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Gender: F Meaning of Penelope: "weaver" Origin of Penelope: Greek Penelope's Popularity in 2016: #27

Penelope is a classic name that's been leaping up the charts, thanks to the glamorous image of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and its choice by Kourtney Kardashian for her young daughter. It's one of the fastest-rising names, leaping to Number 56 in 2013, its first year in the Top 100, and now at Number 27. Penelope was also picked for their girls by Tina Fey, by Anna Chlumsky, and by Natalie and Taylor Hanson, of the group Hanson. In 2001, before this rash of celebrity usage, Penelope was down at Number 945.

Penelope has long been associated with the faithful, long-suffering wife of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey. It has several British novelists as namesakes—Penelopes Fitzgerald, Mortimer, Gilliatt, and Lively. And yes, she's also a Harry Potter character: Penelope "Penny" is a student at Hogwarts.

Penelope is a strong Nameberry favorite, though instead of the traditional Penny as a nickname, many Berries suggest Nell or Poppy.

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Famous People Named Penelope

Penelope Cruz (Sánchez), Spanish actress
Penelope Ann Miller (born Penelope Andrea Miller), American actress
Penelope Spheeris, American director and producer
Penelope Fitzgerald, English novelist
Penelope Margaret Lively, Egyptian-British novelist
Penelope Alice Wilton, English actress
Penelope Anne Constance Keith, English actress
Penelope Houston, American singer-songwriter
Penelope "Penny" Heyns, South African Olympic swimmer
Penelope Jane Leach, English child psychologist
Penelope Mitchell, Australian actress
Penelope "Penny" Oleksiak, Canadian swimmer
Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg, birth name of Jane Seymour, English-American actress
Penelope Savalas (b. 1961), daughter of actor Telly Savalas
Penelope Carolyn "Penny" Jacob, late daughter of novelist Piers Anthony
Penelope Anne "Penny" Hanson (b. 2005), daughter of musician Taylor Hanson
Penelope Jane Charlotte Nannini (b. 2010), daughter of singer Gianna Nannini
Penelope Athena Richmond (b. 2011), daughter of actress Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond
Penelope Mogol (b. 2012), daughter of fitness trainer Tracy Anderson and Matt Mogol
Penelope Scotland Disick (b. 2012), daughter of TV personalities Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
Penelope Salomon, daughter of Canadian actress Jessalyn Gilsig
Penelope Joan So (b. 2013), daughter of actress Anna Chlumsky and Shaun So
Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo (b. 2015), daughter of TV personalities Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo ("Little Women: LA")
Penelope Froch (b. 2015), daughter of boxer Carl Froch
Penelope Juliette Espina (b. 2015) daughter of youtubers Bramty Juliette and luis Espina
Penelope Jane Rae (b. 2016) daughter of Sam and Jennika Rae of Samika Vlogs on Youtube
Allegra Penelope Overton (b. 2007), daughter of TV journalist Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton

Pop Culture References for the name Penelope

Penelope, wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology
Penelope Garcia, a character on TV's "Criminal Minds"
Penelope Wilhern, title character of 2006 movie Penelope
Penelope "Penny" Widmore Hume, character on Lost
Penelope "Penny" Halliwell, character on the TV show 'Charmed'
Penelope Clearwater, a character from the "Harry Potter" series
Penelope "Penny" Proud-character in Disney Channel's "The Proud Family"
Brooke Penelope Davis, a character on "One Tree Hill"
Penelope Blossom, character in Archie Comics and TV's "Riverdale"
Penelope, character from the Sly Cooper video game series

Pen, Penny, Pelcha, Peneli, Penina, Penna, Penney, Pennie

Penelope's International Variations

Peniel (Hebrew) Lopa, Pela, Pelcia (Polish) Pipitsa, Popi, Pinelopi (Greek) Penelopa, Peni (Spanish) Pennelope, Pépélope (French)