Gender: Male Meaning of Matthew: "gift of God" Origin of Matthew: Hebrew Matthew's Popularity in 2019: #23

Matthew Origin and Meaning

The name Matthew is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "gift of God".

Matthew is the English derivative of Matthaios, the Greek form of the Hebrew Mattiyahu, composed of mattan, meaning “gift” and yah, in reference to God. The biblical Matthew was the apostle who wrote the first Gospel in the New Testament. Mateo, Matthias, Teo, Matek, and Mattia are among the many named derived from Matthew.

Matthew was the third most popular boys' name in America throughout the 1980s and '90s, and is still one of the top boy names starting with M. The New Testament Matthew is the epitome of the fashionable classic—safe and sturdy, yet with a more engaging personality than John or James. Matthew is so common by now, though, that parents have started to seek fresher choices, like Matthew-inspired variations Matthias and Mateo.

The name suddenly became very popular in the U.S. in the 1960s, with Matts appearing on many Western (e.g., Gunsmoke's Marshall Matt Dillon) and other TV shows. Currently there are several prominent real-life Matthews and Matts, including Broderick, McConaughey, Lauer, Damon and Dillon. Celebs who have chosen international versions for their starbabies include Ricky Martin (Matteo), Benjamin Bratt (Matteo), Colin Firth (Mateo) and Will Ferrell (Mattias).

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Famous People Named Matthew

Pop Culture References for the name Matthew

Mathew, Mathias, Matvey, Mathe, Matthews, Matty, Matek, Mattie, Matheson, Mathian, Matai, Matfei, Matro, Matthaus, Matthaios, Matt,

Matthew's International Variations

Motya, Matvei, Motka (Russian) Mátyás, Matyi, Matyo (Hungarian) Matias, Matheo, Mateo, Matejo, Teo (Spanish) Mathies, Mads (Danish) Matteo, Mattia (Italian) Maciej, (Polish)


Thenamedoctor4 Says:


jordan is awful

Thenamedoctor4 Says:


the name doctor strikes again x

Thenamedoctor4 Says:


he has a brilliant hip.

ParanoidAndroid Says:


To put it succinctly, "Matthew" is a classic. However, the name is widely overused nowadays. Additionally, the nicknames "Matt" and "Matty" just don't cut it for me, especially the effeminate latter. Otherwise, "Matthew" is a worthy choice, but maybe just too ordinary nowadays.

Melissa Says:


My son is named Matthew and we all call him Matty, he loves it and no one has ever commented that it sounds girly. Maybe it's just time to stop stereotyping. I have male and female friend called Charlie and joe. Did you know that originally pink was designated a boys colour and blue was for girls? We all need to think a little less gender specific I think.

SugarCandy Says:


My name is Matthew, and I absolutely hate being called Matt. It's annoying, because anytime I ask someone just to call me Matthew, they seem to get offended, and always forget to call me Matthew. I don't know why they can't just say two syllables. Not every Andrew is called Andy or Drew, but for some reason, people just assume you want to be called Matt.

marinette Says:


My little brother’s name is Matthew and he is not a loser at all. Your name doesn’t determine what kind of person you are, I feel bad for your son, having a parent that talks so rudely behind their back.

christineolteanu Says:


I know a ton of lovely Matthews. If your son has problems, maybe you should consider trying to help him instead of calling him names and talking about him behind his back to people you don't know. If you are disrespectful to your child don't expect him to be respectful to you.

RigPig Says:


My name is Matthew. I was born in '83 and grew up with everyone calling me "Matt", and I've always hated it. Sounds like a doormat. I much prefer "Matthew", and it's how I introduce myself and sign my name. I cringe a little when I introduce myself to someone, and the first question they ask is, "may I call you Matt?" I politely respond, "I prefer Matthew, thanks".

Abbott Says:


Not true at all.

Abbott Says:


That can always be a nickname

Alaina Says:


I would prefer Matt over Matthew.

Ziggy2112 Says:


It's the same as using a name that you first saw in a book.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Mattie can be short for Matilda, that's the trouble. I do like Matthew and Matt as names, but have had bad experiences with a few people called Matthew/Matt. It isn't the fault of the name though, and I still like it. One of the main characters in the novel I'm writing/procrastinating is named Matthew, Matt for short. He's lovely, and I'm not changing his name, because I like it for him. :-) x

clairels Says:


I wouldn't mind this name except that every Matthew ends up going by Matt, which is one of the ugliest, most pointless popular nicknames. It reminds me of smelly gym mats.

mother_dragons Says:


Maybe because they like the meaning, maybe because it would honor someone they loved or admired, maybe because they simply like it. There are tons of reasons to choose a name. If non-Christians couldn't use names from the Bible, many perfectly good names would be out of their lists. Sarah, David, Mary, John, Gabriel, Elizabeth... all from the Bible, all lovely names that have been used extensively by non-Christians throughout times, places and cultures. The beautiful thing about names is that they travel, change, evolve. They can carry the meaning you want them to. You don't have to middle-eastern to use a name from that background, you don't have to Christian to use a Biblical name- specially so if the name is as classic and timeless as Matthew

LV51sfan91 Says:


If I'm a Christian I wouldn't name my child an "atheist name" if there was such thing. Just like I'm not middle eastern so I wouldn't give my child a name from that background. If people don't believe in God why would you choose a name from a book you don't believe in?

LV51sfan91 Says:


A special name. Matt is great! Except that "mat" is a common household item...

Elmer Says:


Don't name your kid Matthew, or he will turn out to be a huge loser, like my son.

Yessica Says:


I don't like this name or the choir teacher
Fite me.

thorn144 Says:


Matthew is nice but so overused, it's boring to me now. To meet a young John would be less common than a young Matthew or Joshua or Daniel

mandy Says:


I have a Matthew that refuses to bw anything but Matthew. No Matt or anything. He is named after sweet Matthew from Anne of Green gables. Not so common as it once was.. at least where we are in school of 600 children there are only 2.

jan11th Says:


So many Matthews that we have to call them by their last names..

Leah3456 Says:


One of my many favorite boy names.

flora_kate Says:


Exactly. I found it interesting that in a sea of Maddies/Maddys, he decided to go by Mattie instead of using the less-confusing Matthew. But for the record, I like them both.

clairels Says:


Yeah but the nickname Mattie is used for girls a lot and sounds like Maddie.

ShannonLim Says:


Isn't Matthew a masculine name? I can't imagine it being girly at all!

flora_kate Says:


A 11 year old boy I know is named Matthew but prefers to go by Mattie as a nickname. It's a cool name, and hardly anyone has teased him about having a 'girl' name thus far.