Gender: Female Meaning of Cora: "maiden" Origin of Cora: Greek Cora's Popularity in 2019: #71

Cora Origin and Meaning

The name Cora is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "maiden".

In classical mythology, Cora—or Kore—was a euphemistic name of Persephone, goddess of fertility and the underworld. Kore was the name used when referencing her identity as the goddess of Spring, while Persephone referred to her role as queen of the Underworld. Cora gained popularity as a given name after James Fenimore Cooper used it as the name of his heroine, Cora Munro, in his 1826 novel The Last of the Mohicans.

Cora is a lovely, old-fashioned girls' name that has been recently rejuvenated and strengthened by its contemporary-feeling simplicity.

Though she has never been completely out of favor, Cora has had her ups and downs. A Top 20 name in the 1880's, she had sunk to Number 876 in 1988, but has gradually come back into style, with every indication that she will continue to rise in popularity. A current inspiration is the appealing American-born Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey.

While a complete name unto itself, some parents who love Cora may want to use it as a short form for such names as Cordelia or Coraline. Cora's fashionable sisters include Clara, Nora, Corinne, Corinna and Coralie.

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balloondog Says:


Simple, Stunning, unique, not too popular, good with all ages, doesn't sounds too light, it's just perfect.

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


Makes me think of Quora...

fearlessfirefly Says:


Corona will be a thing of the past soon, so I wouldn't worry about it

fearlessfirefly Says:


I think that's a stretch. Coraline with the nickname Cora would make more sense.

balloondog Says:


never thought about it. it's still lovely, don't worry.

penelope_lynson Says:


Lovely name, but too similar to corona :(

fearlessfirefly Says:


Ashton is a boy name for me, sorry. But Ashlyn Cora would be pretty.

scblovesnames Says:


I absolutely loved this name when I first heard it. Had a roommate named Cora in college. Still like the name, but prefer Coral instead.

ziggywiggy Says:


I can definitely see where the love of this name comes from! I knew a male with this name spelled Korah (he was Indian, I'm wondering if this is a common Indian boys name?) which kind of changed the way I viewed this name. I do really love the name Coralie though!

TechnoKitten Says:


i like it short simple and cute

namergamer151 Says:


People can have opinions...i'm not an awful person if I express my opinion about a name and the opinion isn't the same as yours or someone else's

namergamer151 Says:


Agree 100%

namergamer151 Says:


People are allowed to have opinions...just because they dislike a name that you like, it doesn't make their preference inferior to yours. People shouldn't be banned from commening just because their opinion conflicts with yours.

namergamer151 Says:


Honestly I really dislike this name. To me it sounds old and heavy. It makes me think of fog so thick you can barely see a your hands in front of you. The same goes for longer versions like Coralie, Cordelia and Coraline.

Beth Says:


i love the name Cora

kroneland Says:


Every time I see this name I hear Rumplestiltskin saying "Cora? That's not very pretty, is it? It sounds like something breaking." I have no idea why that line has stuck with me so much but it has. That combined with how awful Cora was a person just completely ruined this name for me.

jevohh Says:


*sigh* The name of a tampon company now.

RoseFlower Says:


A beautiful name. I'm going to use it as a middle name for my daughter; Ashton Cora <3

burg123 Says:


I like this name, but it reminds me of an apple core for some reason😂

myfriendsarefurry Says:


Because the story about persephone being called cora is modernly made up.

myfriendsarefurry Says:


Dont believe everything you read on wikipedia. Ancient Greek men used Kor/kora/kori etc as slang for the young boys they found attractive.

Daiseymae Says:


Your name is gorgeous!

Daiseymae Says:


I think that is one of the reasons that it came back in style.

Mhill46 Says:


"Am I clear?" 😂😂😂 Who made you queen of the internet sweetie?

King.Cleo Says:


I just wanted to give my take on having this name growing up. As a child kids couldn'r pronounce or spell it. I hated it and wanted to change it since kindergarten. As time went on I continued to hate it and eventually changed my name (partially because I hate the name, partially because I'm /quite/ trans). It's got a nice meaning and a good history but as a kid amungst Hannahs and Aidens it was jarring. My best friends from pre-k through 8th grade gave me notes addressed to Kora/Korra/Qura/etc. The only reason I was even named Cora was my maternal grandmother. Sweet idea but in all honesty it's kind of uncomfortable being named after a woman that's been the laughingstock of the entire family.

NameLover 11 Says:


I used to like it, but Once Upon a Time ruined it for e.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name that I have always loved

CK Says:


I love the name Cora <3 Coraline reminds me of the movie Coraline that I enjoyed.

Amber.E97 Says:


I like Cora as a nickname for Cordelia or Coraline

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love this name!

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


That makes me like it even more XD

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Clunky is in

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


I love this name so much!

gummybear0724 Says:


It sounds clunky and reminds me of Gore.

gummybear0724 Says:


I know. It's so clunky IMO.

Skyblueandblack Says:


The "am I clear" keeps
Making me laugh.

autumnreverie Says:


This has become one of my favorite names. I can't decide if I prefer it on its own with the meaning of "heart" or as a shortened form of Coralie/Coralia.

EW314 Says:


Lovely, sweet, elegant name. I know a lovely Cora and she wears it really well at 23. In my opinion, just Cora is the prettiest variant. Coralie, Coraline and the like just feel overdone. I feel the same way about Rose/Rosa vs Rosalyn or Rosalie - so often, less is more.

autumnreverie Says:


I fluctuate between liking it on its own and preferring it as a nickname for a longer name, like Coralie.

autumnreverie Says:


Um, welcome to the Internet and a public forum?

caetano Says:


Simply stunning.

Zelliew Says:


It much prefer Laura

headintheclouds Says:


Lovely, soft, vintage, ethereal. Cora is also short and sweet at two syllables, but has a strong impression. I personally would use Cora as a nickname to a longer name like Cordelia because I like >3-syllable formal names, but Cora on its own is stunning.

Rush1986 Says:


I think this a gorgeous name for a lady of any age.

batman Says:


I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

larkspur83 Says:


Cora is a gorgeous name! Abby over at Appellation Mountain has a great write up for anyone interesting in learning more about the history of Cora.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I like the name Cora.

Hydra Says:


Well, in mythology it was simply Kore, and it wasn't Persephone's real name, so I think it counts.

Bobcat108 Says:


So Cooper invented the name by changing the K to a C...not sure if that qualifies as inventing a name in my book. : )

blondebett1224 Says:


Because it is spelled "Kore/Kora" in Greek mythology, and a pseudonym for Persephone.

Bobcat108 Says:


Hmm. If Cora was a daughter of Zeus, then I don't see how Cooper could have invented the name for his heroine, as Greek mythology predates Cooper by a good bit.

Christina507 Says:


Such a sweet name. It also reminds me of Corazón which means heart in Spanish. ❤️

LittleGypsy Says:


I think Cora's a beautiful name :) It makes me think of the little Titanic girl.

Daiseymae Says:


Good choice.

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


This is a comment section, you can't expect every comment to be positive. Some people like certain names that others don't like, you just can't take it personally.

coraelizabeth Says:


i love my name!!!!!

lucydorado Says:


If you dont have a nice thing to say just dont say it and keep it to your self. Am I clear.

lucydorado Says:


I always thought my name was ridiculous but all these comments made me love my name and if you hate a name don’t say it keep it to your self so you don’t hurt other peoples feelings.I love my name...

Fiona Says:


I really like this name, I wish my mom did too :/ First heard it on Downton

lucyldridge Says:


we named our October '14 baby Cora, and it turns out it was a family name on both sides :)



My name is Cora and i love it!!!!!

Guest Says:


I don't understand the reason this name is so popular. It doesn't sound pretty IMO.

Daiseymae Says:


It is a beautiful name.

CoraElizabeth Says:


I'm so glad this name is growing in popularity! Growing up with such an uncommon name was interesting and I always thought Cora was such a darling name.

BeaSobreira Says:


I was wondering if you could add this name to the poet section. In Brazil we had a very famous writer and poet called Cora Coralina! Thanx!

Guest Says:


I used to think this name was weird but I love it and Coraline.

ladybug99 Says:


Love this name! Would it work as a nickname for Caroline?

Miranda082 Says:


Literally just watched Downton Abbey yesterday, such a classic name with a modern day touch.