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Gender: Female Pronunciation: JEM-mah Meaning of Gemma: "precious stone" Origin of Gemma: Italian Gemma's Popularity in 2017: #255

The name Gemma is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "precious stone". Gemma is ranked #255 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Girl Names From Around the World and discussed in our forums with posts like "Heaven / Hell / Purgatory Girls".

From the experts:

Gemma is a jewel of a name, an Italian classic that was very popular in 1980s England, but has only recently been started to be used here; it entered the list in 2008.

Coming from a medieval Italian nickname for a precious gem, Gemma was the name of Dante's wife and was borne by a nineteenth century saint.

Gemma is the name of the character played by Katey Sagal on Sons of Anarchy, and actress Catherine Bell has a daughter called Gemma, as does Kristin Davis.

Bottom line: A stylish cousin of Emma and Jenna.

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Famous People Named Gemma

Saint (Maria) Gemma Umberta Pia Galgani, Italian mystic
Gemma di Manetto Donati, wife of Italian poet Dante Alighieri
(Jennifer) Gemma Jones, English actress
Gemma Christina Arterton, English actress
Gemma Hayes, Irish singer-songwriter of the band The Cake Sale
Gemma Louise Ward, Australian supermodel, and actress
Gemma Louise Atkinson, English actress
Gemma Rose Foo Jen (b. 1996), Singaporean Paralympian
Gemma Styles, English model, older sister of singer Harry Styles
Gemma Bissix, English actress
Gemma Bond, English ballerina
Gemma Chan, Chinese-British actress, and model
Gemma Collins, English TV personality
Gemma Craven (born Rita Gemma Gabriel), Irish actress
Gemma Etheridge, Australian rugby player
Gemma Files, Canadian horror writer
Gemma Jackson, English TV production designer
Gemma Hussey, Irish politician
Gemma Ann Merna, English model
Gemma Pranita, Thai-Australian actress
Gemma Ray, English musician
Gemma Sanderson, Australian model
Gemma Stafford, YouTube chef, and baker
Gemma Elizabeth Whelan, English actress
Gemma Pecorini Goodall, daughter of actress Caroline Goodall and director Nicola Pecorini
Gemma Rose Owen (b. 2003), daughter of footballer Michael Owen
Gemma Bell (b. 2003), daughter of actress Catherine Bell and Adam Beason
Gemma Rose Davis (adopted 2011), daughter of actress Kristin Davis
Gemma Elena Fink (b. 2014), daughter of singers Rebecca St. James and Jacob Fink of Foster the People
Gemma Greer (b.2006) Australian singer, actor, and model

Pop Culture References for the name Gemma

Gemma, character on "Hex"
Gemma, Ranger Silver on "Power Rangers: RPM"
Gemma, character in "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher
Gemma Brogan, character on "Junk"
Gemma Castleroy, character on "Reign"
Gemma Doyle, character in Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray
Gemma Fisher, character on "Gracepoint"
Gemma T. Leslie, character in "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell
Gemma Mildury, character in "The Space Gypsy Adventures" radio series
Gemma Teller Morrow, character on "Sons of Anarchy"
Gemma Ramsay, character on "Neighbours"
Gemma "Gem" Reeves, character on "Neighbours"
Gemma Uriel, character in "Skyrim"
Gemma Warren, character in "The Gadfly" by Ethel Lilian Voynich
Gemma Wilde, character on "Holby City"
"Gemma," song by Songs To Wear Pants To
Gemma, fashion shoe brand
Gemma Simmons, character on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Jemma, Gemmey, Gemmy, Gemmie, Gèmma, Gema, Gem, Jemsa


indiefendi2 Says:


I know a woman named Gemma who is very mean to me... sadly it put me off this name.

Zoe Porphyrogenita Says:


Gemma daughter of Orwen was born in East Anglia, but her parents were Breton, and that’s always cool.

Zoe Porphyrogenita Says:


In either case, 11th century names rule, ok?

Zoe Porphyrogenita Says:


Héloïse is rather special, yes? Peter Abelard was certain of it.

Zoe Porphyrogenita Says:


Excellent observation! Gemma is Alpha Coronae Borealis: the first star of the Northern Crown.
Sounds posh, but both Orwen and Mainard were servants. Admittedly, wetnurses and chamberlains are high in the pecking order, as servants go.
Their “master” Count Alan Rufus, though of a very elevated lineage, was happy to do servants’ work too: running errands, building things with his hands, intervening on behalf of regular folks, throwing his body in harm’s way to protect others, speaking truth to authority, that sort of thing.

Ruanne Says:


I think it's too Italian?

Carolinekalmes Says:


Never thought much about this name til I saw it's a star. 😊 That makes it so much more pretty to me!

747JS Says:


I love this name! It's simple and beautiful!

kimber23455 Says:


This is the cutest name! It is one that a child can carry up through adulthood with perfection as well!

ambercat Says:


I would probably assume just that Jemma with a "J" was a nickname for Jemima.

ambercat Says:


To me, Gemma sounds like an blonde Englishwoman who is very vain and a major pia. I think there was some character on a BBC show that my mom used to to watch a long time ago; I can't remember the name of actual show.

Daiseymae Says:


Gemma! I considered this name in 2000 when my daughter was born. She had a Gemma in her kindergarten class all the way to high school. I have always loved this name.

BrittanyBrown Says:


woah. Harsh. I prefer this name with a hard G. And I often look at this name and think GEHM-mah with that hard g because of the extra M in the name i don't really think of Gem.

BrittanyBrown Says:


Doesn't anyone ever wish this name was pronounced "GEHM-mah with a hard G!!! ???

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this so much. I love Emma more, but the gap is closing, and Gem for short is so beautiful that sometimes, I almost want to switch...x

Zoe Porphyrogenita Says:


Gemma was born about 1077, the elder daughter of Mainard and Orwen, in Sibton, Suffolk. Sibton Abbey's cartulary has several stories about their family; Henry V had some copied into his royal records in 1410.
PS: Mainard used to be a soldier for Ralph de Gaël, son of Ralph the Staller, but after the younger Ralph’s failed rebellion in 1075 (the “Bridal of Norwich”), Mainard became Chamberlain to the incomparable Alan Rufus.
Orwen was wet-nurse to the infant Alan. Following the Battle of Hastings, she sailed to England to insist on a reward for her part in raising such a hero. Alan gave her his property in Sibton, and when Mainard and she fell in love, he gave them his blessing.
Orwen was well into middle age when she gave birth to a healthy Gemma: Alan’s blessing was very effective!

Gemma Timoney Says:


My names Gemma

Jon Allen Says:


I'm sorry, it just sounds ghetto to me. Like Crystal or Shaniqua.

grace147 Says:


I have a little cousin named this. We call her Gems or Gemmy and it's so cute! I love this name

Zelliew Says:


As pretty name

gmdx Says:


Jemma. I've always had pronunciation issues with Gemma.

headintheclouds Says:


It's a short and sweet, simple yet feminine and feisty name. There may be initial confusion over pronunciation but I think it's pretty intuitive that most people would say "jem-a". I wouldn't spell it Jemma just to clear confusion, seems too kreatif-Jinger Duggar of a situation to me.

Objectively, I think Gemma is perfectly nice, but personally the image in my head is of an overly-cutesy spoiled little girl, just as I imagine an Eloise, so this is out as a favorite on my list.

GuineapigGirl15 Says:


I love this name! And it isn't very popular. "Gems" would make a cute nickname!

MarieLalie Says:


Gemma, of course

rie Says:


I prefer Gemma over Emma and Jemma, and Jennifer / Jenna.
Jemma seems like a misspelling, and if anyone mispronounces Gemma, they're the one that should be embarrassed if anything . . . Lol, it's not like it's that out-there and it's pretty clear that it's not with a G like Gail.

I do however like Jemima, which to me might be tied with Gemma.

Catastroffy Says:


I like Gemma.

MaddyAir Says:


I prefer Jemma personally because it's more unique than classic Gemma

thythy Says:


For me, Gemma

MaryKathryn Says:


Okay berries, question time: Which do you prefer Gemma or Jemma?

lexibatt Says:


pretty name. but i much perfer emma

jordalini Says:


I adore this name, my only issue is that it isn't distinct because of Emma's popularity.

jasminegarden Says:


One of the only really simple girls names I love, it also has a beautiful meaning.

Nicole4383 Says:


Pretty name, but forever ruined for me by the Sons of Anarchy character.

hellogoodbye111 Says:


I think it's pretty and quaint. My best friend's name is Gemma. Hard to wear into adulthood, I will admit

CocoWhite Says:


Jemma clears up pronunciation issues, but Gemma keeps the "gem" association intact.

Guest Says:


Another name I used to HATE but now adore. (And for a long time I kept pronouncing it with a hard G for some reason hahaha).