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It's an exciting time to be naming a baby boy, but if you're thinking "Where do I start?" – don't panic! Nameberry is here to help. Here you can explore the full range of boy names from traditional to newly invented, get advice and inspiration, and analyze the issues most important to you when choosing a name for your baby boy.

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Are you looking for a boy name starting with a particular letter? Perhaps you're searching for a third J boy name to match with siblings, or you hope to honor a family member by using the same initials, or maybe you just want an easy way to explore what's out there! Browse all the boy names in our database by first letter here.


Top Boy Names

The Number 1 boys' name right now is the surprise newcomer Arlo, with new royal baby name August in second place. We update our lists of popular baby names regularly – so you can see which boy names are attracting the most attention in (almost) real time. Boy names more popular on Nameberry in than on official lists in 2021 include Finn, Atticus, Milo, Ezra, and Kai.

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Unique Boy Names

Unique boy names are attracting increasing attention from parents keen to give their son a name that stands out from the crowd. Cool categories of unique boy names right now include new word and nature names like Arrow and Hawthorn, mythological boy names like Mercury and Zephyr, and rare vintage and international boy names like Roscoe and Rafferty.

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Browse Lists of Boy Names

Many parents prefer a more style-driven approach to choosing a baby name, exploring themed lists, gathering inspiration, and homing in on their personal naming style. We've got hundreds of original lists of boy names that spotlight the best names in each category for you to discover.

Our users have also created their own lists of boy names on topics ranging from Wild Unpredictable Nature Names, to Arthurian Boy Names, to Cowboy/Western Names for Boys – there's truly something to suit every interest and taste!

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Explore Boy Names by Origin

Are you looking for a boy name from a specific culture or language of origin? Many parents choose to honor their family's heritage by choosing a baby name from the same source, others just love the style of boy names from a certain language or culture. Our detailed lists sorting all the boy names on Nameberry by language of origin are the perfect starting point.


Boy Name News

Thu Mar 25 2021

Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition

There are hipster baby names. Then there are cowboy names. But when the two meet, you have a whole different (and very fun) list.
Mon Mar 22 2021

Extravagant Boy Names Stand Out

Extravagant boy names and where to find them! A treasure trove of stand-out choices for bold baby namers and those looking for a dramatic name for a character or pet.
Thu Mar 11 2021

Transforming Top to Uncommon Boy Names

If you like popular boy names but not, well, their popularity, consider one of the uncommon boy names that can be used as a substitute.

Read Blog Posts About Boy Names

Beyond the current blog posts focusing on boy names, our archive includes hundreds of in-depth pieces about different aspects of names for boys. Find advice on naming your baby boy, information about boy name popularity and trends, the latest boy baby name news, as well as lists of specific boy names we recommend.

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Talk About Boy Names

Talk about your favorite boy names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and feedback on your top choices, gather new ideas and inspiration, or simply discuss all things boy names with our knowledgeable members from around the world.