Gender: Female Meaning of Elizabeth: "pledged to God" Origin of Elizabeth: Hebrew Elizabeth's Popularity in 2019: #14

Elizabeth Origin and Meaning

The name Elizabeth is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "pledged to God".

Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, formed by the components ’el, meaning “God,” and shava’, “oath.” In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and two of England's most notable queens have been Elizabeth I and II. Another memorable bearer was Elizabeth Taylor—who hated to be called Liz.

Elizabeth, one of the premiere classic girls' names and most popular Hebrew names for girls, is now just outside the Top 10, having been replaced in 2014 by the rising Charlotte. Yet Elizabeth has so much going for it—rich history, broad appeal, and timeless style—that no matter how many little girls there are named Lizzie, Eliza, and Beth out there, you can still make Elizabeth your own.

Elizabeth nicknames on the table today include Libby, Bess, Tibby, and even the so-antiquated-it's-cool Betty. Also in play is the fashionable Eliza. There has been only one year since 1880 that Elizabeth slipped one place below the Top 25, and that was in 1945—when Betty was Number 11. Today, it holds fast as one of the most classic and usable girl names starting with E.

The Elisabeth spelling, found in several cultures, is represented by such notables as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Shue, Elisabeth Moss, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth is nicknamed Bethsy in Buddenbrooks, Bep in The Diary of Anne Frank, and Betsy in Wolverine.

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Ellie, Elyse, Elisabeth, Liz, Elisheba, Ellyssa, Bett, Lilabet, Lyzbette, Lisabeth, Bess, Lyzbeth, Elyssa, Leeza, Betsie, Elizabee,


Eliza_Dot Says:


Elizabeth is my name and I have always liked it, but recently I've come to appreciate it more. Elizabeth is timeless, royal, saintly/biblical, literary, and all around beautiful. There were a handful of other Elizabeths in my grade when I went to school, but I didn't mind, and they all went by their nicknames so it was never confusing. Word of warning, if do you have a particular nickname in mind you'll really have to make it known that that is the nickname you want. My mom hated Liz and insisted that if I were to have a nickname it be Beth, but my friends started calling me Lizzy and it stuck.

NameLover2020 Says:


I LOVE Elizabeth. It's sophisticated, pretty, and cute, all at the same time. It's common, but not in the sense as Emma or Olivia right now--and with all the nicknames, five different Elizabeths can all still have different names. My favorite nicknames are El (pronounced like the letter L), Eliza, and especially Lizzy, but I also think Betsy is really cute for an old lady. I also like Elizabeth as a nickname for another long, elegant, classic name. Margaret Elizabeth / Charlotte Elizabeth sounds really pretty.

Isabella_188 Says:


I met a girl with this name, but spelled Arizbeth!

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


How would you like it on a boy?

Lizzie Says:


Thank you :) (fellow elizabeth here)

Annabvella Says:


This is my middle name and I honestly LOVE IT! It sounds absolutely lovely and gives off very classy vibes, even the nicknames are absolutely ADORABLE. I honestly wish my parents would've given me this as a first name instead.

fearlessfirefly Says:


This name is way too popular for me. I do love Eliza though.

elizabeth0356 Says:


My name's Elizabeth, and I have grown to love it, although I never used to. I think that it is beautiful and timeless, and that it has such a rich history to it. There are some lovely nicknames, too, though personally, I would advise against naming a child Elizabeth just for the nickname. My parents would never call me anything but 'Elizabeth', though personally I prefer being called by a nickname. If it was my choice which nickname, I would be called Lilly, but I've turned into Liz (which I was actually apprehensive about at first because it reminds me of lizard- maybe it was because my brother used to call me that! Love it now though!) Just a friendly note- most people will just call you whatever they feel like! I love my name now, though, and I'm often complimented on it! Simply stunning.

burg123 Says:


There are two Elizabeth's in my grade, it is too popular

mrs_anton_yelchin1990 Says:


I dont hate this name, but I get where you're coming from. I think because it so overused it feels like a "safe" choice. I will say this though, there is at least SOOOOOO many nickname options.

briarblossom Says:


I like it but to me it's more of a middle name now. For a first name it's a little stale . I see it more on grandmothers.

I'm a Banana Says:


Why do people like this so much?

isolemnlysweariamuptodrarry Says:


Elizabeth is one of my middle names and it is really elegant and pretty, the only thing i dislike about it is that one of my really close friends is called Elizabeth and she really doesn't suit any of the nicknames, my other friend tried calling her Betty but she never answered to it, we only really call her Elizabeth and its a bit of a mouthful - i do love it for a middle name tho

Rainbow glitter Says:


someday my daughter might have this name. It royal, beautiful and amazing! It might be common,but that doesn't stop me from using it. I love long,graceful royal names and this name is definitely on my list of top 10 favourites! I LOVE IT!

bettekathleen Says:


I see a lot of people mentioning nicknames here and I feel I should give some advice. My name is Elizabeth and I will warn people that parents don't always get the final say in their child's nickname. You might enjoy calling your child one thing and your child ends up hating it later on. My mom called me Beth (still unfortunately does) from the moment I was born, but I've always hated it and refuse to go by it. She was heartbroken for a while, but this is my name and I should get to choose what I'll be called. Instead I go by Elizabeth or Bette (pronounced like bet, not Betty) and have for many years. Please don't choose this name solely for a nickname you like, because your child might not want to use it in the future. If you like Ellie, call them Ellie. If you like Libby, call them Libby. Children do grow up to have opinions. However if you love the name Elizabeth on it's own then I encourage you to use it. I will say that I am so grateful my mom chose Elizabeth for my name. I really do love it and people compliment me on it frequently. It's elegant and accessible. Plus the associations with royalty is a lovely bonus. ;) Sadly I rarely meet other Elizabeths nowadays.

Sully9 Says:


pretty name. As a middle name it goes with EVERY first and last names. weirdly even for boys names

bordercollie Says:


Elizabeth is one of the most ordinary names I can think of, but personally, I consider it one of the most all around beautiful. Classics are classics for a reason, and names that are popular and have been for a long time are very unlikely to sound dated. Katherine, Jane, Mary, and, of course, Elizabeth, aren't going to go out of style any time soon. The great thing about this name is that no matter how common it is, there are dozens of nickname options that can set an Elizabeth apart. My personal favorites are Liz and Lizzie, but there's also Libby, Bess, Beth, Ellie, Eliza, Betty, etc. It might be popular and it certainly won't turn any heads when used in full or with one of the more common nns, but Elizabeth is a tried and true classic. Plus, it makes me think of Elizabeth Bennet.

zsazsa00 Says:


Not much for the English version of this name but the Hungarian Erzsebet (ER-zhay-bet) is a favorite of mine and I am sad it isn't on the international variants list. It's unique with a great feminine sound, but the name is still full of history. Plus it would be great to start a tradition. My middle name is Zsuzsanna (Susanna/ Susanne) and I loved that it wasn't just Susanna, but a cultural take paying respect/ linking me to my heritage. Like in Hungary they have name days which is (roughly) like a second birthday were you go out celebrating (meeting and sharing in the festivities) with all the others who share your name. Just so much fun having that under my belt! And can't wait to pass it on!

sunshinexoxo Says:


I always thought that Eliza would be a cool nn for Elizabeth.

DymphnaRyd Says:


My oldest is named Elizabeth, we sometimes call her Lizabuffy or Buffy for short

totoro182 Says:


This name reminds me of a girl from school who looks really dopey, but other than that I think it's a classic that you could never go wrong with. I love the nickname Eliza, and prefer that as a full name. It also reminds me of Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth Schuyler from Hamilton :)

Tillie_Jay Says:


I'm a huge Skins fan, so if I ever have a daughter named Elizabeth I'd give her the nickname Effy. I think Effy is just the cutest nickname for Elizabeth.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I really like how classic and dignified this name sounds. It has a lot of historical significance and will never go out of style or sound dated. I am not usually a fan of nicknames, but there are plenty to choose from if you want, and the only Elizabeth I've known always went by the full name. Also works well as a middle name in many cases!

gummybear0724 Says:


Well my name means son of Kenneth, and I'm a chick, so we're two peas in a pod here.

gummybear0724 Says:


Me either. It's sounds a bit, gaudy. And the fact that it's overused doesn't help it.

Beth Says:


It's a perfectly reasonable fear! But as an Elizabeth, I'll assure you no one has ever heard my name and assumed anything about my religion or anything. In fact I'm an atheist and the meaning doesn't bother me at all.

Ender Says:


Emily Elizabeth is one of my favorite name combinations.

Floris Says:


I want to like it. it sounds nice and there are some absolutely lovely nns. But I struggle with the meaning. I feel like I'd take a choice away from my child (and yes, I'm probably being overdramatic)...

Floris Says:


Effie, Lizzie, Lisa, Beth, Betta, Ellie, Lyddie, Izzy, Lisa... There are sooo many nicknames.

Floris Says:


I really like this name. It's beautiful and there are many pretty nn.
But I struggle with the meaning. I don't want to pledge my baby to anything (not even God), that's their decision, not mine. To me it feels a bit like selling my firstborn child to the fairy queen or something... I'm probably being overdramatic, but that's just how I feel.

Yessica Says:



Yessica Says:


So many nicknames!
So many possibilities!


"Elizabeth Marie" sounds nice c:

Essa Says:


Oh how could I forget about Lilibet and Lilibeth!? Love!

Essa Says:


My husband is insisting on a biblical name for our daughter. I've never been a huge fan of Elizabeth and tend to prefer something a little more quirky, either vintage or uncommon. That's when it hit me, the nicknames for Elizabeth are amazing. My favourites are Effy, Betty, Betsy, Bessy and Tibby. He'd get his biblical name and I'd get my quirky, vintage nickname.

Eliz Says:


My name is Elizabeth, and I've always loved my name. I love that it's classic and timeless and sounds respectable but still fun, and there's lots of romantic associations with it. I'm always confused at its apparent popularity though. I've only ever personally met one other Elizabeth in my whole life, and she was way older than me!

A word of wisdom to people choosing this name for their kids: If you really want a less common nickname for the kid, you'll have to stress that early on. I know from experience that most people will just assume it's Liz; most conversations I have while getting to know people start off with "Do you go by Elizabeth or Liz?" My parents never gave me a nickname, and so while I still go by my full name, I also adopted Liz because it was so automatic for most people anyways. If you want your kid to go by one of the many obscure nicknames, you'll have to be adamant in enforcing it.

Lena_Aline Says:


I like the more obscure nicknames, like Elsa, Izzy, Ilse, Lily, etc. Bessie is adorable!

Impwood Says:


This is a wonderful name. Those three syllables that quite rightly make up the most successful name in the English-speaking world pack timeless elegance, a fantastic history, a beautiful meaning, countless namesakes, and yes, an abundance of diminutives. This simple name is fit for a queen -- for several queens -- at the same time as being a name that anybody could wear.
I personally like the name in full, but some of those short forms are irresistible: Betty, Tetty, Bess and Lily are my favourites.

grace147 Says:


I think my favorite nickname for Elizabeth is Beth. It's not used a lot today but I love how it's feminine and vintage feeling.

vintageisfave Says:


Elizabeth is nice, and I agree with Stella Philips. I think the nickname Liddy for a baby/toddler, Lizzie for a child, Eliza or just Liz as a teenager, and Elizabeth for an adult.

scblovesnames Says:


I think that's a great nickname option that I'm glad works in your favor.

scblovesnames Says:


I had only one dream about a name for a girl. This was the name. I like it and I'm going to use it as the first name, not the middle. Eli and Elizabeth. I'll mostly use the full name, but I do love Elsa and Beth. To me there are far worse things in this world then siblings with names that have similar letters. These two names are different in meaning and they really don't sound anything alike unless using the nickname Eliza which I would not use. I'm so tired of loving a name only to have others be so harsh about similarities which in the end are minute. Initials even would make another nickname choice: Em, as her middle will be Marian after my husbands grandmother. That's if we have a girl. This name is simply beautiful, may be far from unique but has enough choices for my future daughter to make her own.

luella_madison Says:


Tell me how you really feel!

Kaylee Says:


What a stupid name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yara Says:


I like the 'Betty' nickname best.

megan_donuts Says:


Well said! That's exactly how I feel about this name.

Eli Says:


My name is Elizabeth, I have always hated every nickname variation. So everyone calls me Eli (E-LIE) Like you would pronounce for a boy named Elijah. It fits me so well. No one expects it and it feels unique.

Zelliew Says:


I like the variants Beth & Elise

Zelliew Says:


I much prefer Elise, too

scblovesnames Says:


I love this name so much. It's not a stretch to the nickname Elsa,Ellie. Though I prefer Beth. I'm using it as a middle name though.

DaisyMaisie Says:


i like and kind of don`t like this name. it is a little boring, but it is pretty too. i think it is one of the best classic names, and like most of the classic names, it has a lot of nicknames you can choose between!

tori101 Says:


This was my beloved Grandmother's name who died last summer. I loved her so much and we had a very special relationship. This name reminds me of her so much and it makes me love the name even more. Elizabeth is a beautiful name, a classic which as Stella Philips has said its a name a person can grow into with the various nicknames

bearcub27 Says:


Lately, I've really been crushing on the name Elizabeth with the nickname Liddy! I love that Liddy is a very uncommon nickname for Elizabeth, but it has a vintage vibe to it, which I love. Libby is cute, too, as is Ellie. Plus, Elizabeth is my saint's name (after St. Elizabeth Ann Seton) so it would be really special to pass that on to a future daughter!

Sirena Clarke Says:


Classic name! Will never go out of style!

indiefendi2 Says:


I've always been utterly bored by this name. It's just "meh... Elizabeth" everywoman. I think Elise is absolutely gorgeous though.

house_of_sweetness Says:


I just love hearing people use names with Biblical significance, and that meaning is beautiful. I think God uses our choice, but he ultimately chooses our names. It sounds like the name was chosen for you. :-)

GuineapigGirl15 Says:


This name is perfect for nick names! You can do Lizzy,Beth,Ellie,Eliza,Bessie,and Liz!

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I think this is such a beautiful name. And I love the nickname options! Lizzy,Beth,Bessie,Ellie,Eliza,Liz or just Elizabeth!

Lizzi Says:


This is my name, but I'm an atheist! so I'm not really "Pledged to God"

dawne3 Says:


Beautiful, classic, many variations; basically about as close to a perfect name as you can get.

ThistleThorn Says:


My favorite nickname is just Liz, it's just so simple, and most Elizabeths in my grade are Ellies or Elizabeths.

kwaverlymills Says:


my sister is Elizabeth. She is now 25 and we have called her Izzy all of her life. We are from the North Carolina and a name like Izzy actually works well in the south. The name really fits her!

ThistleThorn Says:


There are so many nicknames! Ellie, Ella, Elle, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Bet, Beth, Betty, Betsy.... OR Elizabeth in all of its beautiful glory.

MarieLalie Says:


It's one of my favourites and the nicknames possibilities are unlimited! My favourite is Lizbeth. Such a classic beautiful name... Strong, really regal and versatile!

annwithane Says:


I LOVE this name. There really is no name for a female that compares. It has been in the top 25 for over a hundred years. It's biblical AND there have been two long-serving queens with this name. It is also the name of the heroine is so many amazing books. Strong, regal, classy and the nicknames are endless. I can picture a CEO and a baby. If you are searching for a timeless classic this is your best bet.

Caroline Says:



Caroline Says:


One of My all time fave classic names!

Leah3456 Says:


The epitome of classic girl names. I would use the nicknames Liz/Lizzy, Ellie and Beth.

heather75402 Says:


I have always loved this name its so strong and beautiful. And it has so many nicknames. I have it on my list for second daughter.

Evajoy Says:


My 3 little boys are insisting on calling our new baby "Izzy" which is adorable but I am not connecting with any of the usual names it's a nickname for. As the only girl (if we have a girl) I'd like her to have a feminine touch to her name so just Izzy isn't working for me. Elizabeth suddenly struck me as a perfect solution! Beautiful classic and Izzy is a great nickname that is not often used, solving the issue of being in the top 10 (something I never thought I'd do)! Also it means, "God is an oath" and has significance in the Bible with John the Baptists mother being faithful and available at the right time to see God's long awaited promise of Salvation unfold. very timely for our family.

DearestJules Says:


Possibly true, but all classics are like that.

nielseel Says:


I love this name I love that its long for special events that you want the whole name spelled out (wedding invites, baby announcements, what have you) but it has a myriad of other names to call you for ever day. Liza, Ellie, Betsy. All adorable. But whats also nice is you arent stuck with one nn. Usually most names have one or two, but this has so many. It means that if the nn works for a child but not an adult, the wearer can pick her own "identity" if she wants. Plus, 4 syllable yet not a "made up" or "mashed up" name.

jordalini Says:


this name has no imagination, and it is so overdone.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I share that unpopular opinion with you. It's just that Elizabeth is so common, it doesn't appeal to me.

jojobabyberry Says:


Unpopular opinion but I don't like this name at all.

Guest Says:


If this name was unheard of I'd use it in a split second. I prefer Elise, Elisabetta, Elisa, and maybe Eliza or just Beth. Thank God there's SO many variations out there. I was thinking of Lux as a nickname too. (might be a little stretch but it's still cute :P)

jasminegarden Says:



stephanie619 Says:


i named my daughter elizabeth . i felt like it is a good old fashion name.

Addie88 Says:


THE all-time upscale classic, with a plethora of nicknames to choose from if you're not big on the idea of using the full name. I love it, and may consider it, as it is also my own middle name and a favorite of my grandmother.

kitchi1 Says:


The best thing about Elizabeth is all the nicknames your daughter can choose from! My name has NO nicknames, which really, really sucks. I LOVE "Bessie" for a little girl. I also love Eliza.

Elizabeth_Colleen Says:


My name is Elizabeth and I've always wanted a nickname. Unfortunately for me, my parents aren't big on nicknames and they just love Elizabeth. I have a few friends who call me Liz and I am not particularly fond of it although I have less who call me Ellie and I do like that.

Candler Says:


Eliza is my favorite nn it

hazysummerskies Says:


I love the way this name sounds, but I'm not the biggest fan of the way it is written. It has to do with the spacing of the letters. I think it looks unbalanced. However, the name is still very pretty.

Stella Philips Says:


I LOVE that if you name a baby Elizabeth she can have nick-names to suit her personality and individual style at each stage of her life. 'Bessie' is my favorite for a baby/toddler; 'Eliza' for a teenager/young adult; 'Elizabeth' for an adult. So essentially, she 'grows into' her name. So elegant, timeless, beautiful and classic. I've only just come to appreciate how stunning this name really is!

gabbygrace1915 Says:


Adore this name!