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Gender: Female Origin of Astoria: Place name

The name Astoria is a girl's name . Astoria and is often added to lists like New York Neighborhood Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop you least favourite (girls with middles)".

From the experts:

Long more associated with the New York Waldorf- hotel and the neighborhood in Queens than as a baby name, Astoria is finally beginning to emerge from their shadow and find favor with parents looking to move beyond Brooklyn. The name Astoria is drawn from the surname of titan of industry John Jacob Astor, theorized to mean "hawk."

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Famous People Named Astoria

Annunciata Astoria Cocchetti (1800-1882), Italian Roman Catholic professed religious and the founder of the Suore di Santa Dorotea di Cemmo - an order dedicated to the educational needs of the poor in Brescia and the surrounding cities

Pop Culture References for the name Astoria

Astoria Greengrass, character in the 'Harry Potter' series; married to Draco Malfoy
Astoria, Waldorf's wife on TV's The Muppet Show
Astoria, Ephebian goddess of love in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
Astoria, character in comic book series Cerebus the Aardvark
Astoria, Queens, New York, USA
Astoria, Oregon, USA
Astoria, album by band Marianas Trench
Astoria, station in Budapest metro, Hungary


AN Says:


I don't care for the name but will love my grandbaby still.

Leonina Says:


I think that would be Astreia / Astraea

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


When I heard it via Harry Potter I assumed it's meaning had something to do with the stars.

Sven Skafisk Says:


There is a simple problem with this name if you are familiar with the city and are a bit rude.

Astoria, OR is a city on the coast with a busy shipping port.

And there are a lot of sea men in Astoria.

LV51sfan91 Says:


I'm not sure why nameberry would accuse a hotel in New York to be the cause of the rise of the name Astoria. Just because Brooklyn and Bronx are being used which are clearly NYC landmarks and Burroughs. "Astoria is a hotel there"...When I think of Astoria the first thing to come to mind is Astoria, Oregon. Google it, its pretty! Did you know that the Goonies house is there! It's the gateway to the Oregon coast from the north. It's a quaint Victorian sea town with beautiful beaches! It was named after John Jacob Astor an American explorer. Perhaps it is a form of Astor or a girlier version I.e. Robert/Roberto, Victor/Victoria. So before blaming NYC for this one think of its history and that it's just a form of Astor. There are other Astoria's besides a hotel in NYC! I'm lucky to have grown up near Astoria, OR!

noro226 Says:


Beautiful, unique and sophisticated. Story is an adorable nickname.

maibritt Says:


Yes, the associations make this name almost unusable. But it would have been a very interesting name. Maybe the male Astor might be an alternativ, if you are also looking for a boys name. The name is originally from the region of the Provence in France and it means falcon in Provençal. Also the nickname Tory would have been so cute.

Michaela Says:


Yuck - associations with hotels and cities, a silly sounding pronunciation, and no meaning? No thank you. "A story ah!"

KG777 Says:


Could be a good name in order to use Story as a nickname