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Gender: F Meaning of Cora: "maiden" Origin of Cora: Greek Cora's Popularity in 2015: #88

Cora is a lovely, old-fashioned name -- Cora was a daughter of Zeus and Cora Munro is the heroine of The Last of the Mohicans -- that has been recently rejuvenated and strengthened by its contemporary-feeling simplicity.

Though she has never been completely out of favor, Cora has had her ups and downs. A Top 20 name in the 1880's, she had sunk to Number 876 in 1988, but then has gradually risen to its current ranking of 88, with every indication of climbing higher. A current inspiration is the appealing American-born Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham on Downton Abbey.

In classical mythology, Cora--or Kore-- was a euphemistic name of Persephone, goddess of fertility and the underworld.

While a complete name unto itself, some parents who love Cora may want to use it as a short form for such names as Cordelia or Coraline. Cora's fashionable sisters include Clara, Nora, Corinne, Corinna and Coralie.

Famous People Named Cora

(Mary) Cora Urquhart Brown-Potter, American stage actress
Cora Corre, English model; granddaughter of Vivienne Westwood
Cora Emmanuel, French model
Cora Lijek, American ambassador held hostage in Iran
Anna Cora Mowatt, American novelist/playwright/actress
Cora Pearl (born Emma Elizabeth Crouch), English-French courtesan
Cora Sandel (born Sara Cecilia Görvell Fabricius), Norwegian novelist
Cora Walton, birth name of Koko Taylor, American gospel singer
Cora Alice Du Bois, American cultural anthropologist
Cora Miao, Chinese actress
Sexy Cora (born Carolin Ebert), German adult film actress
Cora Coralina (born Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto), Brazilian poet
Cora Combs, American pro wrestler
Cora Lodencia Veronica Scott, American spiritualist
Cora Smith Eaton, American suffragist
Cora Sue Collins, American child actress
Cora Alvillar, YouTube makeup artist
Cora Eisenberg, puppeteer with husband Bil Baird

Pop Culture References for the name Cora

Cora, the Maiden, epithet for the goddess Persephone, modern version of ancient greek Korē
Cora Munro, character in James Fenimore Cooper's "Last of the Mohicans"
Cora Crawley, character on TV's "Downton Abbey"
Cora Hale, character on MTV's "Teen Wolf"
Cora Simmons-Brown, character in film "Meet the Browns"
Cora, Regina's mother on TV's "Once Upon a Time"
Cora Cross, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Cora Ryan, character in film Age of Consent (1969)
Cora, wife of Vernon Tull in As I Lay Dying (1930) by William Faulkner
Cora Jenkins, main character in Langston Hughes' "Cora Unashamed"
Cora, Canadian restaurant breakfast food chain
"Cora," opera by Étienne Méhul
Cora, young girl in steerage in film "Titanic"
Cora Bell, character in "The Friday Society"
Quorra, character in film "Tron"
Cora Veralux, character in the movie "Ratchet & Clank"
Cora Harper, character in the game "Mass Effect: Andromeda"
Cora, means "hearts" in Latin
Cora Mason, character in "The Cage" series by Megan Shepherd
Cora King, main character in the ebook "Cora" by Relina Skye