Celebrity Names

Celebrity names and celebrity baby names undeniably influence larger name trends. Celebrities and celebrity babies can popularize their unique names. And character names like Arya and Kylo inspire popular baby names. If you're looking for baby names from the world of celebrities and pop culture, this is your starting point.

Newest Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity baby names are catalogued here, along with their birthdates and parents’ names. Included here are the names of the children of actors, athletes, royals, in the US and beyond.

  • Mon Jun 03 2024Brother László born to Mia & Darren Criss
  • Fri May 24 2024ELVIS born to Trisha Paytas & Moses Hacmon
  • Thu May 23 2024Mirabella May born to Audrey & Jeremy Roloff
  • Tue May 21 2024Piper Rae born to Linda Phan & Drew Scott
  • Tue May 21 2024Hartt Summitt born to Candace Parker & Anna Petrakova
  • Mon May 20 2024Eloise Samantha born to Sofia Richie & Elliot Grange

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Celebrity Baby Names A-Z

Search celebrity baby names here going back more than a decade. It can be searched either by first letter of the celebrity baby’s name or by birth year. Find all our search by letter tools on the Baby Names A-Z page.

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Celebrity Girl Names

celebrity girl names

Recent choices in celebrity girl names come from all across the style map. Feminine imports such as Milou and Ines mingle with mythological choices like Lyra and Jupiter, along with new coinages Kulture and Banks.

Here, some of the latest, greatest names stars have chosen for their daughters.

Celebrity Boy Names

celebrity boy names

Celebrity baby boy names have proven especially influential in recent years. Starbabies called Saint and Onyx and Rhodes have attracted a lot of attention toward their names, putting them on many a parent's shortlist. Other names we expect to have a similar effect: Ever, Win, and Cosmo (yes, Cosmo).

Unique Celebrity Baby Names

unique celebrity baby names

Unique celebrity baby names are a dime a dozen — or so it seems. Unexpected, bizarre celebrity names get more attention than Top 500 choices. It's why we still remember Apple all these years later, but not so much her brother, Moses.

Below, a selection of the most recent one-of-a-kind celebrity names.

Celebrity Baby Name Lists

Fameberry 1

Celebrity names — the names of actors, artists, musicians, athletes, and world figures who are influencing baby names — are collected here in lists, along with different categories of celebrity baby names.

Weird Celebrity Baby Names

weird celebrity baby names

Weird celebrity baby names have been around almost as long as celebrities themselves. From Dweezil to Moxie Crimefighter to Zillion Heir, here are the weirdest celebrity baby names of recent years.

They Named Their Baby What?!?

space baby names

Dish celebrity baby names with your fellow berries on our forum devoted to the names of the rich and famous.