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Baby boy names are more diverse and interesting than ever before, and we're here to help you navigate the exciting world of names for your son. Here you can explore the full range of boy names from traditional to newly invented, get advice and inspiration, and analyze the issues most important to you when choosing a name for your baby boy.

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The baby boy names parents love most right now are headlined by Arlo, with the Scandinavian Soren moving to second place. Another O-ending boys' name, Milo, is in third place, with month name August also ranking in the Top 10 starting in August. The popular boy baby names on this list reflect the names that attracted the most attention from our visitors over the past month. This boy name popularity list predicts which names parents will choose most often in the future for their babies.


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Trending Boy Names for 2022

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Are you expecting a baby in 2022? Our annual trend forecast is here, complete with 200+ names to watch in the new year. See why Artemis and Anthem, Ziggy and Zephyr are slated to be big for 2022. We have more trending boy names below:

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Are you looking for a boy name starting with a particular letter? Perhaps you're searching for a third J boy name to match with siblings, or you hope to honor a family member by using the same initials, or maybe you just want an easy way to explore what's out there! Browse all the boy names in our database by first letter here.


Soft and Feminine Boy Names

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Recently, we've noticed an uptick in searches for soft and feminine names for boys — those with smooth sounds and a gentle touch. They're heavy on vowels and light on striking consonants. Fast-rising names like Koa and Callum, Amias and Bellamy make the grade. And there are many more ideas in this comprehensive forum topic about soft and feminine boy names.

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Search for baby boy names using any combination of criteria you like. Want a rare Arabic name that starts with R and ends with M? Or maybe you're looking for a two-syllable boys' name that means strong. You can find it with our baby name search tool.


Are You Feeling Lucky?

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We are! Singer Elle King just announced the birth of her son, Lucky Levi, and we have to say, we sort of love it. It's familiar and friendly, rare but not outrageous. With names like Ace, Chance, and Seven in the Top 1000, Lucky stands a chance to grow in popularity.

It's a great option for girls as well, although not quite as common. Lucky was given to 14 baby girls last year, compared to 44 boys. A successor to Lucy and Luca?

Baby Boy Names in the News

Our daily news stories offer advice on naming your baby boy, information about boy name popularity and trends, the latest boy baby name news, as well as lists of specific boy names we recommend. Here are the most recent news stories focusing on names for boys. Beyond the current blog posts focusing on boy names, our archive includes hundreds of in-depth pieces about different aspects of names for boys.

Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition
Wed Sep 08 2021

Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition

There are hipster baby names. Then there are cowboy names. But when the two meet, you have a whole different (and very fun) list: Hipster Cowboy Names.
15 Cool Country Boy Names For Your Little Cowboy
Sat Sep 04 2021

15 Cool Country Boy Names For Your Little Cowboy

Our favorite country boy names capture the spirit of the American West: places and landscapes, cowboys and pioneers, and country music too.
12 Boy Names That Deserve More Love
Mon Aug 30 2021

12 Boy Names That Deserve More Love

Looking for a boy name that feels both fashionable and original, that stands out for its rarity but fits with current trends? Read on for our top picks right now.

What Are the Top 1000 Boy Names in your State?

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Be the first to know! We recently published the Top 1000 names in each state and at the moment, it’s only accessible via this link. Click the button below to see the Top 1000 boy names in your US state.

Names for a September Baby Boy

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Are you expecting a baby this month? September hosts the top five most common birthdays — September 9, 19, 12, 17, and 10. There are dozens of appealing options for a September-born son, including Labor Day-appropriate occupational names such as Mason and Cooper, seasonal names like Harvest and Sarad, and names connected to September’s symbols, such as Jarah (honeysuckle) and Neel (sapphire).

Talk About Boy Names

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Talk about your favorite boy names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and feedback on your top choices, gather new ideas and inspiration, or simply discuss all things boy names with our knowledgeable members from around the world.

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