Gender: Male Meaning of Liam: "resolute protection" Origin of Liam: Irish short form of William Liam's Popularity in 2018: #1

Liam Origin and Meaning

The name Liam is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "resolute protection".

Liam originated as a nickname for Uilliam, the Irish variation of William. William is an English name from Germanic roots that was brought to Ireland when the British fled England following the Norman Conquest. The Irish began using English names, including William, which led to the development of Uilliam and its short form, Liam.

Liam is the top US boy name for 2018, joining the elite group of names to top the list. Liam began as a short form of William, but has long stood on its own and for several years now has been one of the most popular baby names for boys. It is now the fastest-rising Irish names in the US, breaking into the Top 10 for the first time ever in 2012, and before climbing to Number 1, held the Number 2 spot for four years in a row.

Irish-born actor Liam Neeson was instrumental in driving Liam up the charts, as was, to a lesser degree, former Oasis member Liam (born William) Gallagher, and, more recently, One Direction member Liam Payne . Celebrities who have chosen Liam for their sons include Tori Spelling, Calista Flockhart, Rod Stewart, Kevin Costner and Craig Ferguson.

Internationally, Liam is enjoying great popularity not only in the U.S. and Ireland, but in Sweden.

Jaunty and richly textured, Liam holds solidly to the title of most popular of the boys' names starting with L.

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Pop Culture References for the name Liam

Lyam, Lliam, Liem


ParanoidAndroid Says:


A quasi-cute, but annoyingly overrated/popular diminutive of the other overly used William. If you want to make your child stand out but don’t like William, maybe choose Liam in lieu of Will/Willy/Willie and Billy/Billie. Or just don’t name your child the most overrated, overly popular, indistinguishable name on the planet. Because this name will fade away soon. I’m sure Liam will be the next Donald, Albert, etc.- or names once popular in a generation that’ll surely decline in the generation proceeding it.

candycorn Says:


17 years ago I named my son Liam, it was not such a popular name then, now it is one of the most popular names. Maybe finally people will pronounce it correctly. So many say LIE-UM or LIMB.

richardkr34 Says:


Super popular but I get it. It's a great sounding name.

rayleemarie Says:


Liam and Brendon would of been my twin and I's names if we were males. I hope that I would of been Liam they're both nice namea but, despite it's popularity I've only met one Liam my age but, Brendon is extremely popular

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Tori Spelling's son is also Liam Aaron.

richardkr34 Says:


I have two cousins who named their boys Liam within two years of each other so nah

Mei Kihara Says:


A lot of people like Liam better than William.

Mei Kihara Says:


Funny, I can't imagine a mean one.

Alaina Says:


Liam Justice

Alaina Says:


Liam is such a cute name! This should have been a nickname for my cousin! But he chose to be Will.

funnybunny771 Says:


This is the Irish version of William! When my cousin was called it it wasn't that common here, but he's 19 now and it's really popular. However, it's always been quite popular in Ireland where he lives. His middle name is Thomas :)

paulapuddephatt Says:


I adore this name. It's one of my favourites.

Ziggy2112 Says:


Interesting that a diminutive made it to the top 5.

Toya B Says:


wow - can't believe I never noticed Liam was a short form of William, I always thought it was a completely different name!

Debora O'Farrill Says:


I have had this name picked out since the 1990's for my son. It would have been my daughters name in 2004 had she been a boy and now it's my son's name and he was born in 2007. Can't believe it's so trendy now!

hermioneameliastyles Says:


There are many Liam's on TV and several famous Liam's such as Liam Payne, Liam Hemsworth, and Liam Neeson. I love the name, but I don't know if I would use it.

Lisa215 Says:


I'm so in love with the name Liam! Named my son Liam Aaron, and I've received so many compliments for it! :)

Bob Bourke Says:


when my Liam was 2 ...the kids would come with me to the office on the weekends and run around the cubicles with his sister Amelia ..they are now referred to jointly as AmeLiam (name combination was by coincidence and discovered MUCH later)....They are now 22 and 19 years old. and both employed in their own offices while going to / r graduated from college as well...)

Nathan Says:


liam henderson sucks bad.

Hallie Says:


Like the name but it's way too popular I would never use it on my own child but because I like it so much I might consider naming him William but calling him Liam because William isnt quite as popular as Liam.

Rush1986 Says:


point taken. There are 3 adults i work with, who have children all under the age of 5 named Liam.

ho_hey Says:


Sounds really cute :)

babymagic Says:


Those are some young office workers ;)

Rush1986 Says:


In my little 10 person office, there are 3 little boys under the age of 5 with the name Liam. Its super popular even though i completely understand the appeal.

Leah3456 Says:


This is a sweet, charming name for a little boy.

indiefendi2 Says:


My mom adores this but I have a thing about popularity. I would definitely use it but if it's this popular when I actually do have a boy then no. But Liam goes perfectly with all the names that I like so that's a plus!!!! 😍

Addie88 Says:


I didn't use to like this name, but it's growing on me. Points are taken away for it being a top 10 name and EXTREMELY popular in my area, but it wouldn't be a bad name to consider.

jordalini Says:


I really like this name, but the only Liam I know is a pompous and arrogant. A family friend just named on of her babies Liam, so let's see if he can change my opinion.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Fair enough

AnonymousPerson Says:


I don't know. Maybe because it's simply because I haven't met any nice Liams. I always imagine one to be lazy, selfish, and weak-natured for some reason.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Why not? A family friend of mine is called Liam, he's pretty nice.

AnonymousPerson Says:


Ihk. I can't imagine a nice person with this name at all.

DearestJules Says:


What about Liam Hemsworth? He's pretty manly.

TheClockworkPrincess Says:


My cousin's name is William and he goes by Liam. It fits him perfectly. I think this name is very cute, but for some reason I can't imagine a grown man with this name. It just sounds too cute. (My cousin is 9 years old)

jasminegarden Says:


Liam Payne made me love this name, it's one of my favourites :)

Addie88 Says:


I haven't always liked this name, but now I'm coming around to believing it's OK. I wouldn't use it, personally. It is just too popular and there are so many other great choices for Irish names if that's what you want.

booknerdhere Says:


I know wonderful family with a Liam. Its not William either, just Liam. He's a wonderful young boy, and has a sister and three brothers, with another sister on the way.

Guest Says:


I first heard this name in 2004 when I was a kid, I saw it in a magazine and thought it was so weird. I was like "what is a Liam?" I normally would never go for a name this popular but I've come around to love it.

SoDallas3 Says:


I really like Liam, both on it's own and as a nickname for William, it's quite handsome.

chlardmarham Says:


I like it. Only problem is I know a Liam who is a complete JERK. Otherwise I think it's a really cool name.