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Gender: M Meaning of Alan: "handsome, cheerful" Origin of Alan: Irish Alan's Popularity in 2015: #167

In its three most popular spellings -- Alan along with Allen and Allan -- this midcentury favorite has tended to skew older, but still manages to hold the Number 167 spot. It was a Top 100 name from 1938 to 1971, peaking at Number 40 in 1951. Alan has had leading roles on recent TV, in shows like Two and a Half Men, 24 and Boston Legal.

Current bearers include Alan Alda, Alan Cummings, and writers Alan Bennett and Alan Ayckbourn. Alan is a venerable Celtic name, first used in England in the Middle Ages. We like the Welsh spelling Alun.

Famous People Named Alan

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman (English actor)
Alan Cumming (Scottish actor)
Alan Davies (English comedian)
Alan Menken (composer)
Alan Ball (American screenwriter, producer)
Alan Tudyk (American actor)
Alan Ladd (American actor)
A[lan] A[lexander] Milne (English author)
Alan Sillitoe (British novelist, short-story writer and poet)
Alan Watts (English philosopher)
Alan Tam (Cantonese pop singer)
Alan Carr, English comedian and television personality
Alan J. Heeger, American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry
Alan Shepard, American astronaut
Alan L Bean, American astronaut
Alan Ashby, guitarist of American band Of Mice And Men
Alan Turing, British cryptographer and father of computer science
Alan Arkin, American actor
Alan Ritchson, American actor and contestant on NBC show "I Can Do That"
Alan Powell, American singer from Anthem Lights
Cody Alan Williams, son of actor/comedian Robin Williams
Mason Alan Dye, son of actors Cameron Dye and Laura San Giacomo
Brooks Alan Stuber (b. 2012), son of model Molly Sims and Scott Stuber

Pop Culture References for the name Alan

Alan Shepard Tracy, character from "The Thunderbirds" series (TV show [1965-66], movie [2004], and TV show remake [2015-]), he was the youngest Tracy son
Alan Harper from "Two and a Half Men"
Alan Matthews, dad from the TV show "Boy Meets World"
Alan Shore, from TV show "Boston Legal" played by James Spader
Alan Wilson, from the TV series "24"
Alan "The Brain" Powers, from kids show "Arthur"
Alan Frog, chracter in the hit film "The Lost Boys"
Alan, character on Freeform's "Recovery Road"
Alan Parrish, lead character in "Jumanji," portrayed by Robin Williams
Alan Diaz, character on TV's "Mighty Med"

Alan's International Variations

Ailean (Scottish) Alao (Portuguese) Allyn, Aland, Alun (Welsh) Ailin (Irish) Alain (French) Alano (Spanish)