Gender: Male Meaning of Jasper: "bringer of treasure" Origin of Jasper: Persian Jasper's Popularity in 2018: #154

Jasper Origin and Meaning

The name Jasper is a boy's name of Persian origin meaning "bringer of treasure".

Jasper originated as a variation of the Latin Gaspar, which ultimately derived from the Persian word ganzabara, meaning “bringer of treasure.” As a given name, Jasper’s etymology is unrelated to that of the gemstone, which comes from a Semitic word meaning “speckled stone.” Jasper is the usual English form for one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the infant Christ according to medieval tradition and appears in the Bible as a reference to the stone itself in Revelations 4:3.

Jasper has a lot going for it—it's been rocketing up the ranks in the US, after long being considered a posh and charming name in England. Distinctly masculine, Jasper represents a variety of quartz—one of the few gem names for boys—and is the first name of the great modern artist Jasper Johns. Our only caveat: Jasper is a favorite of a lot of hip parents, and has gotten even more popular since its strong appearance in the Twilight books and movies.

Jasper has considerable literary cred as well, appearing in works by Sir Walter Scott, James Fenimore Cooper, Thackeray, and Thomas Hardy--as well as Stephenie Meyer.

Casper/Caspar is the German version.

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Caspar, Gasper, Jas, Jaspar, Jaz, Jazper, Jespar, Jesper


ParanoidAndroid Says:


A name best suited for an old, fatigued hound dog. But if you want to name your kid this, go ahead, it’s an okay name.

ethereality Says:


honestly though

ethereality Says:


tHiS iS gArNeT
bAcK tOgEtHeR-

(honestly though @i have no life, your username is such a mood)

Hides Says:


My son is Jasper Hugo. We get compliments all the time. I've personally not met another one.

kankhen Says:


Beautiful name in my opinion! It has a lot of character

TechnoKitten Says:



cheesy-biscuit Says:


Jasper is the name of a mush loved dog that will soon be gone. I would definitely consider using this as a mn as a good namesake.

Asterflamey Says:


I love this name! It's so mellifluous while being masculine.

DewiSofia Says:


Ooh it's now exactly nine months ago. What did you go with? Jasper Francis is such a great name!

elle.davis Says:


i know i'd been itching to type "Horace" in those threads that asked for names that go with Jasper hahaha

Oceanblue1904 Says:


Cute name, that's why I named my baby Jasper.

idontknowwhattonamemyself Says:


f u

Alesha1 Says:


This name sounds so cute, yet strong. Jasper would be adorable on a baby and strong an formal on an adult. Jasper was going to be my younger sister's name. It sounds nice as a girls name too.

Kibby Says:


As a previous commenter mentioned, this is the name of a National Park, Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. It’s my strongest association with the name. It’s a beautiful park in the Canadian Rockies and is very popular, many Albertans and British Columbians would associate Jasper with this place.

Smollie Says:


I just watched 101 Dalmatians and one of the dog snatcher's is named Jasper. Kind of been put off that name now.

Kimberly Abbott Says:


reminds me too much of casper... ;-(

pixelatedinfants Says:


how is it a bad thing to have a name associated with SU????

pixelatedinfants Says:


in my favorite show steven universe there's a girl named jasper

pixelatedinfants Says:


hi its lapis send help even though im not lapis anymore -- we're malachite now

pixelatedinfants Says:


dammmit you stole my line

celesteteal78 Says:


I am an elementary teacher, so choosing a name was challenging for me. But my husband's best friend's middle name is Jasper. I had never heard or considered the name before. And it just stuck! We now have a Jasper Francis. We call him "Jazzy". We are very happy with our choice. Now what to name boy #2????

nails4breakfast Says:


This is my brother's name. I've always thought it was really cool, it's unique without being unrecognizable, and I've only met about one other person with the name. Only downside is that now people are starting to associate it with the villain from Steven Universe.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name so much

indiefendi2 Says:


a celebrity has a daughter named Casper, variation of Jasper, and I said.....hmmm, that's not as crazy as it seems!

whatchamacallit Says:


Second that! I like it on either gender but I'd love to use it for a girl. With names like Harper, Juniper and Piper catching on, I don't see why this one wouldn't. Though I would be sad if it went completely to the girls side. : /

Jessi19lynn96 Says:


I enjoy the sound of this name and the fact it sounds trendy but is actually a solid legit name. I don't like that it is the name of Villains however!

claracooks Says:


I absolutely love this name! I chose it for my son, Jasper Calloway! It's handsome, cute and the meaning is a nice touch! :)

geegodofsass Says:


I prefer Jasper as a girl name, I dont particularly think it sounds masculine at all.

Louisa Says:


Before I think of the stone, Twilight or some other TV villains, I think of Jasper National Park. What a BEAUTIFUL place and a handsome name to match.

I have no life Says:



Candy Says:


I named my son Jasper, he will be 23 soon... An amazing smart young man, noble, loyal, rich in heart, manneristic young man. I couldnt have dreamed up a better son. He is MY rock!!

racheljean Says:


I think this name is really cute, a cuter version of Casper in my opinion.

Bobcat108 Says:


Jasper was a positive character in the classic children's book Five Little Peppers & How They Grew. The youngest girl couldn't pronounce his name properly & called him "Japser." :)

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I don't think it sounds hippy... but then I could just be grossly uninformed. I actually adore this name, even with the Twilight association. I'm no longer a fan, having grown tired of the series a few years ago. But Jasper Hale is still a very strong and interesting character in my own opinion, and the Twilight craze is nearly vanished now. Distinctive, old-world, charismatic... I LOVE it. <3

headintheclouds Says:


Jasper IMO, is a very film noir, jazzy, effortlessly cool name. I'd imagine a Jasper to be a more quiet, artistic soul, or a more smart witty person with a sarcastic sense of humor. Jasper also sounds like a very... sharp and pointy name to me? Can't really describe it in a better way than that. I suppose that's why it's been used more as a villain name in movies and books, at least before Twilight came along.

emmie113 Says:


Had a twice-great-grandfather called James Jasper; he went by his middle name. Very spunky and cute, but the cool thing is that it can transition from baby to kid to adult quite seamlessly.

bearcub27 Says:


Jasper is so fantastically cool to me, even with the Twilight connection. It feels so very posh and so very British!

Rush1986 Says:


i really do like this name. I think its very unique but can age well. I think the connection with Twilight is dwindling and i personally dont know any pets, or people with this name.

Noey Says:


I can see the appeal of this name. The only problem is that my fiance's mother had a dog named "Jasper". It's a very popular pet name to my understanding.

Emmilou Says:


My eldest son is Jasper but it is definitely a popular dog name haha. Love it anyway

clairels Says:


Jasper=tall skinny bad guy from "101 Dalmatians." Sorry.

AnonymousPerson Says:


Love this. I also like Kaspar and Casper...rather a lot.

Guest Says:


My pastor has a dog named Jasper hahahahahah

chlardmarham Says:


I know a lot of pets named Jasper...

vampangel Says:


Love it, especially for a boy and I think shortened to Jas is pretty cool too.

Guest Says:


This name is growing on me but there's something weird about it to me.

Update: probably because every Jasper I've heard on tv is a villain. And my pastor's dog's name is Jasper!

robisonga Says:


This is such a cute name. I have a student with it, and it fits perfectly. I had originally NOT liked it because of the Twilight association, but all of that nonsense is fading away so quickly now. All that remains is a really solid name.