Gender: Female Meaning of Rose: "rose, a flower" Origin of Rose: Latin Rose's Popularity in 2019: #115

Rose Origin and Meaning

The name Rose is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "rose, a flower".

Rose is derived from the Latin rosa, which referred to the flower. There is also evidence to suggest it was a Norman variation of the Germanic name Hrodohaidis, meaning “famous type.” In Old English it was translated as Roese and Rohese.

Rose, one of the old-time sweet-smelling flower names, has had a remarkable revival—first of all as a middle name—with parents (e.g., Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck, Jon Stewart, Eric Clapton, Ewan McGregor) finding Rose to be the perfect connective, with more color and charm than old standbys like Sue and Ann. At this point in time, though, some parents are finding there are too many roses in the middle spot of the garden.

As a first name, Rose reached its highest point from 1896 to 1921, the early heyday of flower names, when it was in the Top 20, though it had been in use for centuries before. Rosy/Rosie is an irresistibly cheery nickname. There are any number of Rose offshoots, including Rosa, Rosetta, Roseanne, Rosanna, Rosemary, Rosamund, Rosalind, Rosalie, and Rosetta.

Rose and Rosie have long been celebrated in song, and notable Roses range from Rose Kennedy to Rose Byrne, and on-screen Roses have featured in a range of films and TV shows, from Titanic to Harry Potter to Golden Girls.

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Famous People Named Rose

Pop Culture References for the name Rose

Rosie, Rozy, Rosey, Rosy

Rose's International Variations

Rosetta, Rosana, Rosina, Rosa, Roseta (Italian) Arrosa (Basque) Ruzha, Ruza (Russian) Roísín, Roís (Irish Gaelic) Roza (Yiddish) Rozycka, Rozalia, Rasine (Polish) Rosine, Rosette, (French)


BeMyHuckelberry Says:


I named my little girl Rose and we absolutely love it. We get so many compliments and a friend used it for her babe. It’s refreshing to hear it as a first name and there aren’t other Rose’s her age. My Rose is a beauty too (like a young Natalie Portman) so it’s a well fitting name.

ivy194 Says:


It's... alright. It's common, as a first and a middle.

ivy194 Says:


It's pretty, overused as a filler, but... I've just known so many it seems a little boring to me, sorry.

winterdragon04 Says:


Such a beautiful name, especially as a middle. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of super common names, but Rose is lovely.

amj Says:


Would love to use this as a first name. Have only known one ‘Rose’ my whole life!

Lunessence Says:


3-syllable middle names work well with Rose.

Lunessence Says:


I recently had a daughter and used Rose for her first name. I've actually never met another Rose in person before; Rose as a middle name, yes, but not as a first. So while there may be 15 girls in my daughter's kindergarten class with the middle name of Rose, I'm willing to bet she'll be the only one with Rose as a first name.

Rose as a first name pairs really well with a middle name that has at least 3-syllables.

Piteco Says:


Classic and timeless. I can imagine a baby, a young woman and an old lady named Rose. It's cute as a middle name, but it's much more AMAZING and UNIQUE as FIRST NAME imo.

Rosie2525 Says:


I love my name. :) ❤

Daiseymae Says:


Perfect name of all time.

RoseGoldHeart Says:


That is so cute!

Mhill46 Says:


I think this is beautiful and refreshing as a first name. Overdone as a middle,

LRC1980 Says:


This is my middle-name and i hate it. Sounds like an old lady in a nursing home name to me. It's always embarrassed me. But it's nice to see some people like it

JesusLovesYou Says:


I absolutely love this name as a first or middle. I think it would be stunning as a middle name race Graclyn!

paulapuddephatt Says:


I agree. The same is happening with Hope. They will end up being like Jane, Anne, Mary, Marie, Louise, etc, and John for boys...

paulapuddephatt Says:


In some ways, this is still the most beautiful rose name, however much I come to love the various versions - but how do you prevent the Rosie nickname from taking over - same as with the variants? I don't hate it, but...Guess that is why it ends up as the middle name in too many cases.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


It's funny how everyone is saying rose is overdone as a middle because the only time I have heard it as a middle name is when I called my doll Isabelle Rose when I was a little girl. I have only met girls called rose as their first name and I do know someone called rosanna but apart from that, that's it. I do think rose is a pretty name.

jaz.fortune Says:


I like this as a first name. Rose just seems hard to find a middle name to me. I would consider it as a sibling name to Ophelia Belle. Rose and Ophelia seems really cute for sisters.

cookiedoughmonster Says:


Our daughter's middle name, after her great-grandmother Rosetta. :)

lissrose30 Says:


This is my middle name and I love it.

snowsbeloved Says:


Or Ann(e) or Marie or Nicole or Lynn.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love Rose as a first, since it's SOOOOO overused as a middle.

georgiaO Says:


Love this name. Classic and not too popular. Lily goes well with it, and all other flower names, of course!

headintheclouds Says:


Rose is just the perfect classic name! It's lovely with the botanical floral nature theme going on, feminine and pretty and strong and smart and sassy, short and sweet without being overly elaborate, and packs a lot of personality and impact into that one syllable.

What I find a shame is that Rose is being SO. SO. overused as a middle name. I must know of at least ten to twenty little Miss Rose-Middle-Names- Sophia Rose, Madelyn Rose, Madison Rose, Olivia Rose, you name it- and if it's not Rose, it's the equally lovely and sadly overused Grace. I would love to see Rose used more as a first name- it definitely deserves the first-name center stage, and it's so much more refreshing in that spot!

ashbee Says:


Those are all middles except Rose Dorothy. It sounds fresh as a first name!

ZPK Says:


Classic and beautiful, this is my favorite flower name

TheHumanCanvas Says:


Awww :D

LulusMom Says:


My 2nd daughter is a Rose...we call her Rosebud.

dawne3 Says:


Beautiful name; I wish it was used more as a first name.

Caroline Says:


Pretty name, but its too commonly used already, especially in Hollywood!! Alena Rose, Arabella Rose, Rose Dorothy, Matilda Rose, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, River Rose and so many more!!

lexibatt Says:


Ive always been in love with this name. I also like Rosie.

Persea Says:


My elementary school teacher was Rose so it is a name that I would always like. Good memories. :) I like it better as first name rather than middle.

Guest Says:


Scarlett Johansson just named her daughter this, I think that's sweet. Scarlett and Rose Dorothy😍

Normally I don't even like the name Dorothy but it's cute on Scarlett's baby.

HollyMaxSpencer Says:


My middle name...

jasminegarden Says:


I've always loved the name Rose (apart from anything it's my sister's middle name) and parents choose it for their daughter's middle names because it compliments so many different names, it's a lovely finishing touch. But it's so common now it's almost a joke, same as Anne or Louise as middle names. I would love to have a daughter named Blaine Rose, but I would love even more to use Rose as a first name, to honour Rose McGowan, one of my favourite actresses ever, I think it's much classier and mature as a first name now it's overdone in the middle.

jan11th Says:


Way too common as a middle name. Definitely lost its touch and meaning because of that. Also the name "May" used as a middle name.

Addie88 Says:


A perfect name, for either the first or middle position.

kitchi1 Says:


I agree, Rose is classic and pretty. I love Rosamund, Roselyn, and most of all, Rosemary. However, I have heard 'Rose' so much my head hurts. I have a ferret named Rosamund who is called both Rosie and Rose, and we used to foster a dog named Tara Rose. On top of that, my sister was named Rose. There are many dogs named Rose or Tara Rose that comes to our kennel, too. And that was just in the past year...

Allypallysmith Says:


Love this as a first name. Classic and beautiful. Will never go out of style

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I think this is a pretty name that should be seen more as a first rather than a middle.

CocoWhite Says:


I like the simplicity of this name. It's pretty and to the point, not overdone like many of its variants (Rosalie, Rosalinda, Rosalynn...).