Gender: Female Pronunciation: IHM-eh-jen Meaning of Imogen: "maiden" Origin of Imogen: Celtic

Imogen Origin and Meaning

The name Imogen is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning "maiden".

Imogen seems to have originated as a Shakespearean printer's misspelling of the traditional Celtic name Innogen, used by him for a character in one of his last plays, Cymbeline. The Innogen of legend, who Shakespeare’s character was based on, was the wife of Brutus of Troy, the first king of Britian. Her name was derived from the Gaelic word inghean, meaning “daughter” or “maiden.”

Imogen is a Shakespearean girls' name long fashionable in England, which temporarily lost its way here when spelled and pronounced ihm-oh-GENE. Pronounced the British way—the initial i is short as in Kim, as is the final e as in Ken—Imogen is as pretty and classy as it is distinctive. Imogen also gained attention through its link to Grammy-winning musician Imogen Heap.

Imogen seems to have originated as a Shakespearean printer's misspelling of the traditional Celtic name Innogen, used by him for a charming and impetuous character in one of his last plays, Cymbeline.

Though never in the American Top 1000, Imogen has gained a lot of favor in recent years among stylish parents, so you may find more little Imogens in your hip neighborhood than that statistic would suggest. In fact, Imogen recently displaced Charlotte as the breakout Number 1 among girl names on Nameberry for the first half of 2013. In England and Wales, the stylish Imogen is currently Number 42. It's the second most popular name on Nameberry.

Other pluses: Imogen has the wonderful namesake photographer Imogen Cunningham and also a meaning that can't be topped. Immy is the cute diminutive; in the book and movie Fried Green Tomatoes, the character Imogene's nickname was Idgie.

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Pop Culture References for the name Imogen

Imogine, Imogenia, Emogene, Innogen, Imojeen, Imogene, Innogene, Imojean, Emogen, Immy


Raegan. Says:


It looks like a beautiful name but I imagine people finding it hard to pronounce

imogen- Says:


I didn't like my name growing up and insisted on being called Immi instead (it's symmetrical ahaha). However, now that I'm older I appreciate it more and I like it's vintage feel.

ivy194 Says:


At first when I first say it, I wasn't exactly fond of it.
Now, it's growing on me! I have a book character named Imogen, nicknamed Ginny!

XxstinkerbellxX Says:


I like this one. I don't really know why, but feels almost futuristic and sci-fi to me. Super cool.

Rainbowspiggy Says:


I'd rather name my daughter Pigeon than Imogen. But hey ho my mother loves this name.

Mheller0124 Says:


Mine is Auburn 🥰

Mheller0124 Says:


As an American, I agree with you. This is my daughter's name and we adore everything about it. No one understands it though, at the doctors office they just look at us and wave us back. Everyone hating it just doesn't understand!

Mheller0124 Says:


This is my first borns name, and we love it. I love vowel names and this not only sounds pretty but looks pretty as well.

She lives up to her name sake, Imogene Threadgoodge, or Idgie as we call her. We loved the sound and look of the original spelling and the Shakespeare reference. Her name is Imogen Mae (Idgie Mae). We hope she loves it as much as we do!

fromtheocean12 Says:


Personally I don't understand all the comments about how Imogen is a terrible name! I pronounce it more like IM-uh-jin and think it sounds and looks lovely. I guess everyone just has different opinions, I just didn't expect so many negative ones!

ShiningMoon Says:


I can't like this name. Even if I tried to. I just don't see the appeal of it.

mamanmia Says:


@India how on earth would you know if we have dreary names? That's quite a generalisation which you have no proof of. I'm afraid that the whole point of nameberry is people sharing their honest opinions on names. Not all of which will be favourable, that's life. If you can't cope with others having a different opinion to you, maybe Nameberry isn't for you.
Besides which, i'm not entirely sure you're not a troll. Your story keeps changing- first its your niece named Imogen who was heartbroken by these comments (why would you even be showing a litttle kid Nameberry comments if you know there are going to be unfavourable ones and she's that sensitive?) and now its your daughter named Imogen. Why are these inconsistencies happening? Surely you wouldn't get your own daughter and niece confused.
Personally, i like the name Imogen but there are others who don't and they are entitled to express their opinion, which they have done for the most part politely, without rude comments. That's free speech. Maybe you and your niece/daughter need to get a thicker skin because in the real world there are going to be people who don't agree with you and that's their right.
As CaroSombrero said, there is no point in having a comments section if people aren't allowed to state their opinion in it. Then the comments have no value because they aren't true. They're just someone writing what you want to hear. Most people come to the comments because they want to know what people actually think of names, not to read meaningless compliments.

mamanmia Says:


you're probably right about it being a character in an Enid Blyton novel, as it was her daughter's name.

Richard Lowndes Says:


No one in Britain would say Im-oh-gene. It's IM-uh-juhn.

Richard Lowndes Says:


We call our daughter Imo.

Richard Lowndes Says:


I'd say the second and third syllables are both a schwa. That's definitely the case here in the UK. Very popular here at the moment. I can certainly see that said in an American accent the name would sound very peculiar.

J. Says:


Such a pretty name. In my top few!

Laura327 Says:


Our Imogen's nickname is Ginny since it's prounounced "IM-oh-jin". Ginny works great, though the spellin is off, but that's okay!

funnymonkey Says:


Have I been pronouncing it wrong? I pronounce it Ih-mow-gen.

VelvetEar Says:


At first I didn't like it, but its growing on me

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely name

Mariank Says:


Imogen came from Innogen.

JossieChris Says:


I love this name but I think people would just hear emoji

rwuel001 Says:


true but depending on where you live (i.e the southern states) it will be pronounced IMM-O-gene

rwuel001 Says:



rwuel001 Says:


i dont understand the craze with this name. Coming from a girl raised in the south... this name sounds like a redneck

xhart Says:


Not a fan. It's very cold and clinical sounding. I just can't imagine this as a name for anything other than a questionable pharmaceutical that will quickly be recalled. Also, that fact that it's just a misspelling of a name makes me like it even less. I heard this name a few years ago and I've never been able to warm up to the cold name.

beachbear Says:


Just IMAGINE the different vibe this name would have with a slight spelling change: IMAGEN.

foreverharriet Says:


I'm really quite fond of Imogen (which I pronounce IM-oh-gin), although I think of it as a bit of a nineties baby name. I knew a few growing up.

Toya B Says:


I have so many friends with the name Imogen, it's funny! In my year at school there are two girls called Imogen, both with surnames starting in M, so that rules out calling them 'Imogen M' and 'Imogen X'. Therefore, they have to both have very different nicknames. One we call Imo or Immy, the other Emoji, Moji or Moge.

I love the full name, but at school it seems that your name has to be at most 2 syllables, else it 'needs' a shorter nickname!

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Lol Brits don't pronounce it Im-oh-gene. That's how the spelling Imogene is pronounced. We pronounce it Im-uh-jin or Im-oh-jen like Nameberry suggests.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Wow this name really does get a lot of hate! Imogen is a beautiful name, and I picture a sweet, dark haired girl picking daisies. It's pronounced Imm-uh-jin, a bit like Emma with an I and then Jin. At least that's how us English pronounce it. Its really pretty and should be used more often. Plus, the nickname Immy is adorable, along with Iggy, Gem and someone mentioned Mimi which is really cute! :)

eveyalecia Says:


Love Mo as a nickname!

cabosanmucus Says:


I thought this name was super ugly but now I realize actually has some charm to it. 🤔

Victoria Jones Says:


We have a four year old Imogen and I love her name! I always imagined using a super girly name like Isabella or Sophia. But as soon as I heard my husband suggest Imogen, that was it!
Her nicknames are Immy. Im and Mo.

We're Aussies and have found Americans do struggle with her name. Wanting to say eye-mo-gene instead of im-oh-jen. (The oh is more of a schwa).

The appeal for me was its tough beauty. Strong yet still a bit girly.

I'm totally biased though.

Victoria Jones Says:


My Imogen is a cute sweet blonde 👧🏼






I agree this name sucks!

Caitlyn Says:


I personally agree with you, but some people may disagree. Embarrassingly enough, I was working as a volunteer at a summer camp and kept pronouncing Imogen with a hard g (the way I thought sounded lovely and also what I thought was right). I didn't expect to see an Imogen in Canada, as it's pretty uncommon here, and after countless times of mispronunciation the camper had to correct me; albeit a little annoyed.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I first came across this name in a book and thought it was pronounced IM-oh-gen (with a hard g). I like that better. IM-eh-jen sounds like emotion mixed with image. Or imaging with some sort of accent.

snowsbeloved Says:


I love the history and spunk of this name and the fact that there isn't really another name like it, but I can't get on board with how it sounds, with all of its slight variations of pronunciation. I like Immy better. But that's just a nickname.

snowsbeloved Says:


I was wondering the same thing!

snowsbeloved Says:


This site is not for you then, India :(

grace147 Says:


I wouldn't name my girl this (maybe), but I have a weird liking for this name and think it is very feminine and pretty.

grace147 Says:


I have a liking for this name. I wouldn't name my daughter this, but I think it does sound feminine and I like the unique feel to it.

Essa Says:


Wow, people are so stupid, what kind of a name is Imiogen? I love Imogen and love Immy even more. I've know quite a few Imogen's and they've all been lovely. It's a great name!

Essa Says:


How Imng pronounced!?

Imogen_Paige Says:


People misspell/pronounce my name all the time.
Usually I'm known by my nickname Immi, so it is assumed that Imogen is spelt like Immiogen or Imiogen (IM-EE-OH-JEN).
When I was little I hated my name, well I still do but there's no point making a fuss over something you can't change.

SimoneKadele Says:


I know "color" and "colour" are pronounced the same. It was just an example of how things can be different without being wrong. As they say, tomayto, tomahto. ;)

vintageisfave Says:


It's pronounced IM-oh-jen, as seen in the name page.

Bton Says:


Color and colour are pronounced the same. But hey, you have an opinion. Good for you!

Gondolin Says:


I think Imogen is pretty bad-ass. There's one thing I don't understand, though. The explanation says Imogen is a misspelling of Innogen, then when I click on Innogen, it says "variation of Imogen". Circular argument..?

Scallion Martin Says:


That's what I thought of that it sound like some kind of product...halogen that is! Immy is a nice nickname however.

Party_of_Five_JCKH Says:


I was TOTALLY pronouncing this wrong, haha. After knowing the proper pronounciation it's definitely prettier.

Pheonix Says:


I Pronounce it IMM -O -gene, but that's wrong I think.

Catastroffy Says:


I think Imogen is a lovely name. It has a distinguished history with the Shakespearan connection and makes me think of the quality of imagination; it sounds similar to "imagine". It can be shortened to Immie, Mimi, Midge or Mog (or Gen, but I find that comes less naturally as the last syllable isn't stressed), which are all adorable.

Hydra Says:


I think I love you a little bit, Caro.

CaroSombrero Says:


That's funny. Earlier it was your niece.

CaroSombrero Says:


What is the point of having a comments section if people are only supposed to compliment the name? Why even bother talking about it?

CaroSombrero Says:


If your niece is that sensitive, you probably shouldn't be reading things on the internet with her without going over them yourself first. People can post anything here, you really shouldn't be showing little kids anything on the internet without going over it yourself first. Alicia1 put their opinion very nicely and without using harsh words. You need to chill.

zuzana Says:


I really dislike this. I have a strong reaction against it

strawberrydino Says:


Lol! It has nothing to do with me being open minded. Seems like you're a little quick to judge! I don't like Imogen because of personal reasons, if you must need to know..

Sunkiss Says:


Before I read the pronunciation I thought it sounded like 'emoji', the symbols used in texting.

SimoneKadele Says:


Also there is its ancestor Innogen.

SimoneKadele Says:


Imogene?? But love the original spelling most. :)

SimoneKadele Says:


We do get it! I-M-O-G-E-N. Also, calling IM-oh-geen wrong is just ridiculous, sorry. It's a variant pronunciation. That's like saying that spelling "color" like "colour" is wrong! Also, personally I prefer IM-oh-geen to IM-ih-gen...

india Says:


Hi, my niece is named Imogen. We call her Im or her regular name. When she was little she would call herself Imo (eeh-mo). :)

india Says:


Emogen, Ihmojën, Immojenne, Imogenne, Imojenne. Imohgenne.

india Says:


However, you do have the right to your own opinion, just put it more kindly.

india Says:


However, you do have the right to your own opinion, just put it more nicely.

india Says:


ok, but i encourage open mindedness

india Says:


Stop. It's PRONOUNCED Ih-MOe-jEhn. Somebody probably was very depressed after reading this. Who nos where that dear soul is now. People are like that and this adds to it.

india Says:


Exactly! My daughter is an Imogen and I would much rather (if my name were Imogen) be called that than Apple, or something crazy as is the trend.

india Says:



india Says:


I respect your opinion, however, my niece and I were looking at baby names for her mother and she saw her name and was intrigued. After reading these comments, she ran away crying saying how people thought she had a hideous name. Please, don't be a hater because we can be haters too and you wouldn't like it.

india Says:


hahaha, all the Imogen's I have met have dark hair.

india Says:


I feel like these people don't know what a name is; it is what your parents give you with love and you mold into your life. I feel like most of the people on here don't realize some poor harassed soul is reading this and say, "nobody likes my name". How would you like if I insulted the dreary names that you all have. This is a beautiful vibrant name, and even if you have your own opinion (which deserves respect) please keep it to yourself and leave the sweet humans blessed with this name alone.

Jill Says:


My youngest daughter is named Imogen... we call her Mij as a diminutive.

Brownton Says:


If it seems clunky, you are probably pronouncing it incorrectly.

Bton Says:


Americans don't really seem to "get" this name. They misspell or mispronounce it frequently. It has more currency in England or Australia. That said, on American shores, it does still seem pretty unique/rare, whereas in Australia you'd be more likely to find another Immy in town.

Saffron_Rice Says:


Shakespeare wrote this name as Innogen - Imogen is the result of a printer's error. I just think of halogen lights. Not a fan.

scblovesnames Says:


I pronounce this IM-oh-Jen. Close enough to the British I guess. I love this name, thinking of using it as a middle.

Imogen Says:


I'm a Brit, now living in the US, my name is Imogen and it's only since I moved to the USA that anyone has tried to call me Imo-GENE (ugh, shudder). The British pronunciation is IM-oh-jen with the emphasis on the first syllable and a short 'i' sound. I struggled with the name growing up, but I love it now.

imogenn Says:


I don't know why there are so many bad comments on this. My name is Imogen-Sky and I personally think it's quite an alright name compared to some things parents call their children these days :)

SimoneKadele Says:


I actually prefer the pronunciation Im-oh-gene!

imogen123 Says:


Imogen is the BEST NAME EVER!!!!! it is #1 so far and deserves to be everyday

headintheclouds Says:


I used to think Imogen sounded smarmy and overly fussy-vintage (and I actually like some older and clunkier-sounding names like Winifred and and Iris). I could only imagine the name on spoiled boarding school girl characters in Enid Blythe novels, or on older ladies.

But Nameberry preferences have changed my opinion on this name. I started seeing Imogen more often around the site, and now I think it's charming, unexpected and quite lovely! It's not close to being in my favorites list, but I definitely like to see other people using Imogen.

Fiona Says:


I think this name is incredibly ugly sounding, all i can think of is Imogen Heap. It looks pretty written out though

lnxn09 Says:


I feel the NB popularity of this name is due mostly to the curiosity of its origins as a pose to a real liking toword it.

Catastroffy Says:


I'm British and I have always pronounced this "im-oh-juhn" not "im-oh-gene". I always thought the latter was an American pronunciation.

Scarlett Robinson Says:


Awesome name. Wish it were mine

PoppyOrangey Says:


I've seen so many nickname ideas for Imogen in these comments. If it needs a nickname that badly I think there's a problem with it...

PoppyOrangey Says:


I really don't see the appeal of this name...

steampunkleo Says:


My friend named Imogen goes by Moggy

Guest Says:


one of my best friends name is Imogen, she doesn't like Immy but does like Imm and Imng. my other best friend has a unusual spelling of a name (Mchayela) so we go with her initials for a nickname (M.K) and for me (G.H) so maybe that would work.

Slaid Says:


The NB popularity of this name baffles me. To me, it is so clunky and disjointed.

kendallrhea1 Says:


I don't really understand why this name is so popular. It looks pretty I guess, but I dislike the pronunciation (and that's more important).

eveyalecia Says:


I'm thinking of using Minnie as a nickname for Imogen... Thoughts?

Addie88 Says:


This used to be one of my favorite names, but the magic seems to have faded for me. I guess that means its not the one.

Guest Says:


Jen would work for a nn.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I only know of one Imogen too, but just as an FYI, Imogen is #34 in Australia's top 100 names. I'm not trying to put you off using the name or anything though :)

April Says:


I love the name Imogen! It's edgy and quite unique here in Australia. I only know of 1 other child named Imogen. Anyone know of any other ways this name could be spelt?

Shishi Says:


lol for the longest time I thought this was pronounces Emo Jen, or im oh jen

AnonymousPerson Says:


I can't remember saying that...! I do like it.

AnonymousPerson Says:


That's funny; I picture a dark-haired girl.

pennylane13 Says:


My little one is Imogen Belle. She couldn't pronounce 'Immy', so started to call herself 'Mimi'. Which has now turned into 'Mimi-Belle'.
Which I think is beautifully feminine

jordalini Says:


When I first saw it I thought it was pronounce E-MOG-N which I think is much nice than IM-EH-GENE, this name sounds disjointed, and is yet another jen name. I don't this one will become popular, and that most people will pronounce your child's name wrong. It could be the PA-dutch that made me think that was the pronunciation, but then again it could just show that most Americans are not going to know how to pronounce it.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


When I see this name I picture a cute, sweet blonde girl. I like it but I personally wouldn't use it for my daughter.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I heard that the meaning of this was "image of her mother".

june7rose Says:


It's a lot like Edwina. When pronounced "I'm - O -GENE", this name is hopelessly lost in old ladyville, but it actually sounds very British upper crusty when pronounced "IMM-i-gin." "Ed-WEE-na" is hopeless, whereas" ED-win-a" is pretty.

pennylane13 Says:


My Imogen had trouble pronouncing 'Immy' when she was about 1. She would call herself 'Mimi'. It stuck, and even goes beautifully with her middle name! 'Mimi Belle'

Athena_hime15 Says:


To me this name doesn't sound very feminine, I don't really like it.

Alicia1 Says:


I am so surprised this is #2 on NB, I do not care for it at all, It does not look pretty written or sound pretty when spoken

strawberrydino Says:


I don't like this name one bit :/

unicornluvgirl Says:


I actually LOVE it

George Weilenmann Says:


Nicknames that are easily applied: Gem, Gen, Emmy, Immy, Genny, E.

Tracey Says:


I love this name also we named our daughter Imajen we just spelled it different

Imogene Says:


I quite like this name. :)

coreopsis Says:


I know an Imogen and we call her Mo- I think it's adorable!

kitchi1 Says:


Very surprised to see it's under top 1000.

kitchi1 Says:


It is pronounced Im-oh-jin, not like imagine.

HatGirl Says:


when i first saw this i thought it was pronouced {im o gin } not imagine

Imogen Rogers Says:


MY name is Imogen!!!!

kitchi1 Says:


I can really see this becoming a top name. I really like it, too. Many nickname choices such as Immy, Gene, Idgie, Idge, Midge, Gem, Meg, Iggy, etc, as well.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I loved this name when I was a little kid, but now I despise it.

Guest Says:


I always thought this was im-oh-gene like the Brits pronounce it. I like that pronunciation better. Anyway I don't like this name.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I don't like this name at all, either.

rainierloner Says:


I just noticed that NB changed the meaning from "beloved child" to "maiden"... Why? What happened?

Candler Says:


I can't decide if I like the name or not...maybe on a character in a story, probably not on a girl. Although I do like it's similarity to the word "Imagine"

leonoras Says:


I like it. It has a unique feel without being made-up.

rainierloner Says:


Gem is gorgeous! This is the perfect nickname for Imogen! Second of all I would have to say Genny, which is really cute too! I also like Meg, but it does seem kind of a big stretch... Thanks everyone!

minisia Says:


I like Gem as a nickname and I know of an Imogene who goes by Iggy.

Giinkies Says:


If you are okay with playing a little word scrabble you can also get Meg as a nickname.

faithnamer Says:


There's Genny!

rainierloner Says:


I absolutely love Imogen, but there aren't any good nicknames besides Immy and Gene...

Amossy226 Says:


I don't see this becoming a top name, despite Nameberry's predictions. I don't care for it at all :(

DryLake Says:


I can't believe that no one have commented on the fact that this name has no comments. It has now.