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Gender: F Pronunciation: mayv Meaning of Maeve: "she who intoxicates" Origin of Maeve: Irish Maeve's Popularity in 2016: #406

Maeve is a short and sweet legendary ancient Irish queen's name that is now finding well-deserved favor here -- and would make an excellent first or middle name choice, with more character and resonance than Mae/May and more modern charm than Mavis.

Maeve appears in Irish mythology in two forms, one as the powerful Queen of Connacht, the other as the queen of the fairies.

Chris O'Donnell, Lili Taylor and Kathryn Erbe used Maeve for their daughters. The Irish author Maeve Binchy also is a well-known bearer.

Irish spelling Meabh is popular in Ireland, but not recommended in the U.S. Other spellings are Medb and Meadhbh.

Famous People Named Maeve

Maeve Anne Quinlan, American actress
(Anne) Maeve Binchy, Irish novelist
Maeve Kinkead, American soap opera actress
Maeve Dermody, Australian actress
Maeve Brennan, Irish novelist
Maeve Higgins, Irish comedienne
Maev Alexander (born Maev Alexandra Reid McConnell), Scottish actress
Maeve Geraldine Fort, British diplomat
Maeve Patricia Mary Theresa Gilmore, British painter; wife of author Mervyn Peake
Maeve Fahey Kennedy Townsend (b. 1979), daughter of politician Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; granddaughter of politician Robert F. Kennedy
Maeve Elsbeth Erbe Kinney (b. 1995), daughter of actors Terry Kinney and Kathryn Erbe
Maeve Frances O'Donnell (b. 2007), daughter of actor Chris O'Donnell
Maeve Taylor-Flynn (b. 2008), daughter of actress Lili Taylor and poet Nick Flynn
Maev Ni Mhaolchatha, Irish singer of group Celtic Woman
Medbh McGuckian, poet from Northern Ireland

Pop Culture References for the name Maeve

Maeve, queen of Connaught in Irish mythology
Maeve, character on TV's Make It Or Break It
Maeve, character in Dustlands series by Moira Young
Maeve Colleary Ryan, character on American soap Ryan's Hope
Maeve Donovan, former girlfriend of Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds
Maeve, Celtic sorceress on TV show The Adventures of Sinbad
Maeve Millay, character on TV series Westworld
Maeve Jacqueline Kelly Corrigan, Queen of Beldain, character in "The Young Elites" book series by Marie Lu
Maeve, immortal queen of Doranelle and one of the main antagonists of Sarah J. Maas's book series "Throne of Glass"

Maevy, Meave, Maive, Maevi, Mave, Mab, Mayve

Maeve's International Variations

Maeva (French) Maebh, Medbh, Madhbh, Meadhbh, Meibh (Gaelic)