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Gender: Male Meaning of Milo: "soldier or merciful" Origin of Milo: Latin and Old German Milo's Popularity in 2017: #224

The name Milo is a boy's name of German origin meaning "soldier or merciful". Milo is ranked #224 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Attitude Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

Milo has long been a highly recommended author favorite boys' name, now getting some well deserved appreciation. Milo combines the strength of the ancient Greek Olympic wrestler of that name—a six-time winner of the Olympic games—with the debonair charm of a WWII RAF pilot. A well-used name in medieval Europe, it predates brother name Miles, a variation that evolved when the name immigrated to the British Isles.

More recently, Milo has been associated with the dashing Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us fame, and it has also been the name of characters in books Catch-22 and The Phantom Tollbooth, and on screen in Milo and Otis, Alias, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Ricki Lake, Camryn Manheim, Sherry Stringfield, Liv Tyler, Craig Ferguson, and Alyssa Milano are six celebrity parents who share our enthusiasm for Milo, as do many Nameberry baby namers.

Milo is often heard in Ireland. Milo O'Shea was a renowned Irish character actor.

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Famous People Named Milo

Milo of Croton, ancient Greek athlete
Milo Đukanović, 1st Prime Minister and 2nd and 4th President of Montenegro
Milo Anthony Ventimiglia, American actor
Milo Donal O'Shea, Irish actor
Milo, bishop of Reims and Trier, Germany
Milo, stage name of Rory Ferreira, American rapper
Milo Dor, pen name of Milutin Doroslovac, Serbian-Austrian writer
Milo Jay Aukerman, American singer of band the Descendants
(Leland) Milo Hamilton, American sportscaster
Milo Parker, English actor
Milo Cawthorne, New Zealand actor
Milo Boughton Butler, 1st British governor-general of the Bahamas
Milo Radulovich, American veteran portrayed in movie "Good Night, and Good Luck"
Milo Emil Halbheer, German painter
Milo Yiannopoulos, British political commentator and internet provocateur
Milo Astaire (b. 1993), son of model Saffron Aldridge and Simon Astaire
Milo Sebastian Sussman (b. 1997), son of TV host/actress Ricki Lake
Milo Hamish Ferguson (b. 2001), son of TV host/comedian Craig Ferguson
Milo Jacob Brezovar (b. 2001), son of actress Camryn Manheim
Milo Hutton (b. 2001), son of actor Timothy Hutton
Milo Oyamada (b. 2002), son of singers Cornelius and Takako Minekawa
Milo William Langdon (b. 2004), son of actress Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon
Milo Joseph (b. 2004), son of actress Sherry Stringfield and Larry Joseph
Milo Seal, son of actor Kevin Seal and director Lynn Shelton
Milo Roy (b. 2005), son of comedian Ben Roy
Milo Phirman (b. 2009), son of actress Dannah Phirman and comedy singer Mike Phirman
Milo Contostavlos (b. 2010), son of rapper Dappy
Milo Thomas (b. 2011), son of actress Alyssa Milano
Milo Cannonball Meloy (b. 2013), son of singer Colin Meloy of The Decemberists
Milo Martínez (b. 2013), son of actor Mariano Martínez and model Juliana Giambroni
Milo Lachowski (b. 2013), son of model Francisco Lachowski
Milo Thomas Scott (b. 2014), son of actors Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani
Milo Kielty (b. 2016), son of TV personality Cat Deeley and comedian Patrick Kielty

Pop Culture References for the name Milo

Milo, talking orange cat in movie "The Adventures of Milo & Otis"
Milo Minderbinder, character in Joseph Heller's Catch-22
Milo, main character in "The Phantom Tollbooth"
Milo Thatch, main character of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Milo Sparks, baby on TV's "Gossip Girl"
Milo Peck, character in movie "Heart and Souls"
Milo Foster, character on TV series "Men at Work"
Milo, purple character on British children's TV show "The Tweenies"
Milo, a rodent-like mammal on animated series "The Land Before Time"
Milo, dog in movie "The Mask"
Milo Bloom, character in comic strip "Bloom County" by Berkeley Breathed
Milo Kerrigan, character in Australian TV's "Full Frontal"
Milo Pressman, character on TV's "24"
Milo Rambaldi, character on TV's "Alias"
Professor Milo, villain in Batman comics
Scorpio Milo, character in manga "Saint Seiya"
Milo, main character on animated series "Fish Hooks"
Milo Jackson, character in movie "Airheads"
Milo Greene, American indie pop band
Milo Dean, character in movie "The Skeleton Twins"
Milo Davenport, a female character in An American in Paris, named after the Venus de Milo.
Milo Boyd, main character in "The Bounty Hunter"
Milo Aukerman, lead singer of the Descendents
Milo Crinkley, character in "Be a Perfect Person in Just 3 Days" by Stephen Manes
Milo, chocolate drink in Australia/New Zealand
Milo Murphy, eponymous character in the show Milo Murphy's Law by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Milo, character from the video game "Minecraft: Story Mode"


livialucille Says:


I'm surprised there aren't more girls named Milo. Shiloh is already gender neutral. Girls' names ending in -o are trendy. And we have the Venus de Milo connection. Why not?

SouthernPeach Says:


I can't believe no one said anything about the book Phantom Tollbooth! I love that book so much. The funniest thing is, when I was reading the book, I hated the name. But I was just dreaming up a new character, and the first name that popped into my mind was Milo and I liked it. And I tried a few other names, but Milo he is. And it's definitely growing on me! :)

Francoamericano Says:


I am going to use this on my (far) futur child for sure.

91flaviaj Says:


One of my favorite boys names ever. Short, no frills, not an unusual name but also not overused. I think that this name is strongue and sweet at same time.

ttwwiinnmmoomm22 Says:


I've got a Milo, he's very introverted and sweet... the name fits him very well. I like that it's cute for a little guy, but not unprofessional. His middle name is a more classic name, should he ever decide he's not keen on a unique name... though it seems its rising in popularity!

Cassie Says:


My little Milo has just turned one and he is Milo Joseph :)

stella2007 Says:


I fell in love with the name Milo after hearing it on actor Milo Ventimiglia. Before that i only associated Milo with Nestle Milo Chocolate and Malt powder that you mix with milk. I have also heard of dogs being named Milo but that doesn't bother me at all, because a lot of dogs these days have human names. But i think Milo is an absolutely beautiful name for a boy. Short and sweet. It sounds cool and also a bit European and sophisticated too which i love. It's also great if you want to add a longer and more classic middle name. This name has become popular recently but it's definitely a name that's been around for decades and is still deemed classic. I really would consider calling my son Milo.

She's a Killer Queen Says:


I love this name but it feels incomplete, for some reason!

JossieChris Says:


Wow no mention of girls named Milo. I am on it! Milo Davenport (socialite and heiress) from An American is Paris was named after the Venus de Milo. Love it! So many names limited by gender issues that no longer exist.

jaz.fortune Says:


I like this name as a middle name. It's funny because I always liked Sebastian Milo ,but I just saw that Ricki Lake's son is named Milo Sebastian which is kinda cool 😂

Wittyusername103 Says:


New Zealanders love Milo though so it's not a bad thing.

Sarah Benton Says:


We named our now one year old son Milo Brian after my husbands father (Brian) and in honour of his grandfather (Miles). I really liked the fresh twist on Miles and since they would share a last name, it is nice for my son to have his own name. We have definitely had mixed reviews about it, but I am getting better and just ignoring negativity and focusing on how well suited he is to his name.

katinka Says:


I love Milo! It feels much more youthful and energetic than Miles, which I've always found a bit staid. I think it would age just fine.

Impwood Says:


This is such a sweet name for a small child, but I honestly can't picture it on an adult. Miles feels more versatile.

helenlouise Says:


This sounds like a medicine! I love Milo though.

maejenn Says:


Best name for a boy

Shaina ☮ Says:


My 3 month old son is named Milo, after my Great Grandpa Milo. It's crazy that the name is becoming popular again!

headintheclouds Says:


Milo is a great name, but I can only associate it with the Milo drink, which forever eliminates the possibility of ever using Milo IRL for me. Milo is widespread in Australia and parts of Asia where the Nestle brand is popular, so that's something to consider. (The drink is, BTW, delicious. Look up the Milo Dinosaur- yum.) Plus I really cannot see anyone named Milo being anyone over the age of a six year old precocious little boy. I much prefer Miles, which I think ages much better and has a more versatile cool yet classic vibe to it.

Veronica Renee Says:


Love my child's name!!! He's officially named Milodin though (Milo for short), I combined the names Milo and Odin together since I couldn't decide between the two and I love that he will always be one of a kind.

Veronica Renee Says:


My child is very cute actually. Insanely cute. And named Milo!

mabespark Says:


It's okay, but personally I prefer Miles.

Caroline Says:



jeanniebear Says:


I think this name is soooo cute but everyone says it sounds like a dogs name :((

tfzolghadr Says:


I knew a Milo who was a gruff ex-Marine. It seemed ironic, as Milo is such a soft name. I think it fits well for a 3 year old, but not for a grown man. My biggest issue is that this is just a name I associate with dogs. I would never consider it for an actual human who might one day grow up to not be a pant wetter...

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Yes! That's what I think of as well lol, but I wasn't sure if it was just Australia and New Zealand with the drink or if it was international.

Emmilou Says:


I have a 5 year old son named Milo and believe me he is extremely cute. Important to bear in mind it is the name of an incredibly popular malt drink in Australia/New Zealand etc so could be an issue if you ever plan to emigrate haha

clairels Says:


Generally I like boys' names that end in "o" but to me, Milo is the scrawny kid who wets his pants on the first day of kindergarten and can never live it down. There's just nothing that says "tough" or "masculine" about this name, and I think a boy needs that sometimes.

Guest Says:


I know a lot of dogs with the name Milo so I can't really picture it ever being cute on a person.