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Gender: Female Meaning of Gabriella: "God is my strength" Origin of Gabriella: Italian feminine variation of Gabriel Gabriella's Popularity in 2017: #68

The name Gabriella is a girl's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "God is my strength". Gabriella is ranked #68 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Angel Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "drop your least favourite w randomly generated names - girls with middles".

From the experts:

Gabriella -- a strong yet graceful feminine form of Gabriel -- is on the rise, with the double L spelling more popular. For more variations of Gabriella, see Gabriela, the Spanish spelling..

Gabriella has been on the U.S. Top 1000 list since 1984, entering the Top 100 in 2000, while the single 'l' spelling rank is also somewhat popular. It also riding on a wave of popularity in Canada and Australia.

Gabriella was a major character on High School Musical, and real life namesakes include poet Gabriela Mistral and tennis champ Gabriela Sabatini. The French version is Gabrielle.

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Famous People Named Gabriella

Gabriella Cilmi, Australian singer
Gabriella Mary "Gaby" Hoffmann, American actress
Gabriella Zanna Vanessa Wilde, English actress
Gabriella Pizzolo, American Broadway actress
Gabriella Papadakis, French ice dancer
Gabriella Dorio, Italian Olympic runner
Gabriella Paruzzi, Italian Olympic skier
Gabriella Giorgelli, Italian actress
Gabriella Szabo, Hungarian Olympic sprint canoer
Gabriella Jones, American teen model & actress
Gabriella Marie Gonzalez (b. 1999), daughter of singer Olga Tañón and baseball player Juan González
Gabriella Reagan, daughter of actress Sonia Manzano and Richard Reagan
Gabriella Giudice (b. 2005), daughter of reality TV personalities Joe and Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")
Gabriella Ann Gracin (b. 2006), daughter of singer Josh Gracin
Gabriella Luongo (b. 2008), daughter of ice hockey player Roberto Luongo
Gabriella Lyn Tesoro (b. 2013), daughter of actress Ashley Tesoro
Gabriella Kennedy McKean (b. 2013), daughter of Maeve Fahey Kennedy Townsend; granddaughter of politician Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; great-granddaughter of politician Robert F. Kennedy
Gabriella Therese Marie Grimaldi (b. 2014), Princess of Monaco, Countess of Carladès; daughter of Prince Albert II; twin of brother Jacques Honoré Rainier

Pop Culture References for the name Gabriella

Gabriella "Gabi" Josephina Hernandez, character from TV soap "Days Of Our Lives".
Gabriella Montez, character in Disney's "High School Musical," played by Vanessa Hudgens
Gabriella Lopez, character in "X-Men", played by Elizabeth Rodriguez
Gabriella "Gabby" Dawson, character on TV's "Chicago Fire"
Gabriella, character in film "A Cinderella Story"





Daiseymae Says:


You are welcome! :)



Thank You!

Daiseymae Says:


My daughter's grandmother was Gabriela, but we went with two Ls. I have a nephew named Gabriel, and he goes by Gaby. Great name!



Gabriella is my name and I LOVE it!!!! I am mostly called Gabby.

kiera_1225 Says:


Gorgeous name. I love the nick names "Gabbie", "Brie" and "Bella", too.

indiefendi2 Says:


I'm the one who said "a pretty named ruined by an evil b-tch I know" and unfortunately that image is still there for me. I have a childhood friend named Gabrielle, so that helps it. I think the nickname Gabby is ugly though. I like Brielle much more.

luella_madison Says:


So? Nobody gives a crap about your cousin.

RadosaurusRex Says:


My cousin's name is Gabriella, she's a bitch. Screw her.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Pretty name

Gabriella S. Says:


My name is Gabriella and at first I didn't like it because it was so long, but now I absolutely love it. I like to go by the name Bella but a lot of people just call me Gabriella. This name really fits my personality and it means "God is my Strength" which I totally love.

Virus Says:


Hahaha I never thought that the name "Gabriella" is popular. Ever since I was a kid, the only Gabriella I knew was myself. The others were either be "Gabrielle" or "Gabriel". But I'm proud to be "Gabriella" 'cause it's unique :) So, if my friends ever search for me, they wouldn't be confused with some other people because I'm the only Gab they knew.

Daiseymae Says:


Gabriella is my daughter's middle name. I think it is a gorgeous name.

gabriella_allyce Says:


My name is Gabriella, and I love it. I get compliments all the time. I have an Italian last name too and people are always saying my name makes me sound like royalty or a designer. I'm not a fan of the nickname "Gabby" however, but people call me that all the time and I'm used to it. When I was a kid (early 90s) I was the only Gabriella I knew.

Caroline Says:



Guest Says:


Gabbana should be added to the database.

Alicia1 Says:


Beautiful name and meaning plus, it's Italian! Too bad its way too popular for my taste.

ldougie Says:



hellogoodbye111 Says:


Don't like it…….. HSM

Guest Says:


Pretty name RUINED! by this evil b-tch I know. Ugh! I can never use it.

ashleyf Says:


One of my favorites, as well as Gabrielle. Beautiful.