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Baby names by the experts at Nameberry, including popular names and unique names, baby girl names and baby boy names and gender neutral names too. We've got baby name lists, name meanings, and a revolutionary name generator. It's more than a name, it's an identity.

Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition

Hipster cowboy names

Cowboy names are obviously cool right now (hello, Dutton) but if you're raising a city kid, country-fied choices like Jeb and Stetson may not be the best fit.

Enter: hipster cowboy names. These names combine the image of rugged masculinity with a more modern definition of gender and style. Whether you're in Bozeman or Brooklyn, hipster cowboy names are certified cool.

Popular Baby Names 2023

Baby Names - popular

Some people search the top baby names to get ideas for what to name their babies, and some people search them to see what NOT to name their babies. On our Popular Names page you'll find all the available lists of popular names around the world. And we have our list of Top 4000 names most popular with Nameberry visitors this month. The latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Top 2000 Baby Girl Names

Top 2000 Baby Boy Names

Search All Names A-Z

Narrow your name choices and focus your name search with this search-by-letter tool, which gives you all the names on Nameberry from A to Z. Children's names starting with each letter are organized according to their current popularity, giving you further insight in your alphabetical name search. Find all our search by letter tools on the Baby Names A-Z page.

Unique Baby Names

unique names in nature

We've got thousands (upon thousands) of unique names, including unique girl names, unique boy names, and unique unisex names that transcend outdated gender boundaries. Rare, uncommon, and unusual names might be ancient treasures or modern inventions, they may be international names, nature names, place names, or word names. Find a baby name that's unique to your child.

Baby Name News

Libra Baby Names Strike a Balance
Sat Sep 23 2023

Libra Baby Names Strike a Balance

Libra baby names are as harmonious as the scales that represent the sign. Find inspiration for naming your Libra child in this full guide.
Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition
Fri Sep 22 2023

Hipster Cowboy Names Buck Tradition

There are hipster baby names. Then there are cowboy names. But when the two meet, you have a whole different (and very fun) list: Hipster Cowboy Names.
Spanish Surnames
Thu Sep 21 2023

Spanish Surnames

How many Garcias do you know? Here is the newest data on the most common Spanish surnames in the US today.

Baby Girl Names

baby names -- girl names

Congratulations, it's a girl! To find a name for your daughter, visit our Baby Girl Names page to find out more about top girl names and unique girl names, classic names for girls and bold new female names. You can search girl names by letter, origin, and style. And get all the latest news and advice on choosing a name for your baby girl.

Baby Boy Names

Unisex Names for Boys

Congratulations, you're having a baby boy! To get all the latest news and information on naming your son today, visit our page for Baby Boy Names. You'll find popular boy names and unique boy names. You can search for boys' names by letter, origin, and style, browse the latest trends in boy names, and connect with other parents naming baby boys.

Gender Neutral Baby Names

gender neutral names - home page

Team Green? Learn the latest about unisex names on our main page for Gender Neutral Baby Names. You'll find the top unisex names for children, lots of kinds of unique gender neutral names, plus information on all the baby names are currently used more for girls, more for boys, or are true nonbinary names.

Baby Names by List

Fastest-Rising Boy Names

We literally invented baby name lists, organizing all baby names into lists by gender, origin, style, era, meaning, popularity, spelling -- any category you can imagine. Search baby names via our most popular name lists via the links below, or head to our main Name Lists page for a complete list of lists. Whether you're looking for flower names or badass names or names that mean red, there's a list for that. And if there's not, create one!

Baby Names by Origin

baby names map

Baby name origins let you explore all the newborn names on Nameberry by country, language, or culture of origin to find the right name for your child. The links below are just the beginning: Click through to find the full list of baby name origins in our database.

Baby Names by Meaning

baby name meanings

Maybe you want to start with a meaning that speaks to you and find a baby name that fits. Or you've already made your choice and you want to know what the name means. Here are some of the most popular lists of name meanings to help you find a meaningful baby's name.

Get Expert Advice on Naming Your Baby

baby name consultants

The baby name experts at Nameberry can help you find the perfect name. Whether you need one name or are looking for someone to walk you through the entire baby naming process, private name consulting can help you make a choice you'll love forever.

Talk About Baby Names

baby names 6

Talk about baby name trends and choices with your fellow berries on our friendly forums. We have girl names forums and boy names forums, forums for players of baby name games and for birth announcements. Get baby name advice and join the Nameberry community.

Name Generators and Quizzes

whats your 2022 name quiz

Nameberry has created a range of unique name generators and quizzes. There's the deeply analytical Baby Name DNA, which tests your preferences in names and in life to create your unique naming profile and generate hundreds of names that match your individual DNA. And then there are a range of quizzes and generators just for fun. Here's a sampling.

Find your type.

Analyze your Baby Name DNA and find the names that match your unique style.
Start Baby Name DNA

Unique Name Generator

Unique names that start with O

Need a name that's unique, uncommon, and rare? Answer a few simple questions and we'll generate a unique name for you, your baby, or your pet. Our unique name generator will put together the perfect unusual name for you.

Is the Perfect Name in your Stars?

astrology names

Here at Nameberry, we believe that choosing the right name starts with understanding yourself -- your own style, values, history, all the individual qualities that make you you. That's why we created Zodiac Names, a unique method of finding the right name based on your astrological sign and that of your naming partner. How do you approach naming and how can you work most effectively with your partner to find the best name? What names have a natural appeal to you? Find the best names to choose for your sign.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide, Nameberry Style

pregnancy guide

Nameberry's Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide has you covered, from TTC to the fourth trimester (wait, there's a fourth trimester?). We look at everything from medical signposts to useful gear to, yep, baby names.