Gender: Male Meaning of Asher: "fortunate, blessed, happy one" Origin of Asher: Hebrew Asher's Popularity in 2018: #47

Asher Origin and Meaning

The name Asher is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "fortunate, blessed, happy one".

In the Bible, Asher was one of Jacob's twelve sons who gave their names to the tribes of Israel. Asher is derived from the Hebrew word osher, which means “happiness.” Rabbinical scholars claim that the Asherites lived up to this meaning, as they had the most oil, wisdom, and male children compared to the other tribes.

Asher—an excellent, soft and sensitive Old Testament choice—is a baby boy name on the rise, and is a Nameberry biblical favorite. Asher's ascent is especially amazing given that it took a hundred-year hiatus from the Top 1000, from the 1890s until reappearing in the 1990s. Asher has been in the US Top 100 for several years now.

Asher has been chosen for their sons by TV newswoman Campbell Brown and actress Embeth Davidtz. Its image was somewhat rejuvenated by an appearance as a character on Gossip Girl, and the rapper Asher Roth.

The novel My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok is the story of a New York Hasidic Jewish boy with artistic aspirations.

Oh—and another plus for Asher: the handsome diminutive Ash.

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Pop Culture References for the name Asher

Ash, Ashor, Ashur, Asser, Osher


ParanoidAndroid Says:


Asher is an easy-going, gentle Biblical name that is gaining unparalleled preponderance over other popular Biblical names. However, expect this name to be used ad-nauseam for the next decade or so. Soon Asher will replace the overused Noahs and Levis and the cycle shall continue until Asher is replaced by another once-popular Biblical name. (I'm predicting Ephraim to be the next big thing). Nice name, but for those who want something unique and vintage, Asher is going to be grossly overused until its desistance.

Selkit Says:


I really like this. I would 100% use it for a girl.

Selkit Says:


Breaking news: it's okay to like popular things. Don't be a hipster.

TechnoKitten Says:


cute but i prefer Ashton

Llamahat Says:


We named our son Asher and love it as well as the nickname Ash. For some reason the baby boomer crowd seemed to dislike it, but it is becoming popular is I think is very handsome sounding.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Don't know what's with giving a girl a boys' name. It's never made sense to me, so many beautiful girl names out there without anyone growing up confused.

Carolinekalmes Says:


I have loved this name since I read "my name is Asher lev" almost 13 years ago. One of the boys I used to nanny is named Asher though, and he had four others in his class this year, so that unfortunately makes me not wanna use it. One day when I have kids, I do like "Lev" for a middle name though! It means "heart" in Hebrew.

Blinkonekatietwo Says:


Asher is my mother's maiden name. I love the name, but I fear that if I were to have a little Asher someday, it would just be seen as trendy. It carries personal connotations for me, so I deeply resent how popular it is.

paulapuddephatt Says:


A nice name, and a good way to get Ash as a nickname, now that Ashley has become an almost exclusively female name.

stella2007 Says:


Love the sibling name combo you chose!

stella2007 Says:


In Europe I've come across the Ascher spelling, I love it! Either way I love Ascher and Asher.

jaz.fortune Says:


I love this name, I don't care about the popularity lol very handsome

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I have never met an Asher. Nore have I met an Ava, Eva, Evelyn, Sophia, George . XD Where I come from, I swear we all have unique girls names, but most people go for the popular boys names.

lissrose30 Says:


This is my favourite boys name!

homie.naomi Says:


I wish we had spelled it that way! Our son is named Asher and has his father's last name but my last name is Scher so if we had spelled it Ascher he would have been A Scher badum ching. But we thought it might just confuse people and chickened out and spelled it Asher.

headintheclouds Says:


It's the best Ash- name in my opinion, compared to Ashton, Ashley. Asher's meaning is wonderful, and I would choose this name for a son based on the meaning alone. But Asher's also a nice peppy and springy name, with an appealing -er ending, two-syllable just-right length, awesome nickname Ash and also strong roots and history.

All in all Asher's a hits-all-the-checkpoints kind of name. I personally like it but wouldn't use it for my own (hypothetical) kid. I've seen this name a lot these past few years (granted I am in church circles) and I feel it's going to become even more popular than it currently is.

Chloe14 Says:


Asher is a very interesting name! I don't know anyone who is named this, but I still love it.

fightyoctopus Says:


Yeahhhh I have an Asher, and when he was in the NICU there was one who had been discharged earlier that day... And our nurse the first night had a son named Asher... And the next nurse over had one as a grandson too! Also on six months since then we've met several others. Like this said it's a recent spike but a big one.

And I'm biased but I can see why! We had the hardest time finding a boys name to agree on that also was easy to say and spell, no nicknames we didn't like, and had a nice meaning.

CatherineAnn Says:


Absolutely adore this name.

clairelaliberte Says:


Love "Asher," for a girl or guy, and Ash is such a great nickname. So what if it's popular??

indiefendi2 Says:


that's the German spelling, more distinctive.

Chimaera88 Says:


We picked this for our son and spelled it Ascher, which we both felt made it look stronger. It was only after we picked it that we saw it was predicted to become one of the fastest rising names of the next couple years. *facepalm* It was too late by then and we still love it now.

KnightWolf Says:


Hmmm well I haven't met any of the new generations with this name yet because it really was/is quite rare. It's my middle name and would have never thought it would actually be "popular" especially since not many people even know where the word comes from. Plus I like having different or unique names :) 1999 P.S. Not trying to sound hipster.

Twinmommy Says:


Love this name

Leah3456 Says:


I like the name with the nickname Ash.

Chris Zenner Says:


Mmmmm, my Son??????????????????

dandle78 Says:


I named my little girl Asher Rilynn and people are always saying how they love her name :)

dandle78 Says:


I named my daughter Asher :)

Heather Mask Says:


Our oldest is named Asher (and our youngest is Ezra). I had never heard it before, but we moved a year ago and have since met three boys named Asher. We picked it for the meaning: blessing.

tfzolghadr Says:


It's a traditional name with a cool, strong, modern vibe. Let's be honest... it's popular for a reason.

Alicia1 Says:


I can see why this name is so popular. I have always liked Ashton for a boy until Ashton Kutcher ruined that for me! Asher seemed like a way to get around that, then I checked NB and saw how popular this name has become. Still a great name!

Smackity Says:


There are three Ashers in my smallish town. Two were in my son's baby gym class.

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


4 real who do u know whose named asher in real life i dont know knowone named asher ?????????????????

LadyVanRaven Says:


What is with the ???

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


o yeah definitly

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:



Shishi Says:


Why does it have to be popular!?

Guest Says:


When I was younger I thought this would be so edgy for a girl lol. I still do

Shishi Says:


I actually love this and would consider naming someone that! It might be kinda cool on a girl....I mean like Ashley is a girl name....

winter128 Says:


"One who ashes."

TamGal Says:


I love love love this name, and adore the shortened Ash. All I need to do is talk hubby around if we are to have another boy

LadyVanRaven Says:


Usually I don't like very popular names but I can't help but love this one.