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Gender: Female Meaning of Christina: "a Christian" Origin of Christina: Greek Christina's Popularity in 2017: #408

The name Christina is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "a Christian". Christina is ranked #408 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Saints' Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose... Name Game- GIRLS".

From the experts:

Christina, a pretty and feminine, crystal clear classic, may be trending downward, but it's never out of style. Christina's short forms Chris, Christie, and Tina all seem dated—making the royal Christina best used in its full glory.

Christina became a royal name in Sweden (Greta Garbo played Queen Christina in one of her classic films) and Spain, and it is more usable today than the French Christine.

Christina is now well represented by actresses Applegate, Ricci, and Mad Men's Hendricks, alongside singer Aguilera and Orphan Train novelist Baker Kline. Previous bearers include British poet Christina Rossetti and Australian novelist Christina Stead.

Christiana is a more distinctive variation.

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Famous People Named Christina

Saint Christina of Persia
Saint Christina of Bolsena
Saint Christina the Astonishing of Belgium
Christina Alexandra or Augusta, Queen of Sweden
Christina Abrahamsdotter, Queen consort of King Charles VIII of Sweden
Christina Louise Helena, Mrs. Magnuson; Princess of Sweden
Christina Margarethe, Princess of Hesse; Princess Andrew of Yugoslavia
(Maria) Christina, Princess of the Netherlands
Christina, Princess of Denmark, Duchess of Milan and Lorraine
(Maria) Christina Anna Theresa Salomea Eulalia Francisca Xaveria, Princess of Saxony and later Abbess of Remiremont
Christina Georgina Rossetti, Italian poet
Christina Carreira, Canadian-born ice dancer who competes for the United States
Christina Rene Hendricks, American actress
Christina Applegate, American actress
Christina Maria Aguilera, American singer and actress
Christina Ricci, American actress
Christina Judith Perri, American pop singer
Christina Milian, American actress
Christina Kiesel, Canadian reality TV personality ("Real Housewives of Vancouver")
Christina Victoria Grimmie, slain American pop singer
Christina McHale, American tennis player
Christina "Tina" Sinatra, daughter of singer Frank Sinatra
Christina Robinson, American actress; twin sister Courtney Robinson
Christina Duckworth Romer, American economic adviser
Christina Christian, American pop singer
Christine Marie "Christina" Pickles, English-American actress
Christina Marie Hoff Sommers, American feminist author and scholar
Christina Lynne Cimorelli, band leader/singer for the band Cimorelli

Pop Culture References for the name Christina

Christina, Beatrice's best friend, a character in the "Divergent" trilogy
"The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore," novel by Joan Lowery Nixon
Lady Christina de Souza, jewel thief from "Doctor Who" episode "Planet of the Dead"
Christina Ross, character on TV's "Jessie"
Christina Robertson, character in the movie "Blow Dry"
Christina Nickson, character on TV's "Point Pleasant"
Christina, character in anime "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack"
Christina Alessi, character on Australian soap "Neighbours"
Christina Hawthorne, main character on TV's "Hawthorne"
"Christina's World," painting by Andrew Wyeth
"Christina," 1929 silent film
Christina Posabule, Orel's love interest in Moral Orel
Christina Ross, character on TV's "Jessie"
Christina Drayton, character in film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"


Christina Says:


A classic 80s name. I was born in 1986 at the peak of its popularity. Frankly, I've always had mixed feelings about my name, mainly because of all the unwanted nicknames that go with the territory (Chrissy, Tina, Teeny, Stina...and even the dreaded X-Tina). I've always preferred to go by the name in full, but have found the nicknames impossible to avoid and have just learned to have a sense of humor about it.

Eliza1303 Says:


I really like this name without any nicknames. It’s fun but serious at the same time. I think the middle name Iris sounds great with it too. Christina Iris.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful, classic name, and I love nicknames such as Chrissie and Tina - but it is also lovely to hear the full name, which I absolutely adore

Chrissy425 Says:


My name is Christina. I really love my name but I don't use any of the nicknames (despite my username being Chrissy, no one really calls me that lol). I sometimes get the "Oh Christina Aguilera!" joke, more so when I was younger though. I've probably heard that joke 5 times. Sometimes I get funny nicknames like Chrustina. Once when I accidentally got a handicapped locker in freshman year of high school my friend gave me the nick name "Cripple-ina Disable" which sounds very similar to my name (Christina Abel). I still think it's hilarious.

Toronto87 Says:


My name. I was born in the late 80's so my issue with the name is how common it was. I was one of MANY Christina's, probably due to the fact that my high school had many students with Italian and Eastern European backgrounds. Generally I go by my full name, but friends call me Teens or Teensy. I've only started to warm up to my name in the past year. Prior to that, I always thought the 'ina' sound name sounded harsh.

scblovesnames Says:


I like this but I'm leaning towards the middle name slot. I like Tina or Christa best as nicknames.

EleanorAll1 Says:


I know a Christina and she calls herself Christina and introduces herself as Christina, but various people call her Tina, Chris, and Chrissy. In her younger days her friends would sometimes call her Chrissy Teen-ya.

franklyjennifer Says:


My sisters name is Chirstina and she goes by her full name but my family and her closest friends will call her Tina, or Tiners. Not a fan of Chrissy or Christy though

lexibatt Says:


very pretty name. just hoping its not as common when I have kids.

tori101 Says:


I think Christina is gorgeous but I'd just want to use Christina on it's own without a nickname

Guest Says:



CocoWhite Says:


Chris, Chrissy, Christa, Christy, Tina...

Analia Says:


Love this name, but i just don't like the nicknames it comes along with :/