Gender: Female Meaning of Zelda: "gray fighting maid" Origin of Zelda: Diminutive of Griselda Zelda's Popularity in 2018: #667

Zelda Origin and Meaning

The name Zelda is a girl's name of German origin meaning "gray fighting maid".

Classified as an early exotic, Zelda has long and often been used as such for characters in books and films. Since 1986, Zelda has been a prime Nintendo name, as in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Zelda was in baby name limbo for a number of years, but it's making a comeback with the interest in Z (and X) names. It was one of the fastest-rising girls’ names of 2015, when it entered the Top 1000 for the first time in nearly 50 years.

For many, there will always be a strong association to Scott Fitzgerald's tortured wife, herself a writer and a symbol of the 1920's Jazz Age--also the subject of a recent novel-turned-television show. Trivia tidbit: Marilyn Monroe was known to sometimes use the pseudonym Zelda Zonk.

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Pop Culture References for the name Zelda

Zellda, Zelde, Selda


spilledink Says:


This isn't just a diminutive of Griselda. It's also the feminine form of the Yiddish/German name Selig, and means "blessed".

Holly Says:


My daughter was born in 2006 and her name Is Zelda. Why does it have to become popular due to Famous actor passing away with a daughter named Zelda? Anyway, be original and come up with a name without researching as I did. My child is unquie and one of a kind! Her name has become popular in 2014.... atleast she was named Zelda before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon together :)

Never care what others think and like.
Be authentic, be true to yourself.

tracyseymour1 Says:


Elaine is a pretty name. Flows nicely with Zelda.

tracyseymour1 Says:


Very cool. :) I love the name Zelda because I'm a fan of Robin Williams, and his daughter's name is Zelda. Zelda is an actress as well.

tracyseymour1 Says:


I'm 47 right now, so I will probably need some fertility help.

tracyseymour1 Says:


Unfortunately, my husband Adam passed away before we could have a baby. He died on March 3, 2016. However, I am in a serious relationship with a friend of Adam's named Steve. Steve would like to have a child, as we are both childless. He likes the name Zelda as well.

Taylor Dixon Says:


I'm due in 2 weeks, I'm naming my daughter Zelda, I thought it was super cool and unique. I love the games so that part doesn't bother me. My middle name choice was Lynn because it was my mother she middle name👶🏼☺️

Daiseymae Says:


Cute and uncommon.

Kat Says:


I used zelda as a middle name.. her name is Rebecca Zelda..

Daiseymae Says:


It is a cute name.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I like this as a nickname for the glamorous Esmeralda or just on its own it is beautiful

Poppy84 Says:


I'm so happy we went for it - we get so many compliments. Not as many references to the game as I thought, either.
My grandma loves it! She had a school friend called Zelda (she's 89).
Our son calls her Zeldie, which I didn't think I'd like, but it's lovely that he has his own nickname for her, and it's a bit cute coming from a 4yo.
Funnily, there is another Zelda at her daycare! It's a large centre, but the double up has surprised even the educators.

Jo Jo Says:


My husband and I are considering Zelda if baby #3 is a girl. It's great to know feedback of parents of little Zelda's :)

hufflepuff Says:


So cool to see other Zeldas!

hufflepuff Says:


Congratulations! Zelda Astrid is a stunning combo!!! <3

Poppy84 Says:


We did! Thank you. Zelda Astrid is 6 months now. It suits her beautifully and we receive a lot of compliments.
We didn't end up using Iris as another extended family member named her daughter Iris just before Z was born. Astrid has meaning to us too though.

autumnreverie Says:


It means "blessed, happy" and "grey battle.'' Quit adding meanings to the name that don't exist.

EW314 Says:


I absolutely love this name! Definitely a strong contender for a daughter. I'm glad to see some have already gone for it!

Stephanie Calhoun Says:


I have a daughter Zelda, 7 months old and her middle name is Elaine. I did strongly consider Rose. Elaine is a family name though, so it had to happen.

hufflepuff Says:


Thank you so much! @Poppy84, I hope you had a baby Zelda & are doing well!

tracyseymour1 Says:


Bathsheba... That name is wrong on so many levels. I know that it's a Biblical name, but the Bible is full of more user-friendly names than this one. It was the name of the character in that movie "Far From The Madding Crowd."

tracyseymour1 Says:


I love this name more and more every day... It rocks. :D

tracyseymour1 Says:


Hi! Iris is a great middle name... It's also a beautiful flower. I like it because it's short, easy to say, and to spell. Flows very nicely with Zelda!

Poppy84 Says:


Ooh! Zelda is the frontrunner name for our little girl (due in 13 weeks) - Iris is one of our middle name contenders too (though our reasoning is that she will be a "rainbow baby").

hufflepuff Says:


Thank you!! I'm editing this comment to remove her middle name for privacy reasons. But some ideas for you would be Rose, Lily, Blythe, Emerald, Lorelei. Beth is actually quite amazing with Zelda too!

tracyseymour1 Says:


Congratulations on your baby! :) You have made a great choice! I absolutely love this name! What is Zelda's middle name? Zelda is such a strong name that it's kind of hard (IMO) to find a suitable middle name. My middle name is Beth (after my Mom), but I don't know if I would use Beth as a middle name. Any suggestions? Again, congratulations on your little Zelda! :)

hufflepuff Says:


A year and a half later, I'm back! I named my 2014 baby Zelda and couldn't be happier with the name. No one really makes video game comments but everyone says things like "that's an awesome name" and "that's a strong name" and "my grandmother was named that!" Looks like there has been lots of activity and interest in the name Zelda, too! It just goes to show that if you really like a name, don't let the description or comments on this website deter you. ;) Other Z names I like or considered were Zinnia, Zosia, Azalea, and Azure. Good luck!

tracyseymour1 Says:


Thank you for your comment... I agree 100%. :)

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Chances are, with the game franchise being so well known; roughly 8 out of 10 people would expect a girl named Zelda to have been named after the character. In fact, I can already hear the “Zelda? Oh, like the games!” remarks that would be sure to come, and I don’t particularly want that. Especially since I myself have never played the games and don’t find the connection to be particularly classy.

But, what other choice do I have? Zelda is a beautiful name that is strong and sophisticated and stunning. It’s not even partially popular, it has a very powerful history to it and it’s probably a bit more realistic than its original form, Griselda – which is an awesome name but a bit too heavy for my current tastes.

I suppose that, given time and with a little usage, people would come to see Zelda as more of a girl name and less of a game character. :)

headintheclouds Says:


Zelda is such a badass sounding name, and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I know nothing about the Legend of Zelda and I'm not a video-game person, so I'm not sure how I feel about the name being so tied to that association. But I associate it with Zelda Fitzgerald, and it just has a jazzy vintage gorgeous vibe.

A Zelda in my mind is a classy lovely person who is also sassy, strong and accomplished, someone who is elegant and refined with the capability of kicking butt and taking names. And isn't that all qualities you want your daughter to have?

+ amazing, the difference Zelda has from Griselda! Awesomeness, VS. not usable, in vein with Bathsheba, Hildegarde, Olga...

Poppy84 Says:


My husband is pretty keen to name a daughter Zelda. He's a big fan of the video games, so the connection doesn't bother us (Zelda's Lullaby played at our wedding).
I like it because it's a name with history and has a jazzy feel to it.

PineWarrior Says:


This name appeals to me, but I'd be too afraid to use it because everyone would tell me it's because of the video games (which I don't even play, but still)

Tracy Frye Seymour Says:


My absolute favorite girl's name. My daughter will be named this.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I hate this name, so it's ironic that it's part of the title in all my favorite video games

hufflepuff Says:


Actually, Zelda is a shortened form of the German "Griselda," which means gray maiden (I've also heard battle maiden or dark battle). It was the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife and is also the name of Robin Williams' daughter. Nameberry's original description was a total dis of Zelda (in 2009 it was something along the lines of, "whatever you do, do NOT name your daughter this") so it's interesting that they have edited their information and given the name some cred. I absolutely love this name. It is bold and daring yet simple to say and spell. Yes, you will be associated with the video game so just be prepared for that. But not everyone thinks it's a bad thing!