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Gender: Male Meaning of Nolan: "champion" Origin of Nolan: Irish Nolan's Popularity in 2017: #67

The name Nolan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "champion". Nolan is ranked #67 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Athletic Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

From the experts:

Nolan is one of the rising Irish surname names, in the spirit of Conan and Ronan, partially inspired by pitcher Nolan Ryan-- who was named Lynn at birth, after his father. Nolan is a cheerful, friendly traditional Irish surname with the appropriate meaning of "champion," and one of the new attractive boy names starting with N.

Nolan is now firmly in the Top 100, and is widely used in Canada, Belgium, and France.

Namesakes include fashion designer Nolan Miller and young Nolan Gould, who plays Luke on Modern Family. Nolan Ross is a character on Revenge; comic actress Molly Shannon named her son Nolan.

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Famous People Named Nolan

(Lynn) Nolan Ryan, American baseball pitcher
Nolan Gould, American child actor
Nolan Kay Bushnell, American engineer and entrepreneur
Nolan Alexander Carroll, American NFL player
Nolan Gallagher Reimold, American baseball player
Nolan Neil Cromwell, American NFL football coach
Nolan Bertrandoff Miller, American fashion designer
Nolan North, American voice actor
Nolan James Arenado, American baseball player
Nolan Richardson, American basketball coach
Nolan Roux, French footballer
Nolan Derek Smith, American basketball player
Nolan Gerard Funk, Canadian Actor
Nolan Sotillo, American actor
Nolan Emme, Youtube personality
Sydney Nolan, Australian artist famous for his Ned Kelly paintings
Christopher Nolan, British-American director
Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, British-American screenwriter, brother of Christopher Nolan
Nolan River Nicholas (b. 2011), son of actor Thomas Ian Nicholas & DJ Colette
Nolan Chesnut (b. 2005), son of actress Molly Shannon and artist Fritz Chesnut
Nolan James Crosby (b. 2010), son of NFL player Mason Crosby
Nolan Kennedy Ward (b. 2010), son of ice hockey player Cam Ward
Nolan Luca (b. 2014), son of YouTuber britneyandbaby

Pop Culture References for the name Nolan

Nolan Ross, character on TV's "Revenge"
David Nolan, alias of Prince Charming on "Once Upon a Time"
Nolan Hotchkiss, character in Sara Shepard's "The Perfectionists" and "The Good Girls"

Nolen, Nolyn, Nolin, Nolane, Nolande, Noland, Nollan


Lizzy Lou Says:


I know two. A Nolen and a Nolan. The former is a super nice dude, the latter is garbage. I like the name though.

Starelli Says:


As a teacher, I've taught six or seven children named Nolan. One of those children was a saint. The rest had varying levels of behavioural issues and/or ADHD.

Carolinekalmes Says:


I really like this name! I've never met a Nolan, but I love the sound of the name.

Carolinekalmes Says:


You wouldn't recommend it to others just because YOU have that random image from it?

I don't even slightly get that image. It sounds strong and handsome to me.

NameLover 11 Says:


This name is really cute. Great meaning too. It's getting really popular tho..

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm surprised this name isn't unisex. It would sound cute for a girl. I love Nola. This seems similar to me.

LV51sfan91 Says:


One of my cousins sons names! Fits him perfectly! I see a sporty boy with this name!

ElizabethVaughn Says:


Nolan sounds like a fat kid who sells weed. I wouldn't recommend it.

66letters Says:


I love this name, and it will be a front-runner for us I believe if this current baby is male. However, I believe the upward popularity trend makes me fear that he would be one of 3 Nolans in his classroom.

Christy Smith Says:


In Texas, you hear "Nolan," you think "Ryan."

strawberrydino Says:


Lol, I can't take this name seriously! I knew a Nolan way back when I was younger.. and lets just say he was a really ditzy kid and on top of that he sounded & acted extremely feminine. I keep hearing people say this is a "manly" name and yet all I can think about is an adorable, innocent, girly, little boy.

kateecakes Says:


Nowlin is another spelling of the name Nolan (this is actually my father's name :).

Addie88 Says:


This is a strong and masculine name that is not often thought of. To me, that's a good quality. However, I can see it in five or ten years being in the Top 25.

BabyNameCrazy95 Says:


Seen this name everywhere on YouTube I like it but I can see it getting like Noah & Oliver overused and too popular x