Gender: Female Meaning of Eloise: "healthy; wide" Origin of Eloise: French and English variation of Heloise Eloise's Popularity in 2019: #151

Eloise Origin and Meaning

The name Eloise is a girl's name of French, English origin meaning "healthy; wide".

To some, Eloise will forever be the imperious little girl making mischief at the Plaza Hotel, while the original version Heloise recalls the beautiful and learned wife of the French philosopher Peter Abelard, admired for her fidelity and piety.

Along with many other names with the El- beginning and featuring the L sound in any place, Eloise is newly chic. Eloise jumped back onto the popularity list in 2009, possibly thanks in part to the Eloise Hawking character on the popular TV series Lost. Eloise was the name of Jennifer Aniston's character in Love Happens. Denise Richards named one of her daughters Eloise.

Eloise nicknames might include Ellie, Lolly, or Lola. Eloisa is an Italian alternative, adding some vintage charm.

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Rank in US: #151

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Famous People Named Eloise

Pop Culture References for the name Eloise

Elouise, Aloysia, Heloise, Eloisia, Elois, Elouisa

Eloise's International Variations

Eloisa, Ilsa, Elsita (Spanish)


namelymo Says:


My favorite thing about this name is how many great nicknames there are for it! El, Ellie, Lo, Lou, Lulu, Weezey - I think it's really to fun to have such a beautiful, classic name with fun nicknames that can go along with it.

sarahb1 Says:


Our 5 year old is named Eloise May after her nana Lois May. We planned on calling her Ellie May but it just never stuck. Now everyone calls her Eloise and her family calls her Elle-Belle, Wheezy, and any made up sound with an "El" attached to the beginning. She's tiny for her age but definitely in charge of her soon-to-be three younger siblings who are catching up to her fast! I imagined a spunky, smart, adventurous girl with this name, and that's exactly who she is!

HarrietKimberleyG Says:


Eloise-Lana is such a precious match.

aspiring author Says:


This is probably my favorite name! Despite the fact I'm not a gigantic fan of Louise, I love, love, love, Eloise. I also really like the nicknames "Ellie" and "Elle" for this name. Probably my first choice for anything.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Eloise is such a beautiful name. It is so beautifully French, with just enough flair to make it "Trendy". I think that Eloise and Imogen would make sweet name for sisters.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


Eloise is a name that just makes you smile when you say it

Daiseymae Says:


Not my style.

Eva Says:


We named my little one Eloise in Feb after her great great grandmother Eloise who just turned 100 this year! Eloise senior is still sharp as a tack and feisty as ever! She had gone by Eloise her whole life and I hope my little one will as well! I am not a fan of the name Ellie at all. Eloise is very strong and determined, just like her amazing great great grandmother. I can't imagine naming her anything different! We only get compliments on the name.

snae10 Says:


I have an Eloise and we only ever hear how beautiful and unique it is! We did not share it before she was born though and I think people do tend to have a nicer response to a name that is already attached to a sweet little face :) We are often asked if we call her Ellie but we don't and never will unless she requested it some day. We all call her Lulu and I call her Bells (shortened down from calling her Elle Belle for a bit) sometimes but we won't ever stop calling her Eloise because we plan to send her to Kindergarten as Eloise. It suits her so well and it's too lovely not to :)

Marce Says:


My daughter is 11 days old and we named her Eloise. We did not share her name before birth. So far we have only gotten positive comments. This was the only name I could imagine using. I think it is a timeless name. We plan on mostly calling her Eloise, but may occasionally use a nickname.

Angela Says:


I love this name but most people I share it with think it is hideous??? I don't understand why they hate it so much. Also more men hate it than women. The other thing is everyone says oh you could call her Elle or Ella ! Or Ellie. I hate all those shorts. Anyone have exoeriance with naming their child Eloise and actually having her addressed by the full name?

Angela Says:


Wow I loved this name until I shared it with others who said they hate it : ( The others who like it say things like love it you can all her Elle or Eliie etc. Wanted to call her Eloise only. Anybody else getting this feedback?

Kate_Kat_Bar Says:


I used to name a good deal of my toys Eloise as a little girl, my grandma thought it was precious. Apparently I had good taste in names. :)

IsolationHedge Says:


I'm not really a fan of this name. It sounds really disgusting to say, and it seems to be quite common at my high school.

Giinkies Says:


I've loved this name since I've watched the TV movies.

scblovesnames Says:


I'm starting to adore Eloise. Ellie as a nickname though, no. I love this name too much for a nickname plus my son is Eli.

SimoneKadele Says:


I love this name!

headintheclouds Says:


Eloise is a beautiful name, but not for me. It seems an eternally little-girl name to me, thanks to Eloise from the children's books- I can't see an older woman named Eloise at all. It also sounds kind of overly-fussy and spoilt to me. That may change if I meet an older and very sweet Eloise, I don't know. I much prefer Louisa though.

ThistleThorn Says:


I think I prefer Louise.

thythy Says:


Such a beautiful name!

lesliemarion Says:


I always think of vintage Nancy Drew's independent New York City Aunt Eloise.

Alohamlin Says:


My baby girls name! I spell it Elouise though, after Louise which means warrior, not "healthy/wide" like this more common other spelling. I suspect that are actually different names in fact, whose pronunciation are nearly identical. Our daughter is pronounced "El-o-weeze" but I hear people pronounce Eloise as "el-o-weese" quite often. That being said, I actually find having an alternative spelling much more annoying that I thought I would during pregnancy. Elouise is a common spelling in Hawaii (phonetic) and is also a family name, but most people think of the naughty girl at the plaza hotel. Just giving food for thought of you are considering this name. Middle name? sunshine : )

carahennessy Says:


The name of my precious daughter!

Sweekune Says:


Seriously being considered as a name for a future daughter. Has elements of Louise which I love and cute nickname Ellie.

strawberrydino Says:


I really started liking this name due to Black Butler then realized his name was Alois not Eloise lol anyways I still like it and think it would be cute name on a person.

Kateyjn Says:


Eloise is my all-time favorite girl name. I'm sad it's getting popular. :(

Joanne Minor Havran Says:


Weezy can also be a nickname for Eloise.

CocoWhite Says:


Sounds kind of prissy to me. I prefer Heloise.

Sorceress Says:


I prefer Heloise, but this is nice too.