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Gender: Female Origin of Ivy: Botanical name Ivy's Popularity in 2017: #108

The name Ivy is a girl's name of English origin. Ivy is ranked #108 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Gorgeous Flower Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "Your Six Kids - Take Three, Leave Three".

From the experts:

The quirky, offbeat and energetic botanical name Ivy is enjoying a deserved revival, sure to be propelled even higher by its choice by high-profile parents Beyonce and Jay-Z for baby girl Blue Ivy. Ivy -- associated with clinging vines -- also has an interesting history: ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. And in the language of flowers, Ivy signifies faithfulness. Ivy is also traditionally used at Christmas, make this one of the perfect names for December babies.

British novelist Ivy Compton-Burnett is a notable namesake and Ivy Baker Priest served as U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Another association is the prestigious Ivy League. Ivy has been a favorite of scriptwriters--she's appeared on everything from 90210 to Gossip Girl , Dollhouse to Downton Abbey, and is the name of a 1970's American Girl doll.

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Famous People Named Ivy

Ivy Compton-Burnett, English novelist
Ivy Lynn Epstein 'Ivy Austin' American actress
Ivy, stage name of Park Eun Hye, South Korean pop singer
Ivy Alvarez, Filipino Australian poet
Ivy Duke, English actress
Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, South African politician
Ivy Baker Priest, former U.S. Treasurer
Ivy Quainoo, German pop singer
Ivy Scott, Australian-American actress
Ivy St. Helier (born Ivy Janet Aitchison), British actress
Ivy Tresmand, English singer and actress
Ivy Troutman, American actress
Ivy Lilian Wallace, English actress, author and illustrator
Ivy Evelyn Annie Wedgwood, Australian Senator
Ivy Cavendish-Bentinck, Duchess of Portland, founder of the Harley Foundation
Ivy Williams, first English woman barrister
Ivy Jo Hunter, American male songwriter and record producer
Ivy Winters, stage name of Dustin Winters, American drag queen on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5
Ivy Withrow (b. 1993), daughter of actors Hallie Todd and Glenn Withrow
Ivy Gray (b. 2001), daughter of singer David Gray
Ivy Nightingale Russo (b. 2006), daughter of singers Nina Gordon and Jeff Russo
Ivy Lola Malloy (b. 2009), daughter of actress Jessica Leccia
Ivy Jefferson (b. 2009), daughter of singers Lisa Brokop and Paul Jefferson
Ivy Elizabeth Schur (b. 2010), daughter of producer J.J. Philbin and Michael Schur; granddaughter of TV host Regis Philbin
Isabel Veronica "Ivy" Mulroney (b. 2013), daughter of Ben and Jessica Mulroney
Ivy Mae Warner (b. 2014), daughter of cricketer David Warner
Ivy Siegert (b. 2016), daughter of TV chef Nikki Dinki and Evan Siegert
Ivy Jane Kane (b. 2017), daughter of footballer Harry Kane
Blue Ivy Carter (b. 2012), daughter of singer Beyonce Knowles and rapper Jay-Z

Pop Culture References for the name Ivy

Poison Ivy, plant that causes skin rash and irritation.
Poison Ivy, Batman villain also known as Pamela Isley
Ivy Wilson, male character in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"
Ivy Lynn, character on TV's "Smash"
Professor Ivy, character in the Pokemon anime
Ivy, character on TV's "Gilmore Girls"
Ivy Lexton, main character in Marie Belloc Lowndes' book "The Story of Ivy"
Ivy Sullivan, character on TV's "90210"
Ivy Dickens, character in the Gossip Girl series
Ivy Vega, character in 'My Sister the Vampire'
Ivy Wentz, character on TV's "Good Luck Charlie"
Ivy Locklear, character in movie "Red"
Ivy Ling, character in the American Girl doll series
Ivy Weston, character in play/film "August: Osage County"
Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, character in the Soul Calibur video game series
Ivy, character on TV's "Dollhouse"
Ivy, character in "Entwined" by Heather Dixon
Ivy Robinson, character in musical "Bare: A Pop Opera"
Ivy, main character in 1992 movie "Poison Ivy"
Ivy Stuart, character on TV's "Downton Abbey"
Ivy Elizabeth Walker, character in movie "The Village"
Ivy Pepper, cat character in web comic "Lackadaisy"
"Ivy", song by Frank Ocean
Ivy, character in "Ivy + Bean," children's book series by Annie Barrows
Ivy Alisha Tamwood, character in The Hollows book series by Kim Harrison
Ivy Daly, character in the "From The Files of Madison Finn" book series
Ivy - a Fox from "Zelda & Ivy: The Runaways," children's book by Laura McGee Kvasnosky; sister Zelda
Ivypool, character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter
Ivy Belfrey, character on "Once Upon a Time"
The Holly and the Ivy, traditional British Christmas carol
Ivy, feline familiar in the webcomic "Never Satisfied" by Taylor Robin

Ivee, Ivi, Ivye, Ivie, Ivey


TechnoKitten Says:


Great, I just met a pathetic bxtch named Ivy. NAME RUINED.

KJGlitter Says:


Seriously, what you said was pretty pathetic...

TechnoKitten Says:


simple yet cute,can see it on a grown woman and a child

Sapphire Says:


I LOVE ❤️ this name I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I hope 🤞 it’s a girl because if it is her name will be ivy Bella rose and If its a boy his name will be Josiah Rae layne

Sapphire Says:


Well, thanks for sharing your RUDE OPINION

Sapphire Says:


She’s not being mean

Sapphire Says:


Cool you have a very pretty name!

Sapphire Says:


im Reporting you to Nameberry your very rude you had no reason to say that

Sapphire Says:


My duaghters name is ivy and we call her vee (v)

Sapphire Says:


This is my 8 year old daughters name I don’t at all regret naming her this, but when she was born this wasn’t popular at all, but now it’s popular and it breaks my heart we always here it out and about and it makes her sad that her name is very popular

Sapphire Says:


Your very rude my 8 year old daughter read this and her name is ivy and her feelings are very hurt what a terrible person you are you should apologize

Christielea Says:


I'm really warming up to this name. It's lovely, but with an edge. Ivy grows and grows, and almost nothing gets in its way.

Eliza1303 Says:


Love this name

Daiseymae Says:


Sweet name.

juleslarson Says:


Yes, Ivory would indeed be fresh, especially cause it's a soap. ;-)

namelover0711 Says:


If you've ever had poison ivy you would never name your child Ivy. That's all I think of when I hear this name.

Eliza1303 Says:


I really like this name it sounds very cool. I think I’d use it as a middle name for the name Violet cause it just flows so well.

Wildmoonchild Says:


I love this name, so cute and simple. I just wish there was less of celeb connection.

scblovesnames Says:


Valid thought, but I like the name regardless. All names have teasing potential.

Kisa Says:


Call the presses, a Grandmother is gushing over her granddaughter. How arrogant, we should insult the name of her daughter, that'll teach her to complement her granddaughter's looks

paulapuddephatt Says:


Ivy Rose is so beautiful.

Dalmatians101 Says:


This makes me think of a IV in a hospital.. get the point?

cwilkes Says:


That is so cool! My middle name is Lane so it has always been "set" for my daughter. She is now a year and a half! :) Love your taste in names!!

foreverharriet Says:


Gorgeous name, and very unusual in my area. Classic and pretty.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I think Ivy is a simple, but beautiful name. I have never met anyone named this, young or old, so to me it sounds fresh and different.

Tru Says:


My daughter is Ivy and my son is Lane!

Floris Says:


I like the name, it's cute. But why did Beyoncé and her husband name their kid Ivy? I feel like this may lead to Ivy becoming a really popular name...

Marcella Weiß Says:


I like this as a stand alone name, but I like it better as a nickname for Ivory.

hufflepuff Says:


Gross. You should learn to value more than just physical beauty, or at least practice some tact and don't overflow with arrogance. Also, your daughter's name has an atrocious spelling.

hufflepuff Says:


It's a great name but it is super popular now. Ivory would be a fresh alternative.

Ivy'smommy Says:


Our little girl is Ivy Rose...named after my grandmother (Ivy) and my husbands mothers maiden name (Rose).
We chose it as we felt it had meaning, is unique and she won't be in a class full of them when she gets to school.

brandy Says:


My granddaughters name is Ivy Rae and my daughter is Deserae Lynn.. She has beautiful green eyes and strawberry blonde hair and very pale skin she's gorgeous and she's only two years old she's going to be a beauty queen

headintheclouds Says:


I think of the poison ivy plant and the Ivy League when it comes to Ivy, which brings to mind the association of a rich mean girl character at an elite private school with her name down on Ivy schools as a triple-legacy or something- and I'm sure this exact character I'm describing exists in several TV shows or novels already. Beyond that, I personally find Ivy to be too short of a name- each time I hear it, I expect to hear more syllables after the "vee" sound that are just not there.

Ivyberry2055 Says:


My name is Ivy too

Ivyberry2055 Says:


thats mean my name is Ivy

Jeanie Says:


I love this name. It reminds me of Ivy covered castles and the Ivy League. I imagine an intelligent & hip girl!

RavenZimmi Says:


I love the name Ivy

ThistleThorn Says:


This reminds me of Blue Ivy Carter!

mermuse Says:


I love this name so much, if I could choose my own name, I think it would be Ivy!

e_flynn Says:


I have never met an Ivy, I think this is a really pretty name! It's strong, feminine, and just a little bit sexy.

summersnow Says:


I have the name Ivy. 1. All I think of is poison Ivy. Horrible pain and rashes is definitely not what I want to associate with my child. 2. I used to know a girl named Ivy who was just awful. She was rude and snobby and I can't think of any positive attributes on a person with this name because of her. 3. I just hate the sound. I think it's a boring name and even if it weren't for the first two things I think I wouldn't like it anyway.

EvaThyssen Says:


Me too, I can't see the appeal.

MaryKathryn Says:


I loved this name when I was a child, but now I no longer see the appeal.

cwilkes Says:


I am!! Yay!!! :) thank you! :)

Guest Says:


I used to not like this name but now I think it is interesting and pretty without being one of those new made up names. The Downton Abbey reference is a big bonus of course!

modustee Says:


I liked Lane for a middle for my Ivy! It really flowed, too bad the husband vetoed it...but we have Ivy Jaymes, which it does too! Hope you get an Ivy :)

modustee Says:


Ivy is the besssst name. I loved it so much and when I finally suggested it to my husband I was elated that he liked it! Our Ivy Jaymes was born November 27 2014.... She's the awesomest baby! Love Love Love her! 💖💜💖💜💖

PineWarrior Says:


Makes me think of ivy covered castles and towers-very fairytaile like, at least for me.

Guest Says:


This name makes me think of the beautiful ivy overflowing in both my backyard and on many historical buildings- I love it.

Alicia1 Says:


I really love this name, its short and spunky! It looks cool and when i bring it up as a choice to friends they are blown away and say ooh, wow! They like it and so do I! The nature/ plant association is great too!

Frankie Says:


My cousin's baby is a fourth so I think Ivy (IV) would be a cute nickname for him. I'd love it as a full name on a boy.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


One of the best middle names for me, it just flows with the name before it.

cwilkes Says:


My baby will be Ivy Lane if she is a girl :)

Hydra Says:


Since Ivy is a nature name, and most nature names can go either way, could I use this on a boy? It's so boring on a girl, but I'd love to see it on a boy.

ivyfrench Says:


Hi! My name is Ivy and I receive compliments on it all the time. People call me "Ives".

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't know why this name is so popular. It's soooo boring and Common

raevynstar Says:


How about Vivi?

Sweekune Says:


A family name for me. I love plant and flower names and Ivy certainly fits the criteria. The only downside for me is the lack of nicknames.