Gender: Male Meaning of Levi: "joined, attached" Origin of Levi: Hebrew Levi's Popularity in 2018: #33

Levi Origin and Meaning

The name Levi is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "joined, attached".

In the Old Testament, Levi was the third son of Leah and Jacob, from whom the priestly tribe of Levites descended; in the New Testament, Levi was Matthew's given name before he became an apostle. It is suspected that Levi derives from the Hebrew word yillaweh, meaning “he will join.”

Levi, lighter and more energetic than most biblical names, with its up vowel ending, combines Old Testament gravitas with the casual flair associated with Levi Strauss jeans.

Now it's being rediscovered in a major way—Levi has been shooting up the charts in recent years—especially after receiving a lot of attention as the sons of Matthew McConaughey, Sheryl Crow and Sara Gilbert.

In the Thomas Hardy novel Far from the Madding Crowd, Levi Everdene is the father of the heroine. Levon is a related name.

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Pop Culture References for the name Levi

Leavi, Leevi, Leevie, Lev, Levey, Levie, Levin, Levitis, Levon, Levy, Lewi, Leyvi


Renee5322 Says:


Love this name, but it sounds VERY youthful to me. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I honestly cannot picture an adult Levi, for some reason. Not saying it doesn't age well; it's just because so many little boys are named this nowadays that I can only picture it on a very young child.

TechnoKitten Says:


When I hear this name I think of a blond,tall and handsome boy,great name!

TechnoKitten Says:


ooo,that's clever

ILoveBabyNames123 Says:


I will def use this as A middle name for my future son!

JHutchby Says:


the name from attack on titan, which has just had a very popular 2nd season in 2017

paulapuddephatt Says:


This name has a lot of great qualities, but all I can think of is - calling a kid after a brand of jeans...! I'm not a fan yet, but could change my mind, I guess.

VelvetEar Says:


I associate this name with so strongly Levi Ackerman that I could never use it. I love it- but when I see it, I can't think of anything else but Captain Levi.

LV51sfan91 Says:


I like it! Could honor my grandmother Lee!

thenamer007 Says:


That's true!

cabosanmucus Says:


it's only 5 letters away from Leviticus and for me that's about as religious as it gets. then again, it's just a name so these days can take the religiousness away from it if they want to, ya know? in my opinion we don't really see John, Benjamin, Joshua, Adam, Samuel, etc. as religious anymore.

thenamer007 Says:


I'm not that religious myself and I'd probably pick this name anyway, but I can see what you mean

Rebeka Buracaite Says:



Rebeka Buracaite Says:


the true pronuncation of this name is actually Leh-vee

Rebeka Buracaite Says:


me too XD

Rebeka Buracaite Says:


pffffffft same XD

Kiki Says:


If you live in an english-speaking country, then yes, most people will say lee-vye. However, the closest pronuncation of Levi would be leh-vee. English is quite weird sometimes, for example it's FAY-vourite and FAY-mous but FAH-bulous (at least from my non-native english speaker point of view).
So lee-vye would be expected in an english speaking country.

thesaltypeach Says:


I hate this name. It sounds so country to me.

sausie_ Says:


That's why I searched this name.

Lola Says:


Tried and true. Especially sweet for a middle name!!

Pucko Says:


*cough* attack on titan *cough*

lu Says:



germanstar Says:


I met a cute 5-year-old boy from the Netherlands named Levi some years ago and I meet him every summer as we and his family spend our holidays in the same place. He is really cute and each time I see or hear this name, it reminds me of that boy. I think his name is spelled Levy though

andrea5m Says:


I like the name but not very fond of the Bible story (he and his brothers plotted against Joseph. Another not too good story is in Genesis 35).

Jinxgirl Says:


Levi is one of my favorite names. Lee would be a good nickname as well

xaliciax Says:


I'm conflicted on the name. I love the sound, I do. But the few Levi's I have come across have been unpleasant, and the anagram of "evil" does not help.

Aimee Says:


Named my first born Levi. So I love it! Those who are worried about the biblical history- I have met people who had no idea it came from the bible so I wouldn't worry as long as you don't name a second one from it.

Chloe14 Says:


I knew a little girl named this!

Addie88 Says:


This is used heavily in the South. I kind of like it.

BabyNameCrazy95 Says:


Love this name I have Ashton-James so Ashton & Levi would be a cute sib set x

sorciereblanche Says:


Forever reminds me of the short corporal.

Vicki Says:


Levi Stewart, a book character in 'Fangirl', made me fall in love with this name. I will probably never get to use it on a son but maybe a cat or dog :)

DearestJules Says:


I just think of the jeans.

TheClockworkPrincess Says:


I really like this name, but I'm not religious and don't like names branded 'religious'. I have nothing against the bible I just wouldn't like people to automatically assume the family Levi came from was religious. You know what I mean?

Guest Says:


Levi is an anagram of "live" but also "evil" HAHAHA

clairels Says:


Nope. And I even went to school with a Levi. Didn't help. Sounds like Leroy, or some kid from the '70s who wears striped shirts, tight jeans and scuffed Converse high tops, and sits on his front stoop shouting clever insults to everybody walking by.

Guest Says:


Levi = lee-vye
Levy = leh-vee

so weird lmfao

Guest Says:


So its leh-vee? Not Lee-veyes like the brand? XD

tori101 Says:


My favourite boys name, I honestly love it!!

Guest Says:


I think everyone says lee-vye but if it's spelled Levy I think it's leh-vee (ironically)

emsky Says:


Does everyone pronounce this lee-vye? Because i thought Levi Strauss was actually pronounced leh-vee. maybe it depends on the country/language?

Calvinscaddy Says:


Strong, Biblical, hopeful, easy pronunciation, unique letters, solid, fun

Tiffanie Says:


My SO asked if I liked the name Levi and I said I loved it. Took all of 15 seconds to name our 1st son!