English or Irish
"God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior"

Oscar Origin and Meaning

The name Oscar is a boy's name of English, Irish origin meaning "God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior".
Oscar has Irish and Norse roots—Norse Oscar comes from the Old English Osgar, a variation of the Old Norse name Ásgeirr. The Irish form was derived from the Gaelic elements os, meaning “deer,” and car, “loving.” In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors of his generation, the son of Ossian and the grandson of Finn Mac Cumhaill (MacCool).

Oscar, a round and jovial choice, is a grandpa name that's fast taking over from such urban trendies as Max and Sam. Actors Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson chose Oscar for their sons.

In addition to being a top name in Sweden, where it has royal connection, Oscar ranks high on popularity lists in all the English-speaking countries as well as in France and Spain.

Famous Oscars include Wilde (whose given name was Fingal), Isaac, Madison, Hammerstein, Peterson, de la Renta, the Academy Award, and the Grouch.
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Famous People Named Oscar

  • Oscar I (Joseph François Oscar Bernadotte) and Oscar II (Oscar Fredrik)Kings of Sweden
  • (Oscar)Claude Monet, French painter
  • Oscar Fingall O'Flaherty Wills WildeIrish novelist and playwright
  • Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida NiemeyerBrazilian Modernist architect
  • Oscar Greeley Clendenning Hammerstein IIAmerican lyricist
  • Oscar de la HoyaAmerican boxer
  • Oscar Leonard Carl PistoriusSouth African sprinter
  • Oscar Emmanuel PetersonCanadian jazz pianist
  • Oscar Isaac (Hernandez)Guatemalan,American actor
  • Oscar Arístides de la RentaDominican fashion designer
  • Óscar HernandezSpanish tennis player
  • Oscar RobertsonAmerican basketball player
  • Óscar FreireSpanish cyclist
  • Oscar GarciaLopez, American designer & contestant on TV's "Under the Gunn"
  • Oscar Carl OlofPrince of Sweden, Duke of Skåne
  • Óscar Albeiro Figueroa MosqueraColombian weightlifter
  • Oscar MoralesYouTuber
  • Oscar Vai To'elau KightleySamoan,born New Zealand actor
  • Oscar Humphries (b. 1981)son of actor/comedian Barry Humphries
  • Oscar Wakeman (b. 1986)son of keyboardist Rick Wakeman of Yes
  • Oscar Birdsall (b. 1988)son of actors Gwyneth Strong and Jesse Birdsall
  • Oscar Lauterbach (b. 1988)son of actors Heiner Lauterbach and Katja Flint
  • Oscar (b. 1995)son of singer Karen Cheryl
  • Oscar Mikael Bolyos (b. 1996)son of singers Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos
  • Oscar Nick (b. 1996)son of Prince Heinrich of Hanover and actress Désirée Nick
  • Oscar Maximillian Jackman (b. 2000)son of actor Hugh Jackman
  • Oscar (b. 2001)son of model Esther De Jong
  • Oscar Bruel (b. 2003)son of singer/actor Patrick Bruel
  • Oscar Crochu (b. 2003)son of tennis player Alexandra Fusai and David Crochu
  • Oscar Sampson (b. 2006)son of TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher and Paul Sampson
  • Oscar Griffiths (b. 2007)son of actress Gillian Anderson and Mark Griffiths
  • Oscar Boël O'Hare (b. 2008)son of Delphine Boël; grandson of King Albert II of Belgium
  • Oscar William King (b. 2009)son of footballer Steven King
  • Oscar John Pryor (b. 2010)son of radio and TV personality Jono Pryor
  • Oscar Dylan Judd (b. 2011)son of model Rebecca Judd and footballer Chris Judd
  • Oscar Dempsey (b. 2012)son of athletes Nick Dempsey and Sarah Ayton
  • Oscar Noxonson of TV producer Jenji Kohan and Christopher Noxon
  • Oscar Holly Marmet (b. 2016)son of actress Robin Tunney
  • Prince Oscar Carl Olaf of SwedenDuke of Skåne (b. 2016), son of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland and Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland
  • Oscar James Ramsay (b. 2019)son of British chef, restaurateur, & TV personality Gordon Ramsay

Oscar in Pop Culture

  • OscarIrish mythological warrior; son of Oisín and Niamh
  • Oscar Nicodemus Pendletoncharacter in "The Author's Apprentice"
  • Oscar Madisona main character in The Odd Couple series
  • Oscar the GrouchMuppet on TV's "Sesame Street"
  • Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggsfull name of the Wizard of Oz
  • Baby Oscarcharacter in movie "Ghostbusters II"
  • Oscar Martinezcharacter on US TV series "The Office"
  • Oscar BluthGeorge Bluth's twin brother on TV's "Arrested Development"
  • Oscarcatfish in animated series "Fish Hooks"
  • Oscarcharacter on animated series "True Jackson VP"
  • Oscar Pinecharacter in the web series "RWBY"
  • Oscar François de Jarjayes or Lady Oscarthe main character in "The Rose of Versailles" anime and manga
  • Oscar Goldmancharacter on TV's The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman
  • Oscar Shalescharacter on TV's Prison Break
  • Oscara Lance Knight in video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  • Oscar Blaketoncharacter in British TV series Heartbeat
  • Oscar Branningcharacter on British soap EastEnders
  • Oscar Osbornecharacter on British soap Hollyoaks
  • Oscarknight in the video game Dark Souls
  • Oscarminor character on TV's "The Walking Dead"
  • "Oscar" 1991 movie and a minor character
  • Oscarnickname of the Academy Award
  • George Oscar Bluth(GOB) oldest son of Lucille and George Bluth on Arrested Development

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