Gender: Female Pronunciation: eh-LOW-en (Cornish); EL-oh-wen Meaning of Elowen: "elm" Origin of Elowen: Cornish

Elowen Origin and Meaning

The name Elowen is a girl's name of Cornish origin meaning "elm".

A beautiful modern Cornish nature name that is rapidly picking up steam in the States: even spawning variant spellings like Elowyn and Elowynn. In its native region, it wasn't widely used as a name before the twentieth century, when the Cornish language was revived. A (currently) unique member of the fashionble El- family of names, it has a pleasant, evocative sound.

The traditional Cornish pronunciation is with stress on the middle syllable: eh-LOW-en. But most English speakers seem to pronounce it with first-syllable stress, perhaps on the example of more familiar names like Eleanor and Elodie.

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CBabs Says:


Still under the Radar! I hope you used it

fearlessfirefly Says:


That's a gorgeous name!

Hero_Phoebus Says:


The popular Eloise is one of my favourite names, but Elowen makes for a lovely, less popular alternative. Despite this, I still prefer Eloise.

Rachel Kent Says:


I prefer Elowyn looks prettier

Ziggy2112 Says:


That would completely change the pronunciation.

silkypumpkin Says:


this is beautiful, but too similar to my last name :(

headintheclouds Says:


Ethereal fantasy name-ish fairylike nature name. It's really stunning, with the qualities I loved in Arwen but more accessible and without the singular LoTR pop culture reference. I slightly prefer the Ello-wen pronunciation to the correct E-LOH-wen, but both are lovely, and I'm just drawn to the universally popular El- sound, as well as the -wen sound that I'm a sucker for! Elowen's one of those names I wished I liked more than I did- has all the qualities I love but isn't quite on my favorites list- but I've definitely been loving it more and more lately.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name, and Elodie

indiefendi2 Says:


well..... if it was Elowyn then technically it would be the boy equivalent.

Fictionprincess Says:


For a boy?! No

JossieChris Says:


The only thing missing here is a great meaning. Elm is ok if you just want a nature meaning. Also spelled Elowyn, Elowynne, Ellawyn, etc. Pronounced L-Owen in Cornwall Elle-o-when in America. We came across this while hiking near Camp El-o-win in California. A Native American word meaning "happy house" also there is a Lake Elowin, given meaning "paradise beyond the setting sun". In elvish- "star (elo) lady (wen). Love! It sounds so sweet, poetic and romantic. Fantasy meets fairytale. So many nns El, Ellie, Lola, Winnie. Any number of middles names work well, Grey, Sage, plain Jane. I haven't heard one I don't like with it. This name is set to sky rocket! But now that I have found it I am seeing this a lot. Get in while the gettins good! This gem hasn't even cracked the SSA 1000!

Mikayla395 Says:


Lovely name, but I'd prefer the spelling "Ellawyn".

abertawe Says:


Apparently it's e-LOW-en.

noro226 Says:


Olwen is a similar name that has a more masculine feel to it. Just a thought.

Fictionprincess Says:


Classic, soft, feminine, sophisticated, cute and not at all overly common. Indeed a name that should be within the top 1000. If I'm ever blessed with twin girls, *squee* the potential names I may use for them are Elowen & Lydia. But if I don't get to us Elowen for a daughter, I can see myself using it for a female cat (:

impwood Says:


It is more common as a girls' name in Cornwall, but there is no reason why it couldn't be used for a boy, as it is a nature name.

If you want to play it safe, though, you could use the similar Lowen, which is completely androgynous.

ChantilleElla Says:


I think this name is about 1293917 times prettier with the incorrect 'ELLO-wen' pronunciation. eh-LOH-en just sounds like the male name, Owen, to me. *Incorrectly pronounced* Elowen is ethereal, elvish, tulle and forests and flower crowns, the sun pouring through trees. I really like it. It's a shame the real pronunciation feels more awkward and less appealing.

Princess_dala Says:


I'm seriously considering this name - even for a boy. Anyone know if this name can definitely be used for a boy too?

Ttribemama Says:


My beautiful daughter's name, Elowen "Winnie" Sage :) Love it! So lovely, earthy and full of whimsy. With a touch of vintage :) A perfect name for a perfect little girl!

Zelliew Says:


A lovely melodic name

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Funnily enough, the correct pronunciation of this name is 'Eh-LOH-en', not 'Ello-wen'.

Having said that, Elowen (regardless of pronunciation) is a beautiful name. Which is why I'm trying so hard to stay away from it, even though I've been obsessed with it for quite some time. Because the name itself is the perfect package. It's old (pleasing the traditionalistis), but sounds new (pleasing the modern baby namers), it's rare (pleasing those that value unique) has a LoTR feel (pleasing the fantasy-esque crowd) and comes across as quite androgynous (pleasing the unisex name lovers).

With how amazing this name is and how appealing it is to almost everyone, how long before this name blows up? How long before it becomes the next Sophia? I'm hoping desperately that this name will remain a rather unknown choice (as I myself adore all names obscure) but, there's just no way it'll be kept under the radar for too long. It's just too irresistable.

hollyannabell Says:


if it i based on the Welsh suffix "wen" then wen is for girls and wyn would be for boys. Personally it looks prettier as Elowen.

DearestJules Says:


Yep, I believe so.

milligan219 Says:


Question: Isn't it pronounced EL-o-wen?

Catastroffy Says:


Like Lynn, I quite like the idea of Elowen for a boy.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


The 'wen' ending reminds me of the Elvish maidens of The Lord Of the Rings. Not that's a bad thing though :P

Jesshudspeth Says:


I am thinking on this name. But I believe my husband and I both like the "y" spelling the best: Elowyn. What do y'all think?

jan11th Says:


I love it because it sounds very melodic and flows right off the tongue! It also reminds me of halloween which i love

Guest Says:


I love the -wen names. This is pretty!

madaleneb Says:


I truly love it - the name is different and yet classy and not too outgoing like some 'names' these days are, this is definitely one of my favorites!

Tay2thestars Says:


Gorgeous. I think of a little girl with flowers in her braided hair running through a forest. I absolutely adore the nature feel of Elowen.