Gender: Female Meaning of Paige: "page to a lord" Origin of Paige: English, occupational name Paige's Popularity in 2019: #226

Paige Origin and Meaning

The name Paige is a girl's name of English origin meaning "page to a lord".

Paige is more name, and less word than the occupational Page. Paige is also sleek and sophisticated a la Brooke and Blair and reached as high as Number 47 in 2003, when there was a very popular television show, Trading Spaces, hosted by the energetic Paige Davis.

Paige Matthews was a witch played by Rose McGowan in Charmed; Paige McCullers appears on Pretty Little Liars. Back in the day, Nicollette Sheridan played a character named Paige Matheson on nighttime soap Knots Landing.

Paige Rense was the long-time editor of Architectural Digest magazine.

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fearlessfirefly Says:


This is my sister's middle name. Her name is Autumn Paige.

pcholli Says:


My name is Paige and at 31 I've grown to appreciate it. I certainly did get teased in middle and high school but I would consider it more ribbing than downright bullying. I like being the only Paige in the vast majority of cases. I am now a teacher and have students named Paige. It seems to be a little more popular now than it was when I was a student. I think it goes well with a longer more feminine middle name. I'm Paige Christine.

snowsbeloved Says:


I like Pagett better.

bordercollie Says:


Paige is cute, but relatively serious name, all wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Myanover Says:


Paige is cute I really like this name

Paige Says:


All of the people on here talking about how much they hate the name Paige are actually kinda hurtful. As someone named Paige who HAS endured the comments about their name, I still absolutely love my name. I find it really pretty and something that represents my uniqueness and sassiness. I get that some people named Paige have had to deal with really mean people who make fun of their name, but it's probably just because they don't understand how nice of a name it is. But maybe it's just me who has the name and loves it.

meaganegibson Says:


I think Paige is beautiful but I don't like it as a first name. It's very bland and I know quite a few Paiges who weren't the most pleasant people. However I do think it makes an adorable mn for a lot of names. It's definitely one I'd consider for a future little girl

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I don't hate it, but it's kind of a dull name to me. I think of a page that runs messages. Sage is prettier and sounds a little exotic.

JazzDeSaturn Says:


I was considering this name as I thought it was beautiful. Unfortunately after looking though comments on various naming sites, I decided that I couldn't use the name if everyone had such disdain for it. The disdain seemed to extend beyond just differences in tastes or baby naming philosophies. Sadly had to scrap it. Back to the drawing board!

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I don't think you'll have to worry about the pager comment with younger kids... I doubt my sisters even know what one is.

peachysugarbuns Says:


The two commenters named Paige below: I'm so sorry people taunted you in such stupid ways and that it's made you dislike your name! Paige is such a classy, beautiful name.

ZPK Says:


I think Paige is an adorable name. It makes me sad so many people here dislike it. My 5 year old is Paige Maxine, she hasn't endured any teasing yet. Most people call her Paigey or Poppy. I think it's a sweet/spunky name. But I am biased. :)

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I've never seen Paige on a boy in that spelling, but I've seen it as Page.

PineWarrior Says:


Too bland for my tastes-sorry!

Catastroffy Says:


Has everyone completely forgotten about Paige for a boy?

Guest Says:


I don't understand why people like this name. It's not pretty to me. I just think of paper in a book (I know people love books but there are better namesakes out there). I don't get Piper either.

Princessnawal Says:


I think Paige sounds pretty 💜

Paige Says:


YES! This always happened to me!

Paige Says:


My name is Paige and I hated it! People made fun of me my whole childhood and still do in high school! Page in a book, and even though my name is dead simple somebody mispronounced it! But now that I got a bit older it grew on me, I still don't love it but does anybody really love their name?

That Creepy Stalker Named Tess Says:


I like your name :-)

auxlait Says:


Also, people have tried to read my name and think it's "Peggy".

auxlait Says:


"Turn the page, Paige!"
"How many pages are there, Paige?"
"Pa(i)ger! Beep! Beep! Beep!"
"Your name is Paige, but I'm going to call you Chapter"
"It's the PageMaster!" (The PageMaster was a 90's movie)
"Are you a witch, like the Paige on charmed?"
"Oh, you must be a witch!"
The list goes on....
Even as an adult, other adults are dumb enough to think that the name actually means a piece of paper. Too bad they aren't right. I think the definition for my name is depressing. What girl wants to have a name that means "servant" or "little boy"? Aside from that, I've never ever seen the appeal. I think it's an awkward,clunky name.

AnonymousPerson Says:


Why would anybody bully somebody for the name Paige? o.0

auxlait Says:


This is my name and I despise it. Please don't do your children the disservice of giving them this name. It is an incredibly easy target for bullying, and unfortunately, there are adults who are dumb enough to think that I must have been named after a "page" in a book.

jasminegarden Says:


a name I love very much, thanks to Charmed!