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Analyze your name style with our revolutionary new name finder, Baby Name DNA. Baby Name DNA combines our expert knowledge with a proprietary algorithm to match you with names chosen exclusively for you. Take our quiz to discover your individual Name DNA profile and generate hundreds of names that fit your style. You can even merge Baby Name DNA with someone else to find names that appeal to you both and build a joint favorites list.

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Top Baby Name Influencers 2021
Thu Oct 28 2021

Top Baby Name Influencers 2021

Stars and their children are the top baby name influencers of 2021. See the most influential celebrity-related names of the year, from Archie to Charli to Zillion.
How I Named My Baby: Xander Steele
Wed Oct 27 2021

How I Named My Baby: Xander Steele

Kristen and Alex knew their son would have the middle name Steele, but what first name is cool enough to go with it? They chose Xander Steele for their son, born in April 2021. We talk to Kristen about the process of naming Xander.
Wes Anderson Baby Names Add Whimsy
Tue Oct 26 2021

Wes Anderson Baby Names Add Whimsy

Wes Anderson baby names are whimsical, meaningful, and incredibly iconic. We profile the most notable names from the auteur's universe and have a quiz for you to discover your Wes Anderson name.

Top Baby Names 2021

The top baby names on Nameberry are updated monthly, based on which names are attracting the most attention right now from expectant parents and name lovers.

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All our baby names can be searched by first initial, with the top names for each letter ordered by popularity and the thousands of unique names starting with each letter listed alphabetically. Narrow your choices with this search-by-letter tool for girl, boy, and gender-neutral names.

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If you want to move beyond the top baby names, there are thousands of unique, uncommon, unusual, and rare names to discover. One good way to approach the wealth of unique names is by list. Here are some of our top lists of rare and unusual names. You can also jump straight to our Unique Names page.

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Talk about baby name trends and choices with your fellow berries on our friendly forums. We have forums focusing on girl names and boy names, for players of baby name games and for birth announcements. Get baby name advice and join the Nameberry community.

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