Gender: Female Meaning of Beatrice: "she who brings happiness; blessed" Origin of Beatrice: Latin Beatrice's Popularity in 2019: #562

Beatrice Origin and Meaning

The name Beatrice is a girl's name of Italian, Latin origin meaning "she who brings happiness; blessed".

Beatrice is derived from Beatrix, a Latin name meaning “she who brings happiness.” Beatrice was the name of Queen Victoria's youngest child. And in Dante's epic poem The Divine Comedy, Beatrice is his guide through Paradise and is idealized as the embodiment of the spirit of love. In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice is the witty, high-spirited heroine. Other variants of the name include the French Béatrice and the Spanish and Portuguese Beatriz.

Beatrice is back. Stored in the attic for almost a century, the lovely Beatrice with its long literary (Shakespeare, Dante) and royal history is being looked at with fresh eyes by parents (such as Paul McCartney and Bryce Dallas Howard) seeking a classic name with character and lots of upbeat nicknames, like Bea and Bee. Beatrice has some competition with more exotic Beatrix and Beatriz these days. Beatrice is far more popular in the UK.

Nickname Bea actually stood alone on the popularity lists for four years at the beginning of the twentieth century—and it could happen again. Bea is sleek and modern, while Trixie sounds vintage and sassy—though if you favor Trixie, you may want to consider the Beatrix version of the name, which is reminiscent of watercolorist and children's author Beatrix Potter and has that surprising -x ending. Beatrice, on the other hand, feels gentler and more classic.

The Duke and Duchess of York, aka Fergie and Prince Andrew, thrust Beatrice back into the public eye when they chose it for their older daughter in 1988. The name can be pronounced with two syllables, BEE- or BEH-tris; with three, as in BEE- or BAY-ah-tris; or, as the Italians say it, with a magisterial four, bay-ah-TREE-chay.

Other names that mean happiness: Felicity and Hilary, either of which would make a good twin or sister name for Beatrice. Beatrice is also among the relatively rare girl names starting with B that has a lot of current style value.

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Famous People Named Beatrice

Pop Culture References for the name Beatrice

Trixie, Trixi, Bea, Beat, Beatriss, Bice, Bee, Beata, Beatie, Beah, Trix, Beatris, Trixy

Beatrice's International Variations

Betrys (Welsh) Béatrice (French) Beatrix (Dutch) Beatrice (Italian) Beatrisa (German) Beatha (Irish) Beatriz (Spanish) Beate (Norwegian) Beitris (Scottish Gaelic)


thythy Says:


Sounds elegant and classic.

Aurelius Says:


I've fallen in love with this name recently! In the (one of many) story I'm writing, Beatrice is the protagonist who is intelligent, clever, and tentative.

Banannabelle Says:


I think this is a wonderful name that sounds charming for both, a little girl and a woman. It is an old lady name, but I am fond of those. I put it in the same category as Hazel, Eleanor, Frances, Margaret, Ruth, etc. One thing I love about the name is that it's classic, but still fairly uncommon. So many nicknames for this one; we call our Beatrice, Bea, Beets, Beets-a-pizza (Little Cesar's commercial), Beezus, Sweet Bea, Bebe, Eat Rice (which I do not love, but that my husband thinks is funny) :). It's a name that has just the right amount of wit, charm, and femininity. I also especially love that it isn't some variation on a male name. This is all girl, and I'm proud of that.

Leah_ Says:


I really really really dislike this name. I love vintage/classic names, but I can’t stand Beatrice.

Mizumii Says:


The name Beatrice always makes me smile when I see it and I don't know why. A lot of people are saying It's an old lady name but honestly I don't see that. Beatrice.

Beatrice Says:


My name is Beatrice and I find it confusing because so many people have pronounced my name differently but I pronounce it as (bee-yah-tris), if that makes sense. My nicknames were and are Beah and for fun, Beetroot.

FantasyandPrayer Says:


I can't imagine not having a daughter called Beatrice one day. Its one of my all time favourite names

Samsonite Says:


Hideous, plodding, unattractive name.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love this name so much! The meaning, the sound even the way it looks just makes me so giddy and happy!

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name. I prefer it to Beatrix, although the nickname Trixie is nice. Bea is a cute nickname, either way.

Chae-Eun Says:


I absolutely LOVE this name, but I can't turn off the part of my brain that shouts: "AAAA --- IT SAID BEAT RICE!!" And then I start to imagine all the Beatrice characters I know (like Tris Prior) beating rice with a baseball bat. And then it conjures Coach Hedge shouting "DIE!!!" and stuff. It's a disaster. But I LOVE it, I'm using it in a story.

gmdx Says:


I don't think I ever actually read them, but the connection seems way too obvious for sisters. I've actually reversed my position since I made the post. Beatrice is the current favorite. :)

Yessica Says:


Trice pairs of shoes.
I have trice pairs of shoes...

snowsbeloved Says:


Like Ramona and Beatrice? Did you read Cleary growing up?? :)

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I love Beatrice, I think it is so lovely and feminine. To me, Bea is an old lady nickname, but Tris is a more youthful option!

JazzDeSaturn Says:


My husband and I like this name for the Shakespearean reference. I think it's quite nice. It's also my younger cousins name. We always called her Bea.

Baby Bea...I think it has a nice ring to it :)

BeatriceElizabeth Says:


My name is Beatrice but I definitely prefer the way we pronounce it here in Italy (Bay-ah-tree-chay) .Like many people, I went through a phase where I didn't like my name, but studying Dante's poetry and reading the Divine Comedy I completely changed my mind

Beatriz Says:


My name is Beatriz and it's pronounced as Bi-a-tris

nipnerb Says:


It's a lovely name, but whenever I read it I read "Beat Rice" beat as in winning, and rice as in the grain. The name itself is still beautiful, but I prefer Beatrix.

SimoneKadele Says:


This sounds so much better when pronounced with three syllables. I don't know anyone who pronounces it BEE-tris, but it doesn't sound very pleasant.

MaryKathryn Says:


This is my middle name go to of the moment, but I fear it will be the next Anne, Nicole, or Grace.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I prefer Beatrix over this one.

Essa Says:


All of these words definitely have 2 syllables, very confusing!

Sorceress Says:


I'm so glad Beatrice can be pronounced Bay-ah-tris, because this is how I pronounce it and love it more than Beatrix. Also love Italian pronunciation, which is nice, since that would probably hear more often, since I live in Croatia.

Rush1986 Says:


lol i know. To honour her i would rather call my child Dorothy. Honestly, Rose and Sophia have become super popular. Maybe Dorothy and Blanche are gonna make a comeback?

Fiona Says:


this is such an old person name lol hate it

beatrice Says:


i realy love the name Beatrice when i got to no the meaning is not really the pronouciation of a name that matters but its meaning

Catastroffy Says:


We must have very different accents!

indiefendi2 Says:


It's 3 syllables. Beya-tris. But I like Beatriz or Behati more. They have more of a rhythm to it.

steampunkleo Says:


Haha, I can't do it! I pronounce deer like dee-er. I'd get it if you were saying bee-trice, but beer is bee-er to me. I'll youtube it and see how wrong I am aha.

ccomp12 Says:


All the Beatrices that I know pronounce it as 3 syllables: bee-uh-triss.

Catastroffy Says:


You do? But mere rhymes with deer. I pronounce Beatrice "beer-triss".

steampunkleo Says:


Well, I pronounce mere with two syllables, so I honestly can't figure out how you're saying it!

Catastroffy Says:


I've known several Beatrices, one of which is a very close friend, and I've always heard it as having two syllables, the first syllable rhyming with mere and the second with miss.

nessette Says:


I've always pronounced it "bee-ah-triss"...

hayden_cole Says:


I love this name because of its wonderful, compelling association with Dante and his poetry. For me and my soon-to-be wife, this is our top choice.

gmdx Says:


I love Beatrice, but Beatrix reminds me too much of Bellatrix. Sadly, I doubt I'll use this one, as I like the name Ramona far more.

PoppyOrangey Says:


This will forever remind me of my great aunt Beattie. She was confused and she always thought I was my mother... It wasn't her fault, but now I just can't get way from the old lady association.

Catastroffy Says:


I love Beatrice and Beatrix equally, although Beatrice is smoother. They are classic and charming, and I adore the nickname Bea!

jordalini Says:


I don't understand this name. I like the be sound, but everything after that sounds harsh. also I still know a bunch of old people with this name.

ShunPun Says:


I was on the hate wagon for a looong time with this name, but I'm surprised to how much it grew on me. I don't think it would ever make the Top 10 in naming a future daughter, but still pretty.

clairels Says:


No offense to Beatrice Arthur, but this is still "Golden Girls" to me.

clairels Says:


It's popular on Nameberry, but it's still in the 500s in the real world, and I don't see it skyrocketing any time soon. I think it's still safe to say your Beatrice will be the only one in her class.

vintageluvs Says:


Even though Beatrix is the original Latin spelling (and has received a LOT of compliments on nb), I personally prefer Beatrice. It is my all time favorite! :)

Hydra Says:


Beat the rice, beat the rice, beat it! I find Beatrix more appealing.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Personally like Beatrice, but I can see why you don't like harsh sounding syllables in names. That's why I don't like Sebastian, it just sounds like seh BASH tin to me.

Candler Says:


I really, really don't like this name and I'm not sure why. The name sounds so harsh to my ears. BEAT-rice. The first syllable is like an explosion.

Guest Says:


Trying to like this name but I think I like Beatriz more

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the main character in Divergent is named Beatrice. It is an awesome movie. But then again, she goes by Tris most of the time, except for at the beginning.

MaryKathryn Says:


Same here, but I'm worried that it's getting too popular!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I used to not like it too much, but then I decided I did. I like Beatrice much better than Beatrix

raevynstar Says:


I love this name! :)