with rainierloner. I know it's not pronounced sad-die but each time I see it written, I can't help thinking of these words.

kitchi1 Says:


I do like this name - I agree, full of spunk and sass. I would love to meet a little human named Sadie, but I wouldn't be able to use it myself - working with dogs, I've found that every other Golden Retriever is named Sadie. Working with so many canine Sadies just makes me think of dogs. But I do like the name.

SimoneKadele Says:


Sadie can also be short for Mercedes.

babymagic Says:


I can't be the only one who can't get past its similarity to sadism

Kryssy V Says:


I love this name. To me, it's the name I've read in stories plenty of times but have never actually met a Sadie. I don't like Sarah so I don't know how I love this name!

madison786 Says:


My 5 yr old cousin is named this. She was born in 2009 before this name rapidly started to increase. Ive never met a dog or a cat with this name.

Essa Says:


Sadie is definitely useable on it's own! And that's coming from someone who is generally big on not having nickname names as firsts.

Kateri Says:


I wish there was a viable formal name for Sadie besides Sarah.

bootsie Says:


Yeah... Sadye looks like it's pronounced "Sad-yay"

Leah3456 Says:


I love this nickname for Sarah (which is my favorite girl name).

AoifeORegan Says:


There's also Sadie Little Auerback, daughter of Dan Auerback, singer for The Black Keys.

Alicia1 Says:


Its a cute name, we have used it for a few pets over the years though.

dovah Says:


What bothers me more is that it sounds like a cute nickname for a sadist. "Yeah, I'm a sadie. I like to make people sad. Only once had someone die, though."

jasminegarden Says:


a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning!

mabespark Says:


I love this name - with its sass, spunk and sweet - but I wouldn't want my daughter to ever notice the words 'sad' and 'die' in there.

CocoWhite Says:


I used to think Sadie sounded like the name of a dog for some reason. But lately it's been growing on me and seeming more and more like a human name. I'm actually kind of starting to love it.

MaryKathryn Says:


I have a cousin named Sayde and a fellow student at my school named Sadye, but I most definitely recommend this spelling!

KiwiMarie Says:


I loved this name so much I already used it for my cat :-/

Bcrookshanks Says:


Sadly I think that my love for the name Sadie grew out of the show Duck Dynasty. I thought it was cute, and was happy to see that it wasn't in the top 100. I wondered if the tv show would have an effect on its popularity. Looks like it may have!

SparkleNinja18 Says:


Well it's not like you pronounce it Sad-die. It's Say-dee. You don't say any of those two words in the name. I love this name! So spunky and cute and it's classic!

Kdh Says:


This is such a perfect name!

rainierloner Says:


I actually like this name, but I don't like that it has both the words "sad" and "die" in it. :P

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Me too. At first I didn't like it but it's really pretty and has grown on me.

Waverly123 Says:


I'm starting to love Sadie.