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Gender: Female Origin of Buffy: Diminutive of Elizabeth Meaning of Elizabeth: Hebrew, "pledged to God"

The name Buffy is a girl's name . Buffy and is often added to lists like Nicknames for Elizabeth and discussed in our forums with posts like "Think/Say".

From the experts:

Buffy was a one-time sorority girl with a roommate named Muffy, then a fearless vampire slayer, though still basically fluffy. You might think of Buffy as the feminine version of Chip or Bud -- an all-purpose nickname now buried in a mid-century time capsule.

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Famous People Named Buffy

Beverly "Buffy" Sainte-Marie, Canadian-American Cree singer-songwriter
Buffy Jo Christina Wicks, American political strategist
Buffy Tyler (born Buffy Yvonne Pribyl), American model
Buffy-Lynne Williams, Canadian rower

Pop Culture References for the name Buffy

Buffy Anne Summers, main character in film and TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Buffy Driscoll, character on TV's "Andi Mack"
Buffy Patterson-Davis, character in TV's "Family Affair"
Georgette 'Buffy' Meissonier, character in "Feed" by Mira Grant
Buffy, character in comic strip "Motley's Crew"

Buffee, Buffey, Buffi, Buffie


Blinkonekatietwo Says:


That's really interesting, and I agree that it sounds beautiful on its own, i love it. :)

Nomnom Says:


Well Joss said that his Buffy has nothing to do with Beth or Elisabeth . Which is cool it is better by itself :)

Nomnom Says:


It has nothing to do with name Elisabeth , people just assumed it does . And it's annoying

Blinkonekatietwo Says:


My middle name is Elizabeth, and I honestly had never heard of Buffy being a derivation of it. I love it as a nickname (and it probably helps that I'm currently binge-watching BTVS on Netflix .. #noshame) Nonetheless, I think it's just a cool thing to find out! :)

sometimeschessie Says:


Just curious: have you ever been teased about the "buff" syllable? Was it harder to wear well when you were a pre-teen or teen? I'd love to hear your experience.

Liz Says:


I have been called Buffy my entire life and, yes, it is a derivation of Elizabeth. For me it came from my cousins calling me Bethy as a baby. In fact I have known two other Buffys in my life and both were nicknames also derived from Elizabeth (one's first name was Elizabeth and the other's middle name was Elizabeth). I don't know that I would go with it as a given name but it's a fun and relatively unique nickname to separate us from the million and a half Elizabeths out there.

OliviaSarah Says:


I adore this, wish it wasn't so tied to the TV show. And this is just speculation, but I'm assuming that as a diminutive it comes from the fact ''Elizabeth'' can sound like ''Elizabuff'' in some English accents? Like, was it originally a cockney nickname that migrated to the US?