Gender: Female Meaning of Isadora: "gift of Isis" Origin of Isadora: Greek

Isadora Origin and Meaning

The name Isadora is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "gift of Isis".

Why is Isabella megapopular while Isadora goes virtually ignored? Too close a tie with tragic modern dancer Isadora Duncan (born Angela Isadora), who was done in by her long flowing scarf, perhaps, or with fusty male version Isidore. But we think Isadora is well worth reevaluating as an Isabella alternative. Quirky couple singer Bjork and artist Matthew Barney did just that and named their daughter Isadora. Isidora would be an alternative, just as proper but not quite as charming spelling--the one used as the spelling of a fourth century saint's name.

Isadora Wing was the liberated central character of Erica Jong's 1973 bestseller Fear of Flying. There is also Isadora Quagmire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events--who was named for Isadora Duncan.

And she could share the nickname Izzy with cousin Isabella.

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Isidora, Ysadora, Izadora


QueenieGuldbaek Says:


Why is Isabella megapopular while Isadora goes virtually ignored? Because the parents want the nn Bella rather than Izzy.

Adp30 Says:


My daughter is called Isadora and literally no one asks what it means, a couple have and when I say The Egyptian Goddess Isis, they say aww lovely, goddess of fertility!

Adp30 Says:


How is it pronounced in Brazil? We pronounce my daughters name- Isadora- the Italian way.

Adp30 Says:


My daughter is called Isadora and literally no one has asked what it means, a couple have and when I say The Egyptian Goddess Isis, they say aww lovely, goddess of fertility!

Adp30 Says:


My daughter is called Isadora (Artemisia is in fact her middle name)

We pronounce it the Italian way of Ease-ah-dor-ra (Some people can't pronounce the Dor bit so call her Ease-ah-door-ah

We really didn't want her name to be shortened to Izzy so pronouncing it the Italian way really helps avoid this (we did tell people when making the announcement that there was no shortened version to discourage the use of Izzy etc)

ivy194 Says:


I absolutely ADORE this name currently! It's definitely on my favourites list for character names and pet names. When I'm an adult, I would definitely consider Isadora for a future child.

fifi_forever Says:



ceruleanstardust Says:


I absolutely LOVE Ida and Dottie! Although Dottie is used because of the "Do" and "t" in Dorothy and Dorothea, but it could totally still work regardless. Isa is another nice one.

ceruleanstardust Says:


I doubt the meaning will come up in conversation often, but if it is an issue for you you could always refer to the meaning as "gift of the goddess Isis" - just to clarify.

letmein Says:


Umm... I just like Sadora better without the i. Just my opinion.

Leonina Says:


I really like Izzy :) Isa would probably be the on one most people would go for where I live...

Daiseymae Says:


Those are much better than Ida.

Daiseymae Says:


That pronunciation sounds like "eye sore".

Hiedi Says:


The name is a beautiful name and the meaning is gorgeous. It literally means a gift of fertility. I think that's a fitting name for a much wanted baby. :) It has nothing to do with ISIS and no one would even know unless you told them.

Hiedi Says:


Izzy, Dora or Dori/Dory would work too.

LaurenDH Says:


I've always loved Isabella, but Isadora is really growing on me. I imagine having two daughters: Lavinia and Isadora.

ladimon Says:


I really like this name, but as a make-up nerd all I can think about is the cosmetics brand.

Marlaina Says:


This name is for the Egyptian goddess Isis and I think that meaning should remain separate from the Islamic group.
Besides, most people won't make the connection anyway.
I love the name but I have a niece named Isabella and I think it's too similar.

Isadora Ferreira Says:


Hey! I'm Isadora (I'm from Brazil, the name here is quite common) and people here just call me "Isa" (lack of creativity).
I think Ida is a lovely nickname for Isadora.

Essa Says:


I hadn't thought of Sadie, that's a great idea. Although I do still think Ida is even more perfect.

Essa Says:


Thanks for your reply! I didn't know that about Dorothy, it's interesting. I'd kind of forfotten about Isadora until I saw your reply but In back to loving it, I feel like Ida is such a great nickname. Shame about the meaning.

Impwood Says:


I think Ida is definitely usable for Isadora. However, I wouldn't use Dottie, as Dottie comes from the T in Dorothy, not shared by Isadora. (Dorothy was originally pronounced with a hard T: Doroty > Dottie.)

AriellaBar Says:


This name has a magical feel to me. I'd use Sadie or Ida as nicknames.

ClaraDee Says:


Its a really cute name but I cannot help but think of the kids tv show Wizardora when I hear it :D I loved that programme so much!

sirens_sam Says:


I like this name but it will always be a guilty pleasure name. I don't like that people would shorten it to Dora.

melimelo Says:


I've loved this old fashioned yet sophisticated name since I was a little girl and ISIS won't change that. I don't even see the connection.

Portia Cash Says:


Why does it matter about the Isis meaning, people are turning it upside down because of Islamic State, there are plenty of girls who have the name Isis who are getting shit right now because of it.

Zuzana Says:


I love the idea of Ida as a nickname for Isadora!

ThistleThorn Says:


I love it but, I don't love the connection to ISIS.

Essa Says:


I love this name. It's familiar but not common. Girly but not too flouncy and has a bit of strength behind it. It has great nicknames. It wouldn't sound out of place in a school yard next to names like Isabella and Dorothy.

One thing... ISIS! I didn't particularly love the meaning in the first place but now it is nothing but a negative association. Obviously the ISIS the name refers to is different to the Islamic State but really I don't think it makes too much difference today. Such a shame!

Essa Says:


That's true, although Teddy is a traditional nickname so easy to get away with but I guess somebody had to use it first!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't think so. It's not any more far off than getting Teddy from Theodora.

Essa Says:


Is Ida too far off to use as a nickname for Isadora? Which I love by the way! Also love the nickname Dottie, which I know is traditionally for Dorothy or Dorothea but I don't see why it can't be used for any 'Dora' name.

Essa Says:


I've always known it as Isadora too! Just to help you clarify haha

Caroline Says:



Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Thanks, I prefer the IS-a-door-a pronounciation the most. EYE-sa-door-a is pretty, but it sounds a bit like ISIS/IS.

DearestJules Says:


I've never actually heard the name said out loud, but I've always assumed it was IS-a-door-a like Isabella. EYE-sa-door-a is pretty too though.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Does anyone know if this name is is pronounced as EYE-sa-door-a or IS-a-door-a?

Circus85 Says:


The Isis connection is now very unfortunate...

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I am currently in love with thus name! It's so much cooler than Isabella, in my opinion. I'm surprised that it hasn't made the popularity list.

Madelyn Says:


I've had this name on my list for quite sometime, but I didn't consider using it until recently. It's funny that I see it popping up in the Nameberry cloud now. Hivemind much?