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Gender: M Meaning of Mark: "warlike" Origin of Mark: Latin Mark's Popularity in 2016: #195

After centuries of lagging behind other apostle names Peter and Paul, Mark suddenly caught on in the early 1950s, reaching Number 6 by 1960. It was in the Top 10 from 1955 to 1970. At this point, it's Number 195 in the Social Security database and 263 on Nameberry.

Mark Twain was, of course, the pen name taken by Samuel Clemens. Prominent current bearers include actor Mark Ruffalo, Mark Wahlberg (the onetime Marky Mark) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Famous People Named Mark

Saint Mark the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Mark
Mark Twain, pen name of American novelist Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Mark Alexander Ballas, American ballroom dancer
Mark Lee (Min-hyung), Canadian singer of K-pop groups NCT U, NCT 127 & NCT Dream
Mark Cuban, American entrepreneur
Mark Patrick Michael Feehily, Irish singer with the boyband Westlife
Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier, American YouTuber
Mark Foster, American singer of band Foster the People
Mark Andrew Foster, English swimmer
Mark Gatiss, English actor/writer
Mark Richard Hamill, American actor/voice actor
(Thomas) Mark Harmon, American actor
Mark Allan Hoppus, bassist for American band Blink 182
Mark Indelicato, American actor
Mark Kalev Kostabi, American artist
Mark Larson, former guitarist of American band The Districts
Mark McMorris, Canadian professional snowboarder
Mark Anthony Patrick Owen, English singer-songwriter of group Take That
Mark Ross Pellegrino, American actor
Marliss "Mark" Pugh, child star of hip hop group "Another Bad Creation"
Mark Alan Ruffalo, American actor
Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Mark Wayne Salling, American actor
Mark Travis John Sanchez, American NFL player
Mark Andreas Sheppard, English actor
Mark Strong (born Marco Giuseppe Salussolia), British actor
Mark Yi-en Tuan, American rapper for K-pop group Got7
Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg, American actor
Mark Williams, English actor
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, American founder of Facebook
Mark Hall, American singer of Christian band Casting Crowns

Pop Culture References for the name Mark

Dr. Mark Greene, character on TV's "ER"
Dr. Mark Sloan, character on TV's Diagnosis: Murder
Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan, character on TV's "Grey's Anatomy"
Mark Cohen, character in musical "Rent"
Mark Healy, character on TV's "Roseanne"
Mark Evans, character in movie "The Good Son"
Mark Bellison, main character in film "The Invention of Lying"
Dr. Mark Flemming, character on TV's "The Client List"
Mark Watney, main character in the book and film "The Martian"
Mark Darcy, character in "Bridget Jones's Diary"
Mark, character on TV's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"
Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard, character on TV's "The Flash"
Mark Blackthorn, character from Cassandra Clare's "The Dark Artifices" series
Mark, character in film "Love Actually"
Mark Brendanawicz, character on TV's Parks and Recreation
Mark Corrigan, main character on British TV series Peep Show
Mark Mack, character on TV's Oz
Mark Jefferson, character in the video game Life Is Strange
Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman, character from the SAW movie franchise, played by Costas Mandylor

Marquus, Marq, Markie, Marky, Markey, Marque

Mark's International Variations

Marx, Markell, Markus (German) Marek, Marecek, Marousek, Marík, Mares (Czech) Marku (Romanian) Markku (Finnish) Marcellino, Marcello, Marco (Spanish) Mawrth (Welsh) Marko (Ukrainian) Marcellin, Marcel, Marcellus, Marc (French) Maaka (Maori) Markos (Greek) Marcas (Scottish) Marcas (Gaelic)