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Welcome to Nameberry, the world's largest website devoted to baby names. Here you’ll find baby name ideas for girls and for boys. You can search 70,000 names with meanings, origins, and descriptions; browse popular baby names and unique baby names, and discuss names with other expectant parents and name experts. At Nameberry, you’ll get the very best advice on 2019 baby names and choosing the one that’s right for you and your child.

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Keep track of the most popular names on Nameberry, another tool towards reaching that eureka! name choice for your own baby girl or boy. A new, updated tabulation each month of the five top male and female names is based on which have attracted the most views from our visitors.

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Baby naming is all about lists. And in order to help you fine-tune your own choices, Nameberry offers hundreds of lists of names from classic to cool to creative, from names of international origin and names with specific meanings and definitions to fun lists like Baby Names Sure to Shock Grandma and Badass Princess Names. And not only that, in addition to the Nameberry-created lists, users like you can craft your own lists to share with and inspire others.

The Naming Experts

Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz are recognized as the leaders of the recent revolution in baby naming, initially through the ten books on names they wrote together, starting with the groundbreaking guide, Beyond Jennifer and Jason. Moving beyond etymology, these books dealt for the first time with name style, image and trends, becoming an invaluable resource for how to pick a name. The next logical step was transporting their onomastic expertise onto the Internet, leading to the launch of Nameberry in 2008. Long-term friends (a friendship based partly on their shared love of names). Pam and Linda are both accomplished authors: among Pam’s novels is Younger, now a hit TV series, while Linda’s novel Talk was recently republished as a New York Review Books Classic to wide critical acclaim. Pam is also the creator of a name consulting service called Clemens & Twain.